Why 'My Liberation Notes' Kdrama Ending is More Significant for viewers?!

Will Mr. Gu and Yeom Mi Jeong be together? Will Yeom Gi Jeong and Choi Tae Hyun have a happy ending?

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The popular JTBC/Netflix Kdrama My Liberation Notes became a weekend ritual for fans. My Liberation Notes Kdrama had different feels, sometimes weird but unique.

Most of the characters were uniquely created each contributing to the flow of the drama in their own way.

The characters like Yeom Mi Jeong, Mr. Gu, Yeom Cheong Hee, Yeom Gi Jeong, Choi Tae Hyun, and others showed what it meant for people to experience liberation.

The best thing about My Liberation Notes Kdrama was the interpretation of life with a slice of life touch and unpredictable moments without the typical cliche.

The not-so-typical cliches and weird endings are enough to make us wonder why My Liberation Notes Kdrama Ending is More Significant for viewers?!

What happened to Mr. Gu? Will Mr. Gu and Yeom Mi Jeong be together? What is the unexpected ending for everyone? Will Yeom Gi Jeong and Choi Tae Hyun have a happy ending? What will be in Yeom Chang Hee’s fate?

What happened to Mr. Gu?

The most unexpected turn in My Liberation Notes Kdrama was when Mr. Gu visited Yeom Mi Jeong’s home. A very unexpected surprise for waiting for not just Mr. Gu but for the viewers as well.

It was shocking to find the Yeom sibling’s mom Mrs. Kwak Hye Suk passed away. It was unexpected as she met Yeom Gi Jeong and Choi Tae Hyun on the day she passed away.

Mr. Gu was surprised as the siblings moved away and relocated to Seoul. Yeom Je Ho (the dad) was remarried and living his late retirement life.

After their mom’s death, Yeom Chang Hee was mostly there to support their dad. Yeom Chang Hee resigned from work as the work was consuming him.

The Kdrama showed different sides of light and it was relieving and scary at the same time.

The unexpected development with Mrs. Kwak passing away was quite unexpected. It just taught us how much life is precious and we should never take it for granted.  

When Mr. Gu visited their house, their father gave him Yeom Mi Jeong’s number. It was a happy moment to see Mr. Gu call Yeom Mi Jeong and they met.

Is Yeom Mi Jeong Liberated?

One of the central ideas portrayed in My Liberation Notes was how people want to get liberated. Yeom Mi Jeong started the idea of the Liberation Club at her workplace and soon three other members joined in.

Due to the unexpected scandal at the office and the violence issue, Yeom Mi Jeong changed work. Yeom Mi Jeong despite being talented was never recognized for her talents because she was a temporary worker.  

Her life was messy because of the unnecessary loan to her ex who was a pure scum and a certified trashbag. Did Yeom Mi Jeong receive money back from her ex? The answer is unfortunately no.

Mr. Gu offered help many times but Yeom Mi Jeong declined with reasoning that she wanted to prove how much of a scumbag his ex was. The point is clear but the rationale is weird given the premises of huge loan default.

What happened to Yeom Chang Hee?

Yeom Chang Hee may seem like an odd character but he taught us patience is a virtue and how much we need inner peace. A lack of inner peace in life can’t let you have a happy work-life balance.

Yeom Mi Jeong started his business idea but that too didn’t work. He has the opportunity to seize the day but used it to save someone he was previously acquainted with.

Yeom Chang Hee is a kind person with his own motto in life. The analogy of being a coin among the lot and eventually as a strong mountain will get you through a tough time.

What happened to Yeom Gi Jeong and Choi Tae Hyun?

Choi Tae Hyun was head over heels for Yeom Gi Jeong. It was surprising and liberating to see Yeom Gi Jeong cut her hair short because she wanted to convey her idea of independence, change, and not being a burden to Choi Tae Hyun.

They didn’t get married and decided to postpone it till Choi Yu Rim was at least 20 or in high school.

This would make Yeom Gi Jeong in her early 50s. It was refreshing to see Choi Yu Rim try to console Yeom Gi Jeong after her mom passed away.  

As usual Choi Gyeong Seon was brutal towards Yeom Gi Jeong in every way possible. One thing which was quite liberating to know is that despite their age people will feel the same.

The people at the restaurant who were in their 50s were talking when they overheard Yeom Gi Jeong’s conversation. After all, age is just a number.

The open ending where Mr. Gu and Yeom Mi Jeong try to find their happy moments in life was heartfelt, touching, and emotional.  

Yeom Mi Jeong and Mr. Gu. will remain in the worship/love relationship to find their happiness. My Liberation Notes was a bittersweet and very unique Kdrama experience that is highly recommended to watch.

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