My Hero Academia Manga: Is It Better Than The Anime Adaption?

My Hero Academia Manga anime adaptation is one of the latest fads among the anime community with its rating being 8.45 while I am writing this article.

My Hero Academia Manga: Is It Better Than The Anime Adaption?

My Hero Academia Manga is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, boy born without superpowers (called Quirks) in a world where they have become commonplace, but who still dreams of becoming a superhero himself. He is scouted by All Might, Japan’s greatest hero, who chooses Midoriya as his successor and shares his Quirk with him after recognizing his potential, and later helps to enroll him in a prestigious high school for heroes in training.

My Hero Academia Manga anime adaptation is one of the latest fads among the anime community with its rating being 8.45 at the time I’m writing this. However, before watching a new show, my expectations are set to a bare minimum in order not to be disappointed. Naturally, I went in for MHA with the same mindset.

My Hero Academia Manga adaptation is a shounen anime, where shounen characters do shounen things… Indeed. There’s nothing more to it.

The story follows Midoriya, a 14-year-old who wants to be hero, but has no quirk. Quirks are supernatural powers which, for some reason, most people have, around 80% of the population. I’ll get back to the Quirks a bit later. Midoriya is often being ridiculed by his peers for being quirkless, especially by his childhood “friend” Bakugo. Yet, Midoriya doesn’t give up, being the shounen lead he his, and stays true to his dream and insists on enrolling at the UA, the most famous high school for future heroes.

One day, while going home, he was attacked by a villain (yes, the villains call themselves villains, or should I say BIRANUSU) where he was saved by his favorite hero, All Might. Things happened, I don’t want to retell the first episode for you, but All Might decides that it would be a good idea to choose a fragile, quirkless boy as his successor and starts training him for the entrance exam the following year.

My Hero Academia Manga story is divided into a couple of “mini-arcs”, each lasting from three to four episodes. They are action-packed, but nothing important actually happens towards the end. Other than the students’ daily life, and the little incident in the final arc, there was nothing, which could be a blessing in disguise. Unlike some other shows, it doesn’t pretend to be “dark” and thankfully, I don’t see it ending up as an edgy show for angsty teenagers like Tokyo Ghoul for example.

He is socially awkward, especially around girls, and the way he reacts when a girl talks to him for the first time is supposed to be funny, if the joke wasn’t centuries old. The show tries too hard to make us feel for him and he gets bullied whatever he does, up to the point where it gets annoying. The writer could be a fan of Liverpool Football Club, I guess…

His “friend” Bakugo, is a special snowflake. Is he even his friend? His character can be described in one word – angry. Cause that’s the only thing he is. Only yelling, shouting at other characters, venting his inborn frustration on Midoriya, threatening to murder him, because Midoriya somehow ruined his plans by wanting to become a hero.

His quirk is flashy as he’s able to create fire, he’s skilled, and he believes that because of it he has the right to be a selfish, conceited, obnoxious plonker. I really have no clue how anyone can like this guy, I wish someone would give him a good beating. Still, it seems as if he realizes slowly that the world doesn’t revolve around him and sees that there are heroes who are more powerful than him, which could imply character development.

All Might is, at least in the public eye, the greatest hero of all, a symbol of peace and the embodiment of valor, strength and justice. He does a secret that the public mustn’t find out, which is why he keeps fighting villains with a smile, and lectures Midoriya on how to be a proper hero. The rest of the cast isn’t that memorable. It includes Uraraka, a cute girl who is a friend of the main character (possibly a love interest later on), Iida, that rich guy with glasses who is a teacher’s pet and who becomes the class president, a frog girl, a gay dude who speaks French randomly (why do most gay guys in anime speak French?), another useless whiny kid who resembles Lambo from Hitaman Reborn, a John Cena girl because you can’t see her (she literally is invisible) etc. I couldn’t be bothered to remember their names, too many of them, too few episodes.

As for their Quirks, I don’t find them to be too creative or interesting. I thought they were pretty dull to be honest, considering that the author can make up anything he wants. We have various types of enforcers, a lad who goes Pikachu and shocks everyone near him, a guy who can control the temperature of his surroundings, a girl who can make things float, a chap who has exhaust pipes in his calves which makes him extremely fast, a guy who shoots fancy laser beams from his belly and so on. I still wonder how Mineta, the whiny kid I’ve mentioned, whose only power is his “sticky hair” got into the academy…

My Hero Academia Manga character designs are ugly, as if Hitman Reborn and Fairy Tail had a child, so it may take some time getting used to it. The whole style leaves an Americanized vibe, which is surely something hardcore Japan fans won’t approve of. The animation is pretty fluid and the battles are flashy with lots of explosions, as expected.

My Hero Academia Manga OST is solid, and the opening theme is excellent. There are a few songs used during the battles which I would like to find, but the OST is not out yet. Most of the voice actors are well-known and easy to recognize.

My Hero Academia Manga conclusion, is a pretty average shonen anime which doesn’t stand out at anything it does, and to be fair, it doesn’t attempt to stand out. I wasn’t really bored, but I was never too entertained either. Sure, the action is flashy, but that’s it, the characters are boring, the abilities they have aren’t interesting, the battles have so far been based on their power levels, and if you’ve seen at least one shonen anime in your life, the attempts of humor won’t make you giggle, let alone laugh.

If you are new to anime, a diehard fan of the genre or just looking to pass the time with something that doesn’t require your thinking, you will most likely enjoy it. If you are not, I’m absolutely positive that you can find something better to do.