10 Distinctive Traits that Makes Mitsuki Stand Out!!

Naruto also hides the identity of Mitsuki being Orochimaru’s son from the council and the fifth Hokage

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Mitsuki giving food to the kitten

Mitsuki is part of the new team 7 and is the son of Orochimaru. He is a synthetic human-made from cloning technology by none other than Orochimaru.

Mitsuki goes to Konoha to forge his own path in life. He is welcomed by Naruto in the village.

Naruto also hides the identity of Mitsuki being Orochimaru’s son from the council and the fifth Hokage.

Mitsuki is one of the most interesting characters in the Boruto series. Here are the 10 distinctive traits of Mitsuki..

1. He Possesses Beyond Belief Flexibility

young boy during fights

Since Mitsuki is a synthetic human, he is extremely flexible.

The amount of flexibility he possesses is unmatched.

He uses this flexibility in his fights to the best of his advantage.

2. His Thoughtful Uses of Snakes

Mitsuki with a snake

As the son of Orochimaru, he already has a special bond with snakes.

He can use the snakes for spying and as well as in ninjutsu.

Although snakes are a symbol for wand vicious, he uses snakes for a good cause in the battles.

3. Mitsuki Instantly Becomes Boruto’s Friend

boruto hellping mitsuki

Mitsuki upon arriving in Konoha decides to be friends with Boruto.

He considers him to be his ‘sun’.

Also acknowledges Boruto’s resolves for being a strong ninja just like Sasuke Uchiha.

4. His Emphatic Accuracy Hits Right on!

Mitsuki giving food to the kitten

Mitsuki can sense others' emotions very well. Sometimes he can also identity energies as well as threats.

He was the one to point out that Sumire is the ‘Ghost’.

Mitsuki also helped an unknown injured man without knowing whether he is a foe or an ally.

5. Contain’s Darkness in Him

the dark version of the child

Mitsuki has a kind and adorable nature.

He also goes out at full capacity against his opponents in fights.

This is mostly due to the teachings giving by Orochimaru.

His classmates also fight passionately but there is a tiny bit of ruthlessness in his fights.

6. Youngest Known Ninja to attain Sage Mode

the young child as a ninja

Out of all the extremely skilled ninjas who have attained the sage mode, Mitsuki is the youngest.

Orochimaru has developed him in such a way that he can activate his sage mode without the enormous amount of training.

7. Loyal and Caring towards his Teammates

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Mitsuki was the only one who did not complain about the members he was paired with.

He is fond of both his teammates and his Sensei.

He activates sage mode and Risks his life to save the lives of Boruto and Sarada.

8. Incredible Analysing Skills

group of friends staring at something

Mitsuki has incredible analyzing skills on and off the battlefield.

He is calm at all times and can misdirect someone easily while fighting.

9. Chooses is Own Path of Destiny

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He is aware of his parent’s manipulative nature.

The young shinobi comes to Konoha to forge his own path in life. He is sensible and practical.

He lives alone in the village and perfectly manages on his own.

10. One of the Most Interesting Character

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In the Boruto series, Mitsuki is one of the most interesting characters.

Having a complicated backstory of his creation and upbringing by none other than Orochimaru makes him quite fascinating.

He is calm, funny, and realistic in nature.

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