Karin's Potential Love Interests Explained

There are many good looking and eligible characters in the manga series that would be a perfect match for Karin

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karin during a fight

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. There are many good-looking and eligible characters in the manga series that would be a perfect match for Karin. Karin Uzumaki is a fiery redhead, and also possesses many powerful and unique abilities called the Mind’s Eye of the Kagura, which certainly allow her to sense any target’s chakra signature. When she was a child, to escape the destruction of war, Karin and her mother sought shelter in Kusagakure. Karin was discovered for the very first time by Orochimaru when her mother died.

Orochimaru examined Karin’s healing ability and ended up giving her the responsibility of his Southern  Hideout. Karin is shown in the manga series as one of the strong and very smart characters. Even though there are many characters throughout the series that would make a perfect match for Karin, she has never shown interest in any of them.

7. Itachi Uchiha

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In episode 455 of the manga series we saw that after murdering the entire Uchiha Clan, Itachi is tagged as Criminal and flees the Leaf village. Though the reality was a bit different. The only reason why he did the act was because of his loyalty to the Leaf village. It was his loyalty that would make him a great partner.

In person, Itachi is a kind-hearted person who is opposed to fighting and seeks quick resolution. Despite the fact that they were to fight, he would never let it linger. One committed, he would remain loyal to her and would protect her at any cost.

6. Kabuto

kabuto smiling at someone

There are a lot of similarities between Karin and Kabuto. Let's begin with the fact that even Kabuto became an Orphan after his village was destroyed in a battle. So their childhood was kind of similar as the same thing happened to Karin and her village though the situation was a bit different.

Also like Karin, Kabuto is taken in by Orochimaru and is assisted by him throughout. They were equally intelligent on their part. I think they can do a lot of research or medical aid together as a team and partner, they would surely be a perfect match for each other.

5. Ino

ino and karin

Karin possesses a unique sensory ability known as the Mind’s eye of the Kagura which gives her the ability to distinguish a target’s chakra signature, even determine its species at a great distance. On the other hand, Ino had the sensory ability to mold a person’s chakra before being able to detect it.

This shows that they had the same but same time different sensory abilities. If they ever pair up together they can surely combine their sensory abilities to help protect the village and also locate their targets before the problem. Lastly, I would say that Opposite really attracts.

4. Jugo

character with a squirrel on his shoulder

Do you guys remember who they met? Jugo is someone Karin meets as part of Sasuke's Taka initiative to hunt down Itachi. As you all know that Jugo was known to have Fits of Rage where he becomes extremely violent.  

However, at heart Jugo is a very wonderful person who loves animals and even has the special power to talk to them. He seeks help from Orochimaru so that he can take control over his outburst. As a part of the Uzumaki Clan, Karin possesses the ability to use chakra chains to subdue an individual, so she could surely provide comfort to Jugo and act like his cage.

3. Suigetsu

charcaters teasing each other

We saw them bickering each other. Suigetsu loves to tease Karin about her feelings for Sasuke, which shows they used to bond well together. They met each other for the first time after he escapes from one of Orochimaru’s Hideouts. When Sasuke forms Hebi we see that Suigetsu and Karin used to spend a lot of time working together.

Even though at the start she used to get irritated by Suigetsu but with time she softened to him. Also, he controlled his temper when he was around her, but he still loves to push her buttons. One thing is for sure, there is passion there, whether it's love or hate.

2. Sakura

fan art of 3 different characters

They have a lot in common. Like not only do they have deep feelings for Sasuke but they also possess traits that make them a great medical ninja team. Karin’s ability to replenish someone's chakra and Sakura studies medical ninjutsu and chakra control under Tsunade. Because of Karin’s studies, Sakura has an amazing chakra reserve which actually draws Karin in. Together they can heal Shinbo like Kiran’s mother used to do and replenish the injured chakra.

1. Sasuke Uchiha

karin and sasuke

In the Naruto manga series, Karin and Sasuke meet when she is Genin. She is shown to have feelings for him. Karin takes part in the Chunin Exams along with genin from other villages. Sasuke in episode 412 saved Karin and left a quiet impression on Karin.

Karin was attracted to Sasuke also because of his overwhelming Chakra. Because of her chakra ability, she is drawn to people with strong chakra and this is the only main reason why she was attracted to Sasuke. Personally, I wanted to see them together, they would have been a cute couple.