Why Does Boruto Hate His Own Father, Naruto?

Why does Boruto hate his own father Naruto? This is the question that has been up in the air since the beginning of the show.

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Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It tells the story of a teen boy Naruto who wants to be a ninja and has saved his villagers from many consequences. We see that in the last arc of Naruto, he married Hinata, after the defeat of Madara, Obito, and Kaguya. Naruto had only one child, named Boruto whose birth wasn't shown in the manga series.

There has been a lot of gossip about Boruto not liking his own dad! But why does Boruto hate his own father Naruto? This is the question that has been up in the air since the beginning of the show. The fans of this manga series seem to feel that there are many reasons why Boruto hates his own father.

Why Does Boruto Not Like Naruto?

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Boruto is the only child of Naruto and Hinata. We also see in the manga that Boruto was named after Naruto’s name. Boruto was often annoyed at Naruto as people recognized him by his father's name. Whenever he played cards with his friends he only got his father's card.

Because of this Boruto thinks that he was known because of his father and didn’t have an identity of his own. Also when he was playing cards with his friends, he only wanted to collect Sasuke cards but instead, he always gets Naruto’s. Which led to an increase in his hate for Naruto.

Nevertheless, we have seen that Naruto’s belongings were for others and not for his son. We can say this as his time was not for his son as we see Naruto busy with various village matters!

Boruto thinks he is unlucky that his father was Naruto, also he said that he wouldn’t become a ninja anytime soon. As all the things were related to his father. He wanted to make a different identity for himself so that people would recognize him for who he really is and not because of his father!

Boruto is shown as a young and a bit popular Shinobi of Konoha village. He wants to follow his own career path and was not inspired by his dad. This could be another reason for his hate, Naruto is seen to be involved in mostly all that happens in the village and leaves his house and family behind.

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This means that maybe Boruto didn't like his father not giving attention to him and choosing the village problems over Boruto and his family.  Also as discussed above he doesn't want to be a ninja but he was mostly forced by his father which can be a turn-off for Boruto.

Another reason that Buroto hates his father is that he thinks that Naruto is better than him. Which increased the pressure on him to be the best. Boruto would have never felt the love of his father. We can presume that Naruto was way too busy to love Boruto, and he lacks bonding with his son.

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That could be another reason why Boruto doesn't like his father. Naruto and Boruto could have a very good relationship but because of all these reasons, he cannot provide his son the love, care, and support as much as he wanted to.

Boruto once said that his father had no time to share the feelings they were going through. He was very disappointed because of this, he never got to know or we can postulate, he never experienced the feeling of love and fatherhood. What do you think you would have done if you were in Boruto's place? And what more reasons do you think would be behind his hate for his father? Also, were all these reasons justified for the same?