Navillera Ending Explained, A Dream That Soared

Spoilers for Navillera finale. The show wraps up with a tearful yet happy ending to a beautiful journey.

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Navillera Ending Explained, A Dream That Soared

As the show wraps towards the finale, we encounter more emotional touches in the final episode. In the last episode, Deok-Chul and Chae-Rok finally live the day with their dreams coming true. Yes, they both soared with the most beautiful wings.

Will Deok-Chul’s illness stop him from performing?

Deok-Chul enjoys doing ballet

In the last episode, we saw that Deok-Chul, due to his illness, does not remember his family. When Hae-Nam kept on asking Deok-Chul who she was, Seong-Gwan heard his parents talking about all this, he rushed in and saw what was happening. After that, Seong-Gwan and Hae-Nam took Deok-Chul to the hospital.

The doctor told them that Deok-Chul should give more time to his medication. Hae-Nam asked the doctor if he could perform on stage or not. The doctor declared he couldn't. Seong-Gwan even asked his father if he could still dance on stage.

Seong-Gwan advised his parents that they should go home for now and inform everything to Chae-Rok about what happened today. But Hae-Nam did not want to give up that easily. Hae-Nam took Deok-Chul to his ballet classes with Seon-Gwan. When Deok-Chul went there and explored the place, memories in him started appearing.

When Deok-Chul started to get his memories back after Hae-Nam brought him to his studio, he first remembered Chae-rok and how he practiced ballet with him. After that, when Deok-Chul saw his wife and son, he remembered them as well. Yet, Deok-Chul seemed to have forgotten the dance entirely. Seong-Gwan, when calling Chae-rok, Hae-Nam stopped him and said that let Deok-Chul tell him all by himself. Deok-Chul nodded in agreement.

Chae-Rok got Deok-Chul a pair of ballet shoes with a written message on them - “the man who will soar, Deok-Chul." Chae-rok went to see his mother and to give her the good news that he would be performing on the stage soon. He even told her that his father would be coming too.

Chae-Rok and his trust for Deok-Chul

Doing practices together

On the day of the performance, Chae-rok waited eagerly for Deok-Chul to arrive while the other dancers warmed up for the gala performance. Seung-Joo and Sori walked around the stage and checked if everything was going as planned without any hindrance. When Deok-Chul arrived at the gala, he informed Seung-Joo about his illness and that he could not perform. While telling him, Deok-Chul breaks down in tears and is heartbroken as to how he could not perform on stage.

Chae-rok interrupted their conversation and said he would not perform without Deok-Chul. While looking at Deok-Chul, Chae-Rok said that "if he remembered him, well then, he could still remember the dance." Chae-rok would teach him ballet and tell him that, even though the performance would not be perfect, his body still remembers the dance. Chae-rok told Deok-Chul to put his trust in him and made him agree to perform.

Seung-Joo took Chae-rok to the side and scolded him that how could he still want Deok-Chul to perform in that condition. But, Chae-rok asked him to trust him. He brought up the past words from Seung-Joo when he told Chae-rok how Seun-Joo hated him for sitting in the audience and, Chae-rok said that this is how he felt for Deok-Chul.

Chae-Rok was eager to help Deok-Chul perform on the stage. He did not want things to end in such a manner for Deok-Chul. After that Jeong-Ju stared at Deok-Chul who was sitting as one of the audience, at last, he relented. Chae-Rok went to Deok-Chul with the good news.

The family arrived at the gala one by one. Ho-Bum also came to watch the show. While the audience was getting in, Chae-Rok in the dressing room gave Deok-Chul a pair of ballet shoes and said that he had done some spell on them to muster up Deok-Chul’s confidence.

Did Deok-Chul soar?

Chae-Rok and Deok-Chul perfoming ballet

When their performance was next, Seung-Joo came for a check in the dressing room to see if Deok-Chul and Chae-Rok were ready or not. As soon as the second performance started, the duo was getting ready behind the stage. Chae-Rok asked Deok-Chul if he was ready, somehow, he seemed to be completely lost in the other performers' dance.

But when Deok-Chul did not answer, Chae-Rok had an uneasiness in his mind and he started questioning Deok-Chul about who he is and what he loves the most. Deok-Cheol stared Chae-Rok in his eyes and answered correctly. After that, Chae-Rok went to the other side of the stage and the two exchanged a look of confidence with each other.

The music of Swan's Lake filled the hall and the duo entered with their ballet postures and got everyone in the audience in much awe. However, Deok-Chul stared at the bright lights and stopped dancing. Deok-Chul’s family and those who knew about his illness understood what had happened. However, Chae-Rok did not stop dancing and Deok-Chul suddenly heard Chae-Rok’s voice in his head.

All the memories from the past started appearing right in front of his eyes. And soon, he realized that he was going to perform and this was what he had been waiting for.

Deok-Cheol started moving his hands on his own and soon he started dancing with proper movements. He held out Chae-Rok’s hands and they both danced through the music and the stage. They practically took the audience's gaze that struck on them.

Through their bonding and dance moves, they showed the culmination of their grueling practices. For the last step in their dance, they both held each other's hands and looked in each other’s eyes, and soared through the air. They finally did it, they soared as beautiful ballet dancers.

Family gathering

A family gathering 

Deok-Chul woke up from his sleep, saw the bouquet and also, the shoes that were gifted by Chae-Rok. He finally saw the message Chae-Rok had written inside those shoes. After reading the message, his tears started falling and said that it all felt like a dream.

The same evening, the whole family gathered together for dinner at Deok-Chul’s house. They all congratulated him for the successful and mesmerizing performance last night. Then Deok-Chul announced that he had decided to go to a nursing home. Everyone was shocked and suddenly the smiles disappeared from their faces.

Deok-Chul explained that he would eventually forget all his family members one by one. He did not want them to see in that condition. All of them tried to convince and stop him from going but he refused and asked to respect his last wish.

Later, at night, Seong-Sook talked with her dad alone. She said that she wanted to take care of Deok-Chul as he did when she was a child. She wanted to repay the kindness and love Deok-Chul gave her all her life. Deok-Chul grabbed her hands, she put her head on his shoulder and they both cried.

Meanwhile, Chae-Rok went to see his mother with his father. He said that it would have been much better if she would have been there to see him perform.

Deok-Chul as manager and an inspiration to his family

Deok-chul as Chae Rok's manager

Chae-Rok and Deok-Chul shared some more moments. Deok-Chul called Chae-Rok early in the morning and annoyingly Chae-rok picked it up. Deok-Chul said as he had already soared and now it was Chae-Rok’s chance to soar. As Chae-Rok manager, Deok-Chul would help with his practice and routine.

Looking at how Deok-Chul achieved what he had always dreamt of, Seong-san told his daughter that he would be happy if she would do what she loves. Seong-Gwan called a family meeting and dressed up in a suit. He finally presented his documentary to all his family members. Seong-Gwan told his father that he would be joining the hospital again and he wanted to be a doctor.

Chae-Rok and Eun-ho met and she gave him a copy of the documentary and told him that she finally found what she wanted to do. They both smiled at each other. Eun-Ho told him to do his best in the upcoming performance.

Chae-Rok and his farewell

Deok-Chul hugged Chae-Rok for last time before his departure

As the day of Chae-Rok's departure arrived, Deok-Chul and others were also there to say goodbye to Chae-Rok. Deok-Chul finally met Chae-Rok’s father and told Chae-Rok to take care of himself. As Chae-Rok disappeared from his view, Deok-Chul ran towards him for a final hug with his tears streaming down. As Chae-Rok left, he wiped off his tears on his way.

The End

Chae-Rok smiling at Deok Chul

After a year, everyone finally achieved what they loved and as for Deok-Chul, he did not leave for a nursing home. Instead, he was living in his own home. Deok-Chul was sitting outside waiting for the snow to fall. He got up and left the house for a walk, and ended up at the rail crossing in his neighborhood.

On the other side of the rail crossing, Deok-Chul saw Chae-Rok when the train passed and Chae-Rok called out Deok-Chul’s name. Deok-Chul kept on staring at him, then suddenly Chae-Rok spread out his arms and bowed to Deok-Chul from across the rail tracks. Suddenly the snow started falling and they smiled at each other. Then Deok-Chul asked Chae-Rok, “Did you soar?” and he replied “Yes.”