Naruto Tattoos: Best 5 for True Enthusiast!

Listicles Mar 23, 2021

Naruto tattoos vary tremendously. People often love getting the tattoo of their favorite things. Naruto has been a part of anime culture since its creation in 2002. It ran for more than 15 years and amassed a huge fan base along the way. People show their fandom in various ways, including buying merchandise, cosplaying, wearing graphic t-shirts, and getting tattoos. 

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Anbu Black Ops Tatto – Naruto Tattoos

The ANBU Black Ops is an elite group of Jonin ninja. The members of Anbu effectively serve as soldiers for their village. They also serve as replacements for law enforcement or as fighters during tough times.


When Orochimaru and the Sound Village invaded the Leaf Village during the Chunin exams, Anbu helped. Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha, Yugao Uzuki, and Sai are notable ANBU members.

This tattoo shown above is one of the best Naruto tattoos. Leaf Village’s ANBU powers wear this tattoo. ANBU members normally have this on their upper arm.

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Gaara – A Naruto Tattoo

Gaara is the protagonist from the sand village. He also has a tailed beast within himself. Shukaku is a one-tailed tanuki, and it is locked inside Gaara. This is one of the Naruto tattoos that feature one of Gaara’s eyes and a scar he gave himself as a child.


Gaara’s family and village ignored him because of Shukaku. This allowed him to engrave the kanji for love into his forehead. He did this by manipulating the sand. It is a skill he learned from Shukaku.

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Itachi Uchiha- Naruto Tattoos

Itachi is Sasuke’s older brother. He is handsome and quite famous. Itachi and Sasuke seem remarkably similar. People unfamiliar with this popular anime may get confused between them. But there are important distinctions that differentiate Itachi’s portrayal from his brother.


To begin, Itachi has bags under his eyes, suggesting his advanced age. He is a member of the Akatsuki. It is a band of rogue ninjas who abandoned their home villages. Members of the Akatsuki wear black robes embroidered with red clouds. These are only barely visible in this person’s tattoo. The Akatsuki often use a kunai knife to hack their home village’s emblem from their headbands. This indicates that they no longer affiliate with that village. 

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Hatake Kakashi- A Naruto Tattoo

Except for Kakashi, the Sharingan is a Dojutsu that is unique to the Uchiha clan. Kakashi is not a member of the Uchiha clan. However, he was a ninja teammate of Obito Uchiha. Obito triggered his Sharingan eyes during a mission. In that episode, Kakashi wounded his eye in a confrontation with an opponent ninja.

Kakashi- Naruto Tattoos

However, Obito sacrificed himself to save Kakashi from a crashing rock. It crushed half of his body in the meantime. The team concluded that the boulder could not be relocated. Hence, Obito decided to give Kakashi his functioning Sharingan eye. However, Kakashi hides his Sharingan eye with his headband. 

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The Cursed Seal of Heaven – One of the Best Naruto Tattoos

During the Chunin exams halfway through the first season, Orochimaru dressed as a Genin of the song Village. He bites Sasuke Uchiha in the throat. Through that, he injected him with this cursed seal to force him to join Orochimaru. For much of the episode, this seal inspired Sasuke’s character arc.


Naruto Tattoos

Also, this is one of the Naruto tattoos that are quite loved by people.  Furthermore, the seal is often tucked away by the wide collars of Sasuke’s jackets, rendering it an unrecognizable sign unless one is familiar with the display.

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