My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Re-Cap/Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Spoiler reveals striking new information about Star and Stripe's battle against Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Re-Cap/Spoilers
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My Hero Academia Chapter 331 is finally coming back after the two-week hiatus. And things are getting heated up as Star and Stripe versus Shigaraki battle heads toward a decisive conclusion.

In the last chapter MHA Chapter 330, Star and Stripe clashed against Tomura, and the battle reached its peak. Where the author, Kohei Horikoshi, left us on a cliffhanger at a very crucial moment. Which has become a very common occurrence in the My Hero Academia Manga, for quite some time now.

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In MHA chapter 330, Star and Stripe used her quirk, New Order, on Shigaraki and set a rule that Shigaraki’s heart would stop moving once he moves even an inch.

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Shigaraki is in massive danger in this situation. And as Star and Stripe takes a sigh of relief that Shigaraki is finally no more after this. Shigaraki has a brain fever and All For One's indomitable will, once again, takes over Shigaraki and a new being who is not Shigaraki starts to emerge from his body.

This overshadows the fact that Shigaraki Tomura will not remain Shigaraki Tomura and he had a euphoric rebirth right in the middle of his battle against America's No 1 Hero, Star and Stripe.

Surprised and shocked by his transformation, Star and Stripe braces for another bout, and at this exact moment, MHA Chapter 330 leaves us with the cliffhanger. But now, finally, MHA Chapter 331 leaks have given us some insight into the ensuing battle and the main reason why this new chapter was delayed for 2 weeks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Leaks

So, Shigaraki obviously survived Star and Stripe's quirk, New Order, and this leak also reveals that he takes Star and Stripe head-on. Again, it is not Shigaraki fighting Star and Stripe, but rather All For One, who has taken over Shigaraki's body. And he seems to be in control of the airborne fight according to this leak.

According to the delay announcement, MHA Chapter 331 was delayed because of the amazing fight scenes. And to add, the upcoming MHA Chapter 331 is expected to have much more content than the normal MHA chapter, and many more memorable fight scenes that will shape the direction of the manga going forward.

My Hero Academia Chapter 331 is by far one of the most important chapters in the entire series. Star and Stripes' battle against Shimura is to be concluded. And most of all, this new chapter will also reveal more details about Shigaraki's unique transformation.

MHA Chapter 331 is also expected to unveil the full power of America's No 1 Hero, Star and Stripe.