My Hero Academia: Timeline of the Strongest Heroes!

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series these days. Here is timeline of the strongest heroes present in this series and many more.

My Hero Academia: Timeline of the Strongest Heroes!

My Hero Academia is one of the most hyped anime series currently as it involves superheroes and a lot of them. The different quirks that they possess is something unique. There is lot of emotions present in this series. So, here I am going to talk about the current strongest heroes and how they got so strong. So, moving toward the main topic in the current chapter of the manga right now Midoriya is now considered a mid-pro level superhero which is a very good thing for our hero.

He is not still in the Top 20 in the list of most powerful superheroes but still he is better than most of the pro heroes which is a big deal in itself. Most of the heroes of the pro level have quirks that are compatible to only one thing like offence, defence and detection etc. without having any destructive power. But heroes like All might, Endeavor, Mount lady, Ryuku are some of the heroes that have the capability of destructive power.

My Hero Academia: Timeline of the Strongest Heroes!

Not being biased it is just that heroes like jeanist, hawk, etc are some of the heroes which have innovative quirks but in terms of destructive power they are behind the main heroes like All might which can face a lot of tough villains. But the thing is heroes like jeanist and hawk have developed their quirk according to certain condition. They still plays a big role in the story. So, coming back to Midoriya he is now better than any average pro level superhero and he showed us what he is capable of during his fight with Overhaul and he won that fight.

Alongside Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki are the only one who possess such abilities but still they are not better than the pro level superhero Miriro. Miriro is just one hero who is the perfect example about how to properly use their quirk effectively. Bakugo and Todoroki seems a bit behind Miriro in terms of real life experience.

Why doesn't Midoriya turn super muscular like All might?

So, here are some of the reasons to explain why Midoriya don't turn super muscular as All Might does. The main reason behind this is Midoriya can't still fully utilize one for all which All Might can do.  So, due to Midoriya's mediocre abilities he can't buff up. As well as it also depends from one user to other user.

Toshinori is known as All Might. So, as he can fully utilize One for all he becomes muscular. But we all know that when Toshinori was around Midoriya's age he didn't buff up as he does now. To know it fully we have to get back in the past when Toshinori does training with Gran Torino.

Gran Torino mentions one time that All might only did physical training and didn't buff up in the past. Physical buff will happen according to the user's body condition. As for example when a user is born with a quirk he can use One for all in a different manner. Toshiniro mutated differently than Midoriya as we have seen because he could use 100% of One for all from the very starting. But Midoriya faced problem even when he used 5% of One for all.

It can be also said that the sheer amount of power that Toshiniro used while training help him to maintain One for all 100% power. His training with Gran Torino helped him to control his quirk using his muscles. On the other hand, Midoriya uses Full crowling which only needs a small amount of One for All in his entire body.

The lightning that we see around Midoriya can be said One for all that leaks out because of excess energy. After Toshiniro's extensive training he could fully utilize his One for All in any part of his body which helps him in producing destructive power. So, coming back to the main question why midoriya can't buff up is due to the fact that he can't fully utilize One for All in every part of his body like All Might can do.

Why Do People Like My Hero Academia?

The reason behind this is despite having super powers which we call quirks they can utilize it for only a short period of time and at the end they seem quite down to earth. It is very easy to relate to the struggles of the heroes as it can be seen as our own that we face in our life and how they overcome those hurdles. There are  more reasons regarding the popularity first of all Izuku Midoriya despite being quirkless he still wants to do something for the society.

He wants to become a hero with his sheer will power. He is inspired by All might. During some moments we sympathize with him, support him during the times of difficulty as we can relate to him. Other superhero named Shoto Todroki have a unique quirk more powerful than his father's. He is full of dreams.

After his back story with his father we began to sympathize with him. As deep inside we can relate to him when he suffers from setbacks. The other example is All might from the very starting of this series we began to root for him. As he is the most powerful superhero and he is considered transcendent and inhuman.

My Hero Academia: Timeline of the Strongest Heroes!

He is the one who have faced many difficulties in his life and came out successful which everyone wants to be like. So, that is the reason he is so relatable. These are the prominent examples of why people love this show and there are many more characters which adds life to this series. There are many quotes also that are present in the show which seems to be simple lines but when put together in a scene it doubles the impact. These are some of the reasons due to which people love this show.