My Hero Academia Heroes Rising | Anime Movie Review

It is well-deserving of this reputation, and anyone who is fans of the previous big three; Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, will most likely love this

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My Hero Academia Heroes Rising | Anime Movie Review

In the anime community, the series titled Boku no My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is blazing ahead by the second.

MHA is widely hailed as one of the new Big Three of Shounen Anime.

It is well-deserving of this reputation, and anyone who is a fan of the previous big three; Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, will most likely love this.

Based on the manga of the same title by Kōhei Horikoshi sensei, there are currently 29 Volumes.

MHA is done by none other than Studio BONES, which comprises four seasons with Season 5 set to release around March this year.

MHA Heroes Rising, a brilliantly written series has two animated movies so far. First, one is Two Heroes and the second is Heroes Rising.

While both movies were such thrilling rides, one would say that Heroes Rising was more so.

MHA Heroes Rising was released in December 2019.  Guided by the masterful directing of Kenji Nagasaki, it grossed $29.9 million in the box office.

Even the ever-critical Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie a rating of 91% overall, and an average rating of 7.67/10, which is pretty high considering their usual track record.

MHA Heroes Rising review

So what makes MHA Heroes Rising so good? Following is a spoiler-free (mostly)  a bit biased opinion on it, from the perspective of a big fan of this series.

The events of the movie happen after the Meta Liberation Army arc in the manga. The camera turns to the students of Class 1-A of UA High once again as they tackle a very practical aspect of their hero training.

They were running a safety program on a remote island named Nabu.

Everything is relaxing to watch at first, with a bit of 1-A humor mixed in. The students handle errands and help out the island folk.

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As in any Shounen Anime superhero film, things spin out of the original plan as the young heroes are pitched up against formidable foes.

Heart-touching storytelling, beautiful animation and thrilling battles with great music are a given, fans are guaranteed this much.

Added to that are symbolic portrayals of teamwork, friendship, and trust; which start out subtly but become more evident as the story progresses.

This is clearly seen in all the 1-A students, as well as their selflessness to protect the innocent.

The iconic duo of Midoriya Izuku & Bakugo Katsuki, whose relationship is deep and complex, with rivalry frosting all over it, is the highlight of this movie.

Bakugo starts off in the series as a bit of a brat, with the world ogling all over him, leading him to not realize his own weakness.

In contrast, Midoriya lives his life fully aware of the weakness, but still strives every day to become something better; to become a hero.

MHA Heroes Rising review

Their admiration of All Might led them both to UA High and the aftermath of his fight with All for One has left the two rivals in a very emotionally complicated state.

Both seeping with deep regret and the desire to become strong enough to fill the void left behind, they keep training tirelessly.

Their foe in this movie, whom they face off against together, is a huge hurdle they must clear, both in terms of strength and emotion.

The two’s underlying trust and friendship are highlighted more than ever before in this emotional roller coaster of a movie.

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The final battle in My Hero Academia Heroes Rising is nothing short of epic, masterfully animated by BONES, having audiences at the edge of their seats.

The ending is nothing short of emotional, with tear-jerking scenes.  

It concludes in an inspiring and nostalgic manner, reminding everyone once again that, with hard work, anyone can become a hero.

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