Netflix D.P. Kdrama Review: Jung Hae In & Koo Gyo Hwan in the Spotlight

The new Netflix Kdrama D.P. is out. Reasons why D.P. is worth watching?!

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Netflix and Korean drama? Sign us up! The much-awaited Netflix Kdrama D.P. is finally out on 27 August 2021. D.P. Kdrama is adapted from the Korean Webtoon D.P. Dog Day by Kim Bo Tang.  The webtoon is made into a live-action and aired on Netflix. D.P. Kdrama was really worth watching because of Jung Hae In and Ko0 Gyo Hwan’s amazing acting. It was entertaining to watch Kim Sung Kyun and Seon Seok Ko play mind games with each other.  There are times D.P. Kdrama makes you laugh and cry through the misery shown in the drama. D.P. is a mini-series with 6 episodes and can be streamed on Netflix.


D.P. Kdrama shows the plight, pain and suffering of men in South Korea serving in the military. It is mandatory for Korean men between the age of 18-30 years old to actively serve in the military for two years. D.P. shows the story of An Joon Ho who became part of the D.P. or Deserter Pursuit team. The D.P. team chases deserters who have run away from the military during their service time.

What is Netflix D.P. Kdrama about?

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An Joon Ho is serving in the military. He is rigid and has an inflexible personality. Joon Ho is tenacious and very observant. The seniors in the military bully him and others every chance they get. Sergeant Park Beom Gu notices An Joon Ho’s potential and transfers him to D.P. to look for an active deserter.

An Joon Ho partners with Park Sun Wo, a rebellious and causal officer who’s all set to party and didn’t bother chasing their target. The negligence in duty causes the death of the deserter. When An Joon Ho and Park Sun Wo were busy partying, the person commits suicide. Enraged by guilt and lack of responsibility, Joon Ho beats his senior black and blue. He lashed out his anger on Sun Wo and gets sent to military prison.

D.P. introduces Lieutenant Lim Ji Seob who cares only about his performance. He releases An Joon Ho from prison and dismisses Sun Wo. Meanwhile, Corporal Han Yo Yeol rejoins the D.P. team to track deserters. In the beginning, Yo Yeol looks just the crazy and slacker type and doesn’t seem the person to care. Together with Joon Ho, Yo Yeol and Beon Gu, they track people who ran away.

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Through different cases, An Joon Ho and Han Yo Yeol do everything to complete their missions. The show took a dark turn when the abuse and bullying intensified. Most of teh deserters ran away because of intensive abuse and bullying.

The case of Cho Suk Bong highlighted bullying in severe form, both physical and mental harassment. Cho Suk Bong is An Joon Ho’s senior who aspired to become a Webtoon artist after his discharge. His life took a dark turn when one of his seniors tried to assault him. He lashes out his anger and runs away.

D.P. Kdrama is beautiful but dark. The Netflix miniseries D.P. showed the cruelty and torture men have to go through while serving in the military. The hunger for power and power abuse is portrayed in the drama. Though D.P. is not based on any real story, the characters were modelled on similar cases by the webtoon artist.

D.P. is extremely raw and graphic and the display of brutality, violence, and abuse will chill your bones to the spine. D.P. will make you sympathise with the people who were scarred both physically and emotionally. While the higher-ups are fully aware of the situation, they do nothing and everything escalates.

It was sad to see Suk Bong shoot himself because he knew there was no getting out of it. Although he’s the victim, he will be sent to prison. While his assailant was already discharged and doesn’t feel an ounce of guilt.  D.P. ends with a massive cliffhanger where Suk Bong’s anime friends, also serving in the military shoots the people of his regiment at the end of the show.

D.P. could be renewed for a second season but nobody knows. The ending sure made you crave for a new season. The camaraderie between the characters played by Jung Hae In & Ko Gyo Hwan was the only relief in D.P. Kdrama.          

Netflix D.P. Kdrama Cast

  • Jung Hae In as An Joon Ho
  • Koo Gyo Hwan as Han Ho Yeol
  • Kim Sung Kyun as Park Beom Gu
  • Seon Seok Koo as Lim Ji Seob
  • Park Se Jun as Heo Gi Yeong
  • Cho Hyun Chul as Cho Suk Bong
different characters in the show

Jung Hae In and Koo Gyo Hwan totally nailed their roles.  Koo Gyo Hwan’s Yo Yeol was crazy but likable. Jung Hae In’s An Joon Ho made viewers cry and emotional. He knows right from wrong and will do anything to ensure not to stray.  Reply series famed Kim Sung Kyun was a nice addition to the cast. He portrayed his role with grace and perfection. His character was diplomatic and strategic and knew what to do when things went south. He cares about the safety, security, and human rights of the soldiers, unlike other people in the military.  

As always Seon Seok Koo’s acting as Lim Ji Seob deserved praise. Although his character only cared about his success, in the end, he took a decision that can harm his career. The cameo by Ko Gyung Pyo as the reckless party-animal Sun Wo was a surprising addition to D.P.  

The character development in the D.P. drama made the Netflix show even more appealing. Without a doubt, Jung Hae In was the eye-catching element in D.P. but Koo Gyo Hwan deserves a lot more credit and spotlight. His character made the show much more likeable. Let’s hope D.P. Kdrama gets renewed for Season 2. Till then happy binging D.P. Kdrama on Netlfix!