"My You" By Jungkook Of BTS | A Gift To Army

Jungkook gifts another song to Army in honour of BTS's 9th anniversary. Read the full article to know more.

Jungkook Of BTS

Army has always been a source of pride for Jungkook. He is one of the most humble and down-to-earth person, often expressing gratitude to his family, group members, and the adoring fans Army.

"My You" Lyric Video 

Army's are given new tracks frequently as gifts by Jungkook. As BTS celebrates nine years as the most popular boy group, Jungkook returns with a new present.

Jungkook, a member of BTS, shocked fans by releasing a new song called ARMY, which is dedicated to the community. My You is the title of the song. Jungkook is the sole singer on the 3:05 tune, which he co-produced alongside Hiss Noise. The audio combines English and Korean, and the film has adorable lyrics on several social media platforms.

On Twitter, Jungkook started the countdown to the song by uploading a screenshot of a text message. While fans were intrigued, it was surprising to learn that the snapshot was taken from the song's video. To portray the words of the music, Jungkook cleverly combined a variety of social media app layouts. SMS, Instagram Stories, Instagram posts, music libraries, and more were among them.

"My You" on Soundcloud

The melody reminded us of the For Army track he composed on the occasion of his birthday last year, while the song effectively delivers his message to the fandom. Despite this, the song feels like a loving embrace on a gloomy evening.

The most beautiful moment in life will keep on transforming into new peaks, just like 'Yet To Come' tells us, and, as Jungkook's smooth vow of 'Promise that we'll keep on coming back for more, reveals BTS won't be far away."

Lyrics Of "My You"

"My You" Lyrics 

As always. Jungkook poured his heart and soul into making the song and it is very much visible from the lyrics.

References from BTS past career days 

"Four seasons have passed with you. Four scents were left cause of you"

Jungkook's Thoughts On "My You"

Jungkook's Twitter note 

The song was released shortly after BTS's new album, Proof was released. The anthology album included three new songs — Yet To Come, For Youth, and Run BTS — and a number of their career-defining hits. The members also chose two solo tunes from their own careers to be included on the album. Aside from the CD, the septet also released the music video for "Yet To Come."

The music video included a lot of tributes to their various eras throughout the course of nine years, as well as certain aspects from their previous music videos. Since its release, the album has broken numerous records. On Spotify's daily Global Top 200 chart, all the debuts of the new song in the top ten. Many of their older tracks that were included in Proof charted as well.

Happy 9th Anniversary to BTS and Army.
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