Naruto: Tailed Beast Ranked According to Appearance

Tailed beast are “Chakra Monsters” in the Naruto Series. There are 9 tailed beasts, ranking from one-tailed until nine-tailed. The number of tails denotes their strength

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Naruto: Tailed Beast Ranked According to Appearance

Tailed beast are “Chakra Monsters” in the Naruto Series. There are 9 tailed beasts, ranking from one-tailed until nine-tailed. The number of tails denotes their strength.

For the pro-Naruto fan, you can dive into the list. But, for the first-timers, Tailed Beasts are immensely strong chakra and each with their own unique abilities. Tailed beasts were distributed among the different countries to maintain and stabilize the power dynamic.

Kurama (Kyuubi) and Shukaku (Ichibi) are the only tailed beast we meet, since the first series. We meet all the other Beats when Akatsuki was capturing them, in Naruto Shippunden.

In this list, we won’t focus on their powers but their appearance. So, here in Anime-Internet, I have brought to you a list of Tailed Beasts based on their appearance from most to least pretty looking. The list is according to my own opinion.

Tailed Beast


tailed beast
Matatabi is a tailed beast in the form of a magnificent cat and has two tails. Flames cover its body and have heterochromatic eyes, yellow on the right and green on left. In the anime, Matatabi has a very sensual voice.

Matatabi uses “Watashi” to refer to itself. It is also polite when talking to others as it uses honorifics when addressing Naruto. Its jinchuriki was Yugito Nii of Kumogakure.


Kokuo is a five-tailed beast resembling a white horse with the head of a dolphin. In the manga, it has three short horns in front, two in the anime, and two long and pointed horns. It has dark green-blue eyes with red markings underneath.

Using an old-fashioned way to refer to itself as “Wakatushi”, Kokuo was the beast within Han of Iwagakure.


tailed beast
Saiken a six-tail beast was with jinchuriki Utakata in the Kirihakure. It is a huge (cute) white with a blue tint bipedal slug. With stub arms and feet, it has two tentacle eyes. Saiken has openings like holes for the mouth and a thick, slimy substance covers its body.

It has a high-pitched voice and uses a boastful manner of speaking “Ore”.

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Kurama is a nine-tailed beast living within Naruto since his birth in Konohagakure. It has the appearance of a fox in the color of red-orange. Its upper body is like a human with thumbs on its claw-like hand.

In its chakra mode, Kurama manifests a transparent golden color body with black lines running through its body. Also, black circular marks appear on its shoulder, stomach, and paws.


tailed beast
In possession of Kumogakure for decades, Gyuki is an eight-tailed beast. Its jinchuriki is Killer B. Gyuki in appearance is similar to an Ox-demon from Japanese Folklore, while its tail resembles the arms of an Octopus.

It has four long horns on its head with a muscular upper body and hands with thumbs like humans.


Chomei is a seven-tailed beast with six tails resembling insect wings while the seventh tails grow from its abdomen. Chomei has the appearance of a rhinoceros beetle with wings in the color orange and the stem of tail green.

It has eyes that glow orange on the inside of a helmet-like skull. It has six legs, three on both sides, and spiky-horn-like protrusion on the shoulder as well two horn-like structures on the back of its head. Like a winged insect, Chomei has two pincers of three parts on its face.


tailed beast
Last sealed in Yagura Karatachi of Kirigakure, Isubo is a three-tailed beast. Resembling a huge turtle it has a crab-like shell. It has three shrimp look-alike tails with no hind legs but a pair of human-like arms and hands. Under the shell which covers the top side of its body, it has a red muscle-like body.

Red eyes with yellow pupil in anime and crimson pupil in the manga, Isobu has its face between large spikes covers as the forehead and lower jaw. Its eyes are the only soft and vulnerable parts in its body so Isobu keeps one of its eyes closed.


Shukaku is a beast with one-tail. Gaara the current Kazekage of Sunagakure was its jinchuriki. With brown color skin and black/dark blue cursed seal running all over its body, Shukaku resembles a tanuki. It has a jagged moth but no tongue.

Shukaku has yellow irises with a pupil that has the shape of four-pointed stars, black in color, and four black dots around it.

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Son Goku

Son Goku with full name Seiten Taisei Son Goku, is a four tail beast. It was last sealed within Roshi of Iwagakure as we see in the anime. Son Goku resembles a monkey with red fur and green skin.

Its body is like a gorilla and has yellow eyes with white pupils. Son has long but blunt fangs, two long horns on its forehead, and spikes running along its tail. Son has an opening on his mouth in the shape of a dome volcano but has no tongue.

Well, these are all the tailed beasts in the series Naruto. Do feel free to share your own list with us.

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