My Hero Academia Characters; Esteemed Members of Bakusquad

Anime Apr 8, 2021

In this article, I will introduce you to some My Hero Academia characters. They call themselves the  Bakusquad of Class 1-A. These are Bakugo Katsuki’s friends whether he outright accepts it or not. Let me warn you before, these four members of Bakusquad share one brain cell.

If you have seen My Hero Academia then you very well know all the characters and their Quirks. From Pro-Hero, U.A. High students to the Villains, each and every character have a unique Quirk.

Bakusquad Characters

#1 Kirishima Eijiro

Kirishima Eijiro’s hero name is Sturdy Hero: Red Riot. With red eyes and a muscular physique, Kirishima has the Quirk called Hardening. The Quirk gives him the ability to harden and sharpen his body. This makes his body hard as rock and jagged.

However, there is a limit to the power of the Quirk. The hardened body can only withstand a limited amount of damage after which the Hardening dissipates. To increase the durability and strength of his Quirk, Eijiro trains with Mashirao Ojiro, who continuously attacks Eijiro with his tail.

#2 Kaminari Denki

my hero academia characters

Kaminari Denki uses the hero name Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt. His Quirk is Electrification. As the name suggests, Denki can produce electricity and cover his body with it. The Quirk also allows Denki to emit electricity over a distance. But, he has little control over his quirk.

Overuse of his Quirk often sends him into his “Wheyy” mode. His brain short-circuits when he exceeds his wattage and this leaves him vulnerable for 1 hour. So, to train himself to control a high amount of electricity, Denki runs the electricity he produces through the high-capacity battery.

#3 Mina Ashido


With the hero name Pinky, Mina Ashido is a cheerful character with the Quirk Acid. Mina is capable of creating a corrosive liquid aka acid. However, she can only produce it within the limit. Exceeding the limit, her skin loses its resistance towards the corrosive liquid.

Mina controls the solubility and viscosity of the acid to use it for a different purpose. She lowers the solubility so that her Quirk does not harm any living being and increases the viscosity to use it as a protective barrier. However, she still has low control over her Quirk so she prefers battle against the inorganic enemy.

Mina has a light shade of pink skin and a darker shade of pink hair. Mina has demonstrated the best reflexes in Class 1-A. With an athletic body and energetic personality, Mina is also a skilled dancer.

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#4 Sero Hanta

my hero academia characters bakusquad

Sero Hanta is known by his hero name Taping Hero: Cellophane. Training to become a pro hero, Sero has the Quirk of Tape. Sero’s elbow acts as a tape dispenser which allows him to shoot tape-like strips and retract them as well. However, overusing his Quirk can dry out his skin.

Sero has a lot more control over his Quirk and can utilize it in various ways. While primarily he uses his Quirk to restrain his opponents, Sero also helps his comrades by distancing them from powerful foes. Hanta also uses his tapes to create traps and blockades when fighting.

He prefers long-range battle which also makes up for his fighting style. He can shoot tape at his opponents from a distance with accuracy.

All of them are self claimed best friends of Bakugo and hence, the esteemed members of Bakusquad.

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