My Name Ending explained | Is Choi Mu Jin obsessed with Yoon Ji Woo?

The Netflix Kdrama My Name ended with lot of shocking twists. Was Ji Woo able to avenge her father? What happened to Pil Do and Mu Jin?

main leads of the show

The Netflix sensation My Name Kdrama is very dark, full of suspense, and nevertheless pretty heartbreaking.

Yoon Ji Woo lost her father and was intent on chasing the killer till the end, but was waiting in store for her?

Did Choi Mu Jin emotionally manipulate her and wrap her around her finger like a mindless puppet?

Choi Mu Jin killed Ji Woo’s dad because he couldn’t handle the betrayal and now is it Ji Woo’s turn next on the chopping block?

Why was Mu Jin Obsessed with Ji Woo?

From the beginning, Choi Mu Jin planned to use her. He manipulated her and even went to the police station to test her loyalty.

Mu Jin let Ji Woo become the culprit and she willingly exposed her identity to get revenge over Mu Jin. obsessed with Ji Woo and unwilling to accept her betrayal, Mu Jin sent his lawyer to get Ji Woo out of the police custody.

Jeon Pil Do had caught her previously trying to escape.  

Ji Woo was successful to escape but Pil Do catch her again, but this time they escaped together because Ji Woo’s cronies arrived at the perfect time to drag Ji Woo to her death.

Pil Do refused to let Ji Woo get caught by Mu Jin and convinced her to give up on revenge.

pil and ji woo

Pil Do wanted Ji Woo to avoid the fate of becoming a monster enraged with revenge and getting haunted by Mu Jin forever.

They escaped together and Ji Woo came to her senses because she knew Pil Do was right. She already lost her father and now didn’t want to end up losing her identity and life all over again.

But Mu Jin was not too happy with Ji Woo.

He was determined to kill her or be killed by her. Mu Jin doesn’t take betrayal kindly and was obsessed with his dad too.

In a sense, Mu Jin ruthlessly killed Yoon Dong Hoon after discovering his identity and was going to do the same to Ji Woo because he knew she was going to come for revenge.

It’s ironic for Mu Jin to expect Ji Woo will spare her just because he saved her life and gave her the identity of Hye Jin.

Jung Tae Ju’s Funeral

dead Jung Tae Ju

Oh Welp it’s time to say goodbye to his right-hand man Jung Tae Ju. It’s his funeral and Mu Jin is determined to kill Ji Woo who killed Tae Ju.  

Mu Jin reminisces the past with Ji Woo’s dad but what’s the use. He’s blaming Ji Woo and his father when in reality it’s Mu Jin who’s so badly messed up.

Pil Do’s Fate

pil do gets shot

Unable to accept Ji Woo’s betrayal and how she didn’t come for revenge, Mu Jin took matters into his own hand and shot Pil Do to death.

RIP Pil Do; the only guy who didn’t serve to die in My Name. The message was well served and directly delivered to Ji Woo.

By Killing Pil Do, it’s clear Mu Jin declaring that he won’t let her live in peace. Only one of them can survive.

Ji Woo vs Mu Jin

Still processing Pil Do’s death, Ji Woo went straight to the lion’s den.

Mu Jin and Ji Woo fought as equals ad exchange for a fierce duel; where the price of the fight was their lives. Ji Woo was determined to get her revenge not just for her dad, but for Pil Do as well.

After a gruelling fight, Ji Woo emerges victorious as she stabs Mu Jin and ends his life.

mu jin

In the end, she visits her father’s grave where her mom and dad are resting.

We can see a photograph of Ji Woo and her dad which means her dad’s name was restored and he was recognized as the undercover agent.

At least it’s one way of seeing it.  She’s seen going somewhere but her future still lies with uncertainty. Whether My Name will be back with Season 2 or only time can tell. The story is pretty much over for my Name. Happy binging!

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