Naruto: Hand Seals As Signs Of Jutsu!

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Naruto is truly an immortal series. One of the Older Big Three of Shonen Anime, it has reached the hearts of millions worldwide.

It is probably one of the most-watched series in the region.

So what makes this amazing fantasy world tick?

Naruto is set in a Ninja world, where Shinobi utilize a form of power known as Chakra to perform all sorts of Jutsu.

Jutsu are mystical skills and techniques that Ninja in this world use in battle as well as other things.

All Jutsu comes at the cost of Chakra, the amount varies with Jutsu in question and its scale.

Most jutsu require Hand seals or Naruto Hand signs to execute, the specific signs and the orders vary.

The sheer amount of hand seals in existence and the endless combinations possible bring out possibilities for an infinite number of Jutsu.

Three main types of Jutsu include Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. Genjutsu uses Chakra and works in the form of sensory illusions inflicted on its victims.

Taijutsu does not use Chakra and is Martial arts.

It also involves the optimal effective use of natural human abilities.

Probably the swiftest type of Jutsu which is mainly hand-to-hand combat. Ninjutsu is anything that doesn’t fall under Genjutsu and Taijutsu.

It requires Chakra for use and is the most diverse Jutsu type.

Five Basic Natures

There are different elements for Jutsu as well.

They are called the Five Basic Natures through which many types of elemental jutsu manifest.

Earache lament is strong versus another one while being weak to another, forming a pentagonal balance.

Fire: strong against Wind but weak against Water,
Wind: strong against Lightning but weak against Fire,
Lightning: strong against Earth but weak against Wind,
Earth: strong against Water but weak against Lightning and
Water: strong against Fire but weak against Earth.

Hand seals were originally invented by Indra Otsutsuki and are used to properly summon and mold the chakra necessary to perform Jutsu.

Different jutsu require different sequences of hand seals.

All Naruto Hand Signs

There are twelve Naruto Hand Signs in total. They are themed after animals from the Chinese Zodiac.

They are the Rat, Ox, Tiger (commonly seen with Fire and Earth elemental Jutsu), Hare, Dragon, Snake (commonly seen with Earth, Lightning, and Wood elemental Jutsu), Horse, Ram, Monkey, Bird(commonly seen with Wind elemental Jutsu), Dog(commonly seen with Water elemental Jutsu) and Boar.

all the seals

Besides the basic hand seals, there are numerous other unique hand seals for specific techniques as well.

These are nearly countless and rarely seen in the series. The most notable type would be the Elemental hand seals.

To use an elemental technique users form these seals to release the Jutsu, Fire release, Water release, Wind release, Earth release, and Lightning release.

the process of doing it

It’s always cool to watch All Naruto hand signs at rapid speeds, unleashing one jutsu after another.

The sequences are rarely the same, except for the most basic of jutsu shown in the series.

All Naruto hand signs are as countless as the different jutsu all the characters have in their arsenals!

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