5 Reasons to Binge-Watch Nanba MG5 Jdrama!

Who is Nanba Tsuyoshi? Who are Godai and Daimaru? What is Nanba Tsuyoshi's secret?

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The 2022 Japanese Drama Nanba MG5 is created from manga of the same name.

Toshio Ozawa created Nanba MG5 manga which was published from 2005-2008 in 18 volumes.

The Japanese drama Nanba MG5 revolves around Nanba Tsuyoshi, a high school student from a delinquent family.

Tsuyoshi’s life gets upside down from the moment he started lying to his family to hide his secret and enrolled in Shirayuri High school.

Nanba MG5 manga has a rating of over 7 in MAL and the drama has a rating of 8 in MDL.

Looking for a funny, heartfelt, comedy and emotional Japanese drama to binge watch?

Look no further as Nanba MG5 promises everything in a short 10-episode Jdrama.

#1 Who is Nanba Tsuyoshi?

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Born in the Nanba household, the famous delinquent family in the Kanto region, Nanba Tsuyoshi decided to enrol in Shirayuri.

Nanba Tsuyoshi decided to change his fate as he wanted to experience a normal high school life which can only be possible if he changes a different path than his big brother Nanba Takeshi and his family’s expectations.

Lying and hiding the truth from his parents, Nanba Tsuyoshi decided not to go to Ichimatsu, a well-known delinquent school.

Nanba Tsuyoshi is one of the most level-headed and sane characters in a Jdrama who has rationality although his knuckles and kicks speak faster.

There are moments you can empathise with Tsuyoshi who has to maintain a double life trying to be the perfect delinquent Toppuku and Nanba Tsuyoshi.

The Shirayuri Nanba Tsuyoshi is a kind, gentle, meek, art-loving guy who is also the Student Council President.

#2 Who is part of the Nanba Household?

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Nanba Tsuyoshi is the second child, crushed under the expectations of strong-headed parents and elder brother Takeshi Nanba.

Takeshi Nanba is more powerful than Tsuyoshi and is feared and rumoured about in Ichimatsu.

Apart from his mom (Naomi) and dad (Masaru), Tsuyoshi has a little sister Ginko Tsuyoshi.

The family dynamic is absolutely heartwarming and endearing to watch.

The family that eats together and sticks together in thick and thin.

Takeshi has graduated from school and is currently a NEET when Tsuyoshi was in school.

Ginko had no idea what she wanted to do in future, but it changed after she met a kind-hearted guy, Sato.

With her friend’s tutoring, Ginko ended up enrolling at Shirayuri high school.

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It was hilarious yet stressful to watch Nanba Tsuyoshi switch back and forth between Toppuku and Tsuyoshi.

His life was a total disaster and battle as tried to balance his normal high school life and delinquent life.

This is definitely the second reason to watch Nanba MG5 because the family will definitely make you angry and smile at the same time.

There’s a special member of his family, Matsu Nanba, a dog (Shiba Inu).

Matsu grew up as Tusyohsi’s younger brother and it’s quite entertaining to hear Matsu’s inner monologues.

Matsu is voiced by Tsuda Kenjiro. Mamiya Shotaro nailed the role of Nanba Tsuyoshi as he portrayed the gentle and brash character showing his daily life struggles.

#3 Friendship goals with Godai and Daimaru

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Tsuyoshi Nanba’s life went downhill when students of Ichimatsu kept challenging him.

Got to give credit to Tsuyoshi to keep up with his strives and struggles in life as he constantly tried to help others.

The ikemen Godai Naoki of Ichimatsu, the strongest first-year student takes an active interest in the mysterious Toppuku.

Godai is the first person to discover that Toppuku is Tsuyoshi.

Initially, Godai Naoki planned to challenge him but later they became friends when Nanba Tsuyoshi aka Toppuku saved him from the seniors of Ichimatsu.  

The friendship between Godai and Tsuyoshi is worth cherishing.

Godai tries his best to keep Toppuku’s secret so that Nanba can enjoy his high school life.

Often whenever there’s a problem, Godai bears the burden, but Toppuku is loyal to his friends. He always comes to his friend’s rescue.  

His other close friend plus confidante is Daimaru Daisuke. Masato calls him “Gorilla”.

Others often refer to Godai as ikemen sensei.  

Daimaru and Tsuyoshi started as love rivals but later he found Toppufu’s secret.

Initially angry, but later forgives him as they reconcile and became besties.

#4 Noboru’s Aniki ft. Toppufu

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The first person who Tsuyoshi Nanba made friends was with Noboru Shimazaki.

Shimazaki cosplays as a delinquent to avoid being bullied at his high school.

Trouble soon finds Shimazaki Noboru as bullies from Ichimatsu target him.

There have been many incidents when Noboru became the target but Toppuku and Godai always end up saving him.

Noboru’s cute and gullible and even mistakes Godai as his Toppuku “Aniki”.

It’s funny to see how Nanba Tsuyoshi manage Noboru and both of them have each other's backs.

#5 Students at Shirayuri and troublemaker Fujita

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The first person Tsuyoshi Nanba interacted and made friends with was Fujita Miyuki.

Miyuki is a troublemaker in a sense as she often acts as a pursuer of justice dragging Nanba without his interest.

Her intentions are right but she often causes fights for Tsuyoshi as he transforms into Toppuku to save the day.

It was quite heartbreaking to see Fujita almost sell out Toppuku’s identity as she suspected it was Tsuyoshi. Thanks to Godai the secret was well kept.

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Another first-year student Makino Yayoi joined Shirayuri and Art club.

Makino is a girl gang leader of Max.

Later, Toppuku and Godai saved Makino and her gang from Cerberus gang.

She developed a crush and admiration for Toppuku.

Makino was startled when she found his identity and disclosed it to Ginko Nanba.

Overall, the characters and setting of Nanba MG5 are amazing, making it perfect for a binge-watch.

The Jdrama is soon going to be over as we are left at a cliffhanger.

Nanba MG5 is one of the best Jdramas of 2022 and is totally recommended.

The scenes are funny, yes a bit overexaggerated but forgiven as the premise itself is quite unbelievable.

Have fun binging!