Naruto Shippuden: The Bond Between Sasuke and Sakura

Who is Sasuke's true love interest? How did his love story unfold? Did he have any potential love interests other than the one he ended up with?

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Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. This manga series is more than just fights, adventures, and comedy. This series is also famous for the couples, the love triangles, and the bond from friendship to partners for life. Yes, you are getting the right idea, we are talking about the most famous couple of the manga series Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke is the Secondary protagonist and a friend of Naruto. Their friendship is said to be very inspiring as they never gave up on each other.

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It is unquestionable that there are many adorable couples in the manga series but Sasuke and Sakura’s love has always been in the air. Their relationship is one of the most engrossing in Naruto. Moreover, the manga has also shown that Ino Yamanaka also had feelings for him. But does Sasuke have feelings for Ino? Or was he into Sakura? What do you think Sasuke ends up with?

Because of his past, Sasuke always had problems forming relationships after losing his entire clan at the hands of his brother. He also lost his parents and his friends and after the incident of Itachi killing his clan, his brother too. I think, after all this, Sasuke trusting or loving someone easily would be questionable.

Who is Sasuke in Naruto?

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Sasuke Uchiha was one of the last members who survived after his brother Itachi Uchiha killed all the clans and their parents.

He was added to Team 7 upon becoming a ninja, through competition with his rival as well as best friend Naruto Uzumaki. He was very impressed by Naruto’s skills and started adapting them.

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Because of his brother's deed, Sasuke became very hostile and wanted to take revenge on him. This made him very demanding, irrational, and isolated from others. He had a great bond with Ino and Sakura. And the feelings he had for Ino were not the same as her.

He used to treat her like a friend the same way he used to treat Naruto. Which says a lot about the bond. So it's pretty much clear that what Ino had for Sasuke was just one way and he didn't really feel the same way towards her. But was this the case between him and Sakura too? Were they also just friends? Or was there something more to it?

Does Sasuke have feelings for Sakura?

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There are many instances in the manga series which show us that Sasuke and Sakura do feel the same for each other. For instance, in the first training exercise, they had together, Sakura was shown to have fewer skills at hand to hand combat and falls under a Genjutsu.

Sakura also stopped Sasuke from attacking the sound ninja. In the manga series. Sakura on her own fought against the sound ninja, till the moment she couldn't fight back. As she was going to be attacked again, Sasuke took over the situation. He started to attack the sound ninja with double powers and at this moment Sakura was the only one who could stop Sasuke in the end.

Sasuke meanwhile touches one of the bells, though he failed to take it. When Sasuke loses to Kakashi, Sakura comes upon him and faints. Rather than leaving Sakura there, Sasuke waited and chose to stay until she woke up. Though he knew he was getting late, still he chose to stay and remain by her side.

In episode 22 of Naruto, when team 7 agreed to take the Chunin exam, Sakura was very worried that her abilities would not be enough to pass the exam.

During the morning of the very first exam of Chuchin, Sasuke noticed that something went wrong and when the team encountered a Genjutsu, here Sasuke gave her the opportunity to showcase her talent which boosted her confidence too.

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We have seen Sasuke praising Sakura for her intellect and he states that she must have already noticed the Genjutsu because of her analytical skills.

During the one-on-one tournament in the third round of the Chunin Exams, we saw Sasuke struggling to keep his curse mark (also known as the cursed seal of heaven) under control.

For instance, during his fight with Yorio, when the curse mark began to activate he tried really hard to keep it from taking over his body again. He did this because of the promise he made to Sakura, that he would not let his curse mark power overcome him.

Sasuke and Sakura In Naruto Shippuden

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Also if we look in Naruto Shippuden 470, we saw that when Obito opens a world which was nothing but acidic, and the chakra gate was open for Sasuke, Sakura thought he would not be able to make it and was about to fall. But at that exact moment, Sasuke entered the portal, maybe he used his special techniques and held her hand.

In episode 109 “Sasuke and Sakura”, we saw that he was all prepared to leave his village for his journey ahead, Sakura came there to see him off.

This feeling was very different from the first time he was left. He left his village back in the first part of the manga series because he wanted to gain powers to kill his brother and to compete with naruto.

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When he was leaving he met Sakura at the same point they met for the first time. Sakura was crying and begged him to not leave and told him her feelings for him. But Sasuke replied “ You are just annoying” and left.

This was a very heartwarming moment to all the fans too. This time we saw the change in his behavior towards her. When Sakura offered to go with him he tapped her on her head, unlike the first time where he was very rude to her and assured her that he would take her with him next time.

This was the only time he showed his feelings for her. We saw the trust between them when he said that he would be taking her the next time he goes. They knew that they would be waiting for each other.

Does Sasuke Get Married To Sakura?

There is no such evidence that they got married but there was a photo that was displayed in Buroto’s episode 21, which was a kind of hint that they got married. I think that they got married during their travels. Soon after, Sakura gave birth to their daughter, Sarada. Isn’t this just perfect? Like how things started from being just friends to partners?

Sasuke’s Other Potential Love Interest

Ino Yamanaka

Ino with sasuke

If we talk about Sasuke’s potential love interest then, we have to talk about Ino Yamanaka and Karin. Ino Yamanaka, like Sakura, had a long-time crush on Sasuke. Because of her feelings, we saw that she spoiled her friendship with him and became rivals.

Also after Sasuke’s defection, Ino kind of gave up on him but still used to feel upset at the thought that they might have to kill him. She also used to secretly fantasize about being with him and this showed us that her feelings didn't really fade away. Also, another reason why she gave up on him was that he never reciprocated her feelings and saw her as his close friend.


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This was exactly the same case with Karin, in chapter 412, of the manga series we saw that Sasuke saves Karin. This was the moment when Karin lusted over Sasuke, although Sasuke rejected her advances. We saw that Sasuke was mean to her as when Karin was held hostage by Danzo, Sasuke stabbed her and called her a burden.

Though when he apologized for the same, Karin fell for him all over again. Years later, when Karin got to know about Sasuke and Sakura’s marriage, she said that she hopes he is happy with his family.

This shows us that he was never really into Ino Yamanaka and Karin. For him they were just his friends and companions.