My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

Who are the Yeom Siblings? Why did Yeom Mi Jung say "Worship Me" and to whom? Who is Mr Gu?

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My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

One of the most anticipated Korean dramas this Spring is My Liberation Notes. The JTBC/Netflix Kdrama My Liberation Notes shows the story of three siblings trying to deal with normal issues and life struggles in their own way. Life isn’t easy for the Yeom siblings as they live quite far from Seoul.

Commuting to work and dealing with stressful lives, the distance between Seoul and Sanpo isn’t just impacting life satisfaction for Yeom Mi Jung, Yeom Ki Jung and Yeom Yeomg Chang Hee, it’s driving their very soul and essence down. The siblings are struggling and trying to deal with life in their own way.  

Yeom Mi Jung, the youngest sibling was frustrated with life and in a moment of rage and angst uttered “Worship Me”, but why and to whom? Who is Mr Gu? How is Mr Gu involved with the siblings? Why is life so hard for Yeom Mi Jung, Yeom Ki Jung and Yeom Yeomg Chang Hee? Lastly, what does Liberation mean in the true sense for them?

The Yeom Siblings

My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

One of the best things about My Liberation Notes Kdrama is that the drama presents an emotional roller coaster for viewers.  

It’s intriguing and shows the common issues in life that we can relate to in some way or other even if we aren’t Koreans. The problem is the same in every society.

It presents an emotional premise where the parents Mr and Mrs Yeom may seem very traditional and unsupportive of their children. They live quite far off Seol and live off hard labour to make their ends meet in a dignified manner.

My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

The elder sibling Yeom Ki Jung has the most complaints in life and never once is she seen helping in the household. Yeom Ki Jung is charming and weird in her own way as she keeps trying to search for love, yet without any success. Hope something nice is stored for Yeomg Ki Jung as life really can be brutal towards her.

The youngest Yeom sibling Yeom Mi Jung is an introvert and doesn’t often say much. She keeps her thoughts to herself and has a difficult time in the office as well.

My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

Yeom Mi Jung’s corporate culture seems pretty forceful in the name of maintaining employee engagement. As Yeom Mi Jung stays far from Seoul, she hasn’t joined any groups in the office.

Yeom Mi Jung is constantly pestered and indirectly pressured to join a club. Can’t just people leave her alone? It seems quite heartbreaking because Yeom Mi Jung doesn’t blend with them and life is kicking her to the curb with other issues.

My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

The middle sibling Yeom Chang Hee is very hard to describe. He seems rigid and inflexible to the point he might seem like a “KKondae”. Yeom Chang Hee and her girlfriend broke up and the fight was pretty ugly.

They didn’t break up in an amicable way. It felt like both parties were in the wrong because it takes two people to be in a relationship. It’s not possible that only one of them could be completely responsible. Yeom Chang Hee did neglect his girlfriend as said by Yeong Ki Jung.

Who is Mr Gu?

My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

The mysterious Mr Gu works at Yeom’s place and helps the elderly couple. Mr Gu is help for hire and does his duties diligently. In many ways, Mr Gu is suspicious and has a detachment from people.

Mr Gu acts cold but some of his actions are not cold. He pays attention to his surroundings and at times even helped Yeom Mi Jung more than once. Yeom Mi Jung received a notice of payment from bad due to payment default.

Mr Gu helped keep this secret for Yeom Mi Jung. When a drunk Yeom Chang Hee barged unannounced at Mr Gu’s place, he almost open the cupboard when Yeom Mi Jung kept the letter. Realising ad remembering the letter, Mr Gu snapped and quickly averted the crisis.

Why did Yeom Mi Jung Say “ Worship me?”

My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

The Yeom Siblings had no luck in finding love. Their work-life was strenuous and nothing seems to be going their way. Yeom Ki Jung was trying her luck at blind dates even those were bad luck.

Frustrated by the situation, Yeom Ki Jung made a declaration to fall in love by winter and wanted to end her lonely days. Her declaration was strong and remained stuck in Yeom Mi Jung’s mind. Yeom Mi Jung was getting frustrated by the people around her. Her work was sufferable, the people around her were nosy and discriminating.

The HR department was pretty forceful and would always call her to pressurise her to join a club. Yeom Mi Jung has to pay someone else’s loan because she became their guarantor. The useless guy played with Yeom Mi Jung’s innocent heart and her feelings only to extort her.

It wasn’t the first time either as hinted by Yeom Mi Jung. A frustrated and angry Yeom Mi Jung went to Mr Gu to vent her anger and frustrations. Mr Gu knew about the situation and judging from the bank’s notice it didn’t take him long to put two and two together.

My Liberation Notes Kdrama | "Worship Me..."

It was surprising and shocking to see Yeom Mi Jung express her inner feeling as she barely speaks her mind. Yeom Mi Jung said to Mr Gu to “Worship her” as he as nothing better to do other than drinking. Mr Gu does nothing and drinks every day staring at the darkness.

Yeom Mi Jung wanted to feel whole and fall in love with someone who can treasure her and even be willing to worship her.  It was flustering to see the situation but even drunk, Mr Gu was more than sober.

Mr Gu quickly rejected her and asked if she ever made anyone feel whole? He was determined and wanted to do nothing with other people.

How will their relationship unfolds in the future is worth waiting to watch? My Liberation Note Kdrama is available on Netflix so have fun streaming. The drama will surely melt your worries away with its refreshing outlook on life.

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