5 Naruto couples that are perfect together

Naruto is fertile ground for shipping. The characters are not only seen growing but are also seen forging relationships and sooner or later becoming couples.

fan art of naruto ships cropped together

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It’s true that the series attracts its fans by action but not every fan is in the ride solely due to the punches being thrown. In fact, many of the fans do watch this manga series for the great characters that are seen growing throughout the series.

Like much other anime, Naruto is fertile ground for shipping. The characters are not only seen growing but are also seen forging relationships  and sooner or later becoming couples. The list below would be looking at the perfect couple in the entire manga series.

5. Yahiko and Konan

Yahiko and Konan

Nagato, Yahika, and Konan were members of a young Shinobi from a village hidden in the Rain that was taken under the control of Jiraiya. Yahiko was a young and upbeat ninja and he also founded and led the Akatsuki in an attempt to bring peace. In the series, he was shown as far more outgoing than Nagato and took a shine to Konan.

Nagato told Yahiko that Konan felt the same way, and also said that Yahiko and Konan have a short-lived romantic relationship in the manga series. They both are more outgoing and would definitely make a cute couple if Kishimoto focused on them more. But unfortunately, in episode 173 Yahiko was killed and his body was used by Nagato as the Deva Path of Pain.

4. Rin and Obito

rin and obito

Can we say that Naruto and Obito were alike in their youths? Like they both were loud, impulsive, and energetic every day. Always ready to prove themself. Also Obito did have a crush on Rin, though Rin had a crush on Kakashi Hatake. Love triangle it was. They would have dated if the tragedy didn’t plague their team, ultimately leaving Kakashi the only survivor of the team Minato.

3. Naruto and Hinata

naruto and hinata in the snow

Please say you guys saw their names coming! Like how can we even forget about them? Naruto and Hinata are easily one of the most perfect romances in the entire series. These two were destined for each other from the very start. Hanita always had feelings for him even though Naruto was at his worst. And their story did have a happy ending. Their perfection blossomed when the fans of the series finally saw the two become an official couple . They even got married at the end of Naruto Shippuden.

2. Sai and Ino

sai and ino with pink flowers in the background

At the very beginning when I saw their chemistry I really didn't think that they were going to be a good match. However, the series ended up giving us more background and started giving more details on the romances that were truly meant to be.

In the beginning, they didn't interact enough, but with a closer view and a look at the supplement material, we can say that this pairing starts to gain a lot more momentum. They equally compliment each other which shows us the bond between them. Also they do cover each other’s weak points, making them one of the best couple of the manga series.

1. Minato and Kushina

minato and kushina

They are one of the most developed and well-portrayed couples in the entire Naruto series. During each and every stage when they were together, it felt like the viewers were shown nothing but the best piece of their romance. Also the supplement material that they had made this couple a powerhouse like Naruto and Hanita.

Kuchina’s heart was captured by Minato the moment he noticed her red hair and rescued her from kidnapping. Also the time when she was together with Manito at the dinner table and the excitement on their faces was blissful. They had literally everything a person would ask for in a relationship. Like how more perfect they can be?