My Liberation Notes | Everything Wrong with Yeom Mi Jeong?!

Does Yeom Mi Jeong look down on Mr. Gu? What makes Yeom Mi Jeong a weird character?

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yeom mi jeong and mr gu

Weekends are beautiful and exciting for fans because of the current drama and anime lineup. One such Korean Drama is My Liberation Notes which is one of the guilty pleasures on weekends. The plot is intriguing, the characters are weird and unique, and Mr Gu increases our curiosity.

One such character from My Liberation Notes is Yeom Mi Jeong, the youngest daughter in the Yeom household. Yeom Mi Jeong is an introvert (nothing wrong with it) who’s having her fair share of problems.

No one can blame her, the people here are weird, condescending, and extremely unbearable. If there’s an existence of Black Hole, the people in her office are no less than that, as they suck the life out of Yeom Mi Jeong.

Yeom Mi Jeong isn’t without blame as the people around her make her suffer, but is that enough as a reason to understand what’s wrong with her?

After watching My Liberation Notes, there are many such scenes that make you wonder what is wrong with Yeom Mi Jeong?!

Does Yeom Mi Jeong look down on Mr Gu?

Mr gu with Yeom Mi Jeong

No sane or sober person will ever go rant out their heart in front of a stranger and almost mock them in such a childish and patronizing manner. Kudos to Yeom Mi Jeong to show us how to do that without even a glimmer of shame. What’s to lose right?

As a grown adult, Yeom Mi Jeong is a loose cannon who seems like it’s okay to tread on someone who feels less superior than her.

It was outright hilarious and ghastly to see Yeom Mi Jeong confesses her inner monologue and almost beg Mr Gu to “workshop her” if falling in love wasn’t troublesome enough.

It’s actually surprising that Mr Gu complies and decided to comply with her wishes. Why is worshipping ok but not love?

How much devotion is ok if it’s not love that they wanted, but choosing to worship someone, which requires loyalty and blind faith? Both Mr Gu and Yeom Mi Jeong surprise us and scares us because neither of them can be easily read.

Why does Mr Gu entertain Yeom Mi Jeong?

Mi Jeong walking away

Things have been stressful for Yeom Mi Jeong as her previous so-called “lover/ex” conned her for money and later escaped to god knows where. Yeom Mi Jeong is this close to becoming a delinquent defaulter, but well, she has her priorities sorted.

There are times Yeom Mi Jeong is a pushover both at work and in her personal life. Sometimes she lacked common sense because clearly, loaning out a huge sum of money to some random dude is pretty ok if they shower you with love.

Lesson learned; Yeom Mi Jeong taught us to use some bits of brain cells left. Yeom Mi Jeong had the option to use the law as a means to get out of misery but no.  

Asking help from family to sort this mess, but no. She gotta hold on to her pride and lead down the stairway to the hell of self-destruction and torment. Clap clap! Thanks for teaching everyone how to not make rash decisions in life.

Pay for someone else’s loan because she is rich and loaded as iterated by her so-called dreamy ex.  Begin iteration and a non-terminating loop of self-loathing, maybe that’s what we need right now.

What makes Yeom Mi Jeong a weird character?

Mi Jeong in the crowd

Something about the character from My Liberation Notes is weird. It’s primarily because Yeom Mi Jeong barely expresses what she feels. We get that she’s an introvert and it’s not easy, but making Mr Gu her outlet for emotional frustration and venting is so not appreciating.

Yeom Mi Jeong can easily fix her financial status but she chooses not to do so. At work, she’s not incompetent, but never raises a query or gives feedback on what she feels.

All she does is take the instruction handed out to her without even raising concerns. Her original draft was discarded by her superior, but later the first draft was selected.

All the hard work and overwork were of no use. The biggest red flag that her character shows is how can she be so trusting to loan someone a big amount of money without a contract or legal countermeasures.  Does money grow on trees?

Is Yeom Mi Jeong even right in her head to guarantee a loan for someone? Kdramas have shown us what loan guarantees mean. Take Twenty Five Twenty One for example, where Ko Yu Rim’s parents suffered the same fate due to providing loan guarantees to others.

It’s not just that, Yeom Mi Jeong’s character lacks depth, is monotonous, boring, and lacks appeal. It can get quite irritating to watch her.

This in no way means any criticism to the actor portraying Yeom Mi Jeong because the actress Kim Ji Won did an amazing job to show the struggles of this character.

Yeom Mi Jeong ay work

Moving on,  the reason why Yeom Mi Jeong’s character is irritating is that she can easily fix her situation, but she won’t. She doesn't want help from others and doesn’t want to communicate.

Even she has no idea what she wants. She called Mr Gu someone “not having a fake shell”, which is ironic because she wears a fake mask of tolerance and acceptance as she wants to fit in and not be an outcast either.

Yeom Mi Jeong wants to be left alone, yet she would indulge the fake and gossiping people in her office to feed them more fodder for gossip. Just great.

The way she treats Mr Gu is weird.  Yeom Mi Jeong kept telling Mr Gu to worship her not seeking love but attention, but she treats him like shit when she feels like it. She just vents her frustration and anger on ML who speaks nothing but the truth without trying to offend her.

Just because Mr Gu seems like a nice guy and treats her nicely, maybe he likes her even, there’s no way to treat someone just because you can’t control your life. It’s outright ridiculous.

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