Must Watch RUN BTS Episodes That Will Make You Laugh The Most

Apparently, BTS are not just natural vocalists, but also natural comedians. Run BTS is the ideal treatment for when you're experiencing one of those Not So Great Days. Let's have a look at the best Run BTS episodes.

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Must Watch RUN BTS Episodes That Will Make You Laugh The Most
RUN BTS Best Episodes 

Bangtan Sonyeondan – commonly known as BTS – is a South Korean k-pop idol group that has taken over the international music landscape. Every year, they win several accolades from Asian and Western award events, and the only thing keeping them from winning the Grammys is a win at the Grammys.

Their fans – collectively known as ARMY – adore them for more than simply their vocal prowess, tremendously challenging choreographies, jaw-dropping performance productions, or devastating good looks. They aren't the four-time winner of the 'Billboard Music Awards' Top Social Artist award for nothing.

They also produce their own reality shows on a regular basis, including behind-the-scenes footage from concerts and photoshoots, the Bon Voyage series, the latest In the Soop series, and my personal favourite, the Run BTS variety show.

Watching their gigs reminds ARMY that they're just like the rest of us, and it transforms them from "global superstars" to "average, relatable 20-somethings." It certainly helps that they're so chaotic together – in the greatest possible manner!

As of this writing, their variety shows Run BTS has 155 episodes, with some pretty amusing ones among them. In a nutshell, Run BTS is the ideal treatment for when you're experiencing one of those Not So Great Days.

So we put together a fast list of the best and funniest Run BTS episode sets (since most successive episodes are connected) that will have you falling out of your chair – and in love with each member of BTS.

Let's go to the best and funniest Run BTS episodes without further ado, except for a little spoiler alert!

Episode 24

the boys playing with zombies

BTS thought they were going on a night safari but were instead startled out of their seats by a "zombie" invasion. They had to perform assignments after being separated into teams in order to win free tickets to the amusement park.

Several of the members are highly startled, so having zombies appear out of nowhere is usually hilarious. J-Hope was dragged off the bus to assist with the lifting of the barrier in front of the bus, only to lose his shoe while fleeing and crying for aid.

Episodes 33 – 34

the boys showing a finger heart to the camera

We adore covert missions! Each member chose a "manito" at random, who would receive their pre-prepared present as well as be the target of that day's covert mission.

Finally, they had to figure out who had chosen them. Not only were the games entertaining, but watching them laugh at everything had us on the edge of our seats.

Everyone blatantly cheats off one other in "Find the Difference," and V attempts to sell Suga's present to ARMY online, Jin and Suga fail badly at the "Freeze Frame" game.

Episodes 39 and 41

the two boys wearing yellow headphones

Jin is a fantastic MC, and I'd say his talents and energy as the gamemaster were responsible for roughly 95% of the humour. Despite the game's modest language barrier, international fans will nevertheless burst out laughing thanks to Jin's Korean puns and wordplay.

We also got a rare glimpse of Suga breaking free from his shell and maniacally dancing.

Jimin's extremely classic "lajibolala" phrase comes from Episode 41, and that's all we have to say about it.

Episodes 53 – 56

the boys having a karaoke competition

BTS took a road trip to spend some time in another house, and their antics were documented in four episodes of Run BTS!

The games and joy never ceased, from the bus journey out to grocery shopping for meals to their personal downtime. The finest part, though, came at the end of episode 56, when they gathered around a campfire and read poems they'd written for the other members. It pulls at your heartstrings!

Jin creeps into the background to observe J-Hope, Jungkook, V, and Jimin smacking each other's butts as hard as they can as punishment for laughing first.

Episodes 63 – 65

the boys dressed up as high school kids

It doesn't get much more amusing than watching super-talented musicians struggle to read notes and play a classical piece with bells.

Even to this day, their final game in episode 65 is one of the best! Each of them is given two unknown "forbidden" words by the other members; they are sprayed with water every time they say the words, and the results are hilarious.

J-Hope is doused with water virtually every time he opens his mouth because one of his forbidden words is "hahaha" – and he's notorious for laughing at anything.

Episodes 81 – 82

the boys wearing masks

BTS has done a few arcade/gaming episodes on Run BTS before, but this was the first time they used a virtual reality setup.

It's no surprise that Jungkook, the competitive golden maknae, won every game, and it's also no surprise that J-Hope was terrified on the VR rollercoaster! V and Jin had small meltdowns at the end of the horror game.

Jin shoved J-Hope over the brink of the building (VR, of course) during his turn to walk on a plank over the edge, and J-Hope fell to his knees screaming and swearing at the top of his lungs.

Episodes 83 – 85

the boys competitng on the water slides

Why wouldn't we fall head over heels in love with these episodes? The BTS boys are visiting a water park with every inflatable imaginable: big slides, speedboat-pulled rings, and even an obstacle course!

Each challenge was, of course, a competition amongst themselves, with V's "BT —- ever" on the gigantic slide becoming one of the most memorable moments of the series.

To be honest, the entire obstacle course challenge had everyone slipping, sliding, and falling flat on their backs in an effort to reach the rubber ball first. Especially when everyone banded together against Jungkook and he still came out on top.

Episodes 89 – 90

the boys dancing in the competition

Because BTS's telepathy is so real here, and it's so relaxing to watch how well they know their own music.

Following their division into two teams, their obstacles in these episodes included guessing their song names and/or lyrics based on the other members' paintings, charades, and reversed audio tracks!

And, believe me, they're really excellent at it.

Suga's ridiculous dance to avoid the penalty and V just looking open-mouthed at him, or Jimin falling out of his chair (again) and Jungkook running over to help him up only to trip over Jimin's foot and fall over himself.

Episodes 102 – 103

the boys in a kitchen for the cooking competition

First and foremost, having J-Hope as both MC and judge was pure joy. Furthermore, the challenge required two teams of three members to create the selected meals, led by BTS resident chefs Suga and Jin.

The problem is that the leaders can only watch from another room and communicate with their two team members by walkie-talkie — one of whom is cooking and the other is passing on orders. Chaos ensues.

When an impatient Jin told V to slide the chicken into the pan and use a spatula instead of his hands, both Jin and Jungkook screamed, followed by both Jin and Jungkook shouting when V picked up a ladle instead. V must be protected at all costs.

Episodes 112 – 113

the boy wearing a white shirt with transparent glasses

BTS is back in "school" with Jin as the "teacher"; the members are divided into teams, and each task is disguised as a school subject.

Music was a recorder and melodica; Korean was a grammar test; Art was figuring out the difference; Chinese was sneaking food past Jin's back, and P.E. was team limbo!

Personally, I like it since I adore TaeGi (the term for V and Suga's friendship) and they had so many amusing moments.

Jungkook brazenly cheats off on RM and then throws a fit when the answer is incorrect! Suga also argues with V over doing another round of limbo, only to cave in and do whatever V wants.

Episode 116

the boys standing in weird poses

The episode's theme was "teamwork," thus the challenges were designed to encourage them to work together to attain the goal of clearing 5 of the 16 obstacles and getting to go home earlier.

They were naturally confident, and rightly so: they worked so well together that they breezed through the first two obstacles with little difficulty.

They'd get a 30-minute break in between each task to eat or play with the different arcade games supplied to pass the time.

Jin and Jimin were dancing, RM was shooting hoops, J-Hope was snacking on food, V and Jungkook were playing karaoke, and Suga was calmly working a jigsaw puzzle in the middle of it all. This was also the time when Jungkook decided to utilize a, well, "trick" to win arcade basketball.

Episode 119

the boys in pink t-shirts raising their hands

We adore a solo challenge because nothing is more entertaining than watching their competitive sides emerge and forcing them to sabotage each other. This time, they had to find post-its concealed throughout the cafe that indicated a "who," "what," and "where," put them together to build a set and then take a photo based on what was written on them. One of Suga's jobs, for example, was "stretching with J-Hope in front of a plant," which J-Hope ended up avoiding.

Okay, we're not going to give anything away about how this episode finishes because it's simply TOO. GOOD. The chef's kiss is all there is to it.

All you need to know is that it made Jungkook lose it, and anything that makes him respond like this is going to be hilarious!!

Episode 121

the boy wearing a printed shirt with glasses

BTS's big-brain things, ahh. Occasionally, the crew will invent an incredibly difficult challenge that entails gathering clues and solving a "whodunnit" mystery. That's exactly what this episode is!

Each member is assigned a function within the BTS Village (detective, hairdresser, businessman, etc.) and must uncover evidence to discover who damaged the village's priceless ARMY headstone by examining each member's home or workplace.

When they were down to the wire figuring out who the two-man criminals were! There's always a lot of ranting to persuade others that they're not guilty, and this episode was no exception.

Jungkook was astounded that they kept labelling him as a criminal!

Episode 123

the boys in a kitchen for the cooking competition

I posted the Avatar Chef episodes earlier in the piece, and now we have the second half of their Reverse Avatar Chef segment!

Instead of resident chefs Jin and Suga giving orders to their team members, walkie-talkies are used to instruct them both. And it's a doozy, to say the least.

V and J-Hope joined up for this episode, and despite one disaster after another, their meals turned out fairly nicely.

Their task was to prepare kimchi sujebi, a soup-based meal using hand-torn noodles. The dough was a complete catastrophe without adequate time to rest, in the true "I don't know what to do in the kitchen" way. Because it was just a huge, sticky...blob, Jin dubbed it an octopus.

This episode also features a rare look of a dissatisfied J-Hope, which only adds to the comedy.

Episode 126

the boys wearing white coloured clothes and sitting on a sofa

The crew devised 14 games, some of which required them to do solitary chores while others required them to compete in pairs, and their goal was to finish all 14 before being allowed to return home.

What is the penalty for the person who came in last? Complete a successful domino trail while shouting "BTS"; if the dominos stop, he must restart. There was a lot of whining and yelling.

Every time Suga lost or failed at one of the games and moaned, he completely nailed the last one and still came home first.

Episode 127

the boys playing with domino

It was impossible to select between the two episodes, so we had to include the continuation of the previous challenge!

The members are now halfway into the second set of obstacles, which include blowing a bubble through a hoop, flipping half-filled water bottles, and the one that everyone (except Suga) got stuck on: flicking bottle caps out from under overturned bottles.

"I am a singer, but why am I doing these things?" says J-Hope, who is suffering an existential crisis. I was wheezing.

It was hilarious to see him crack up and lose it in the hoop challenge.

Episode 128

the boy getting flustered because of the sudden kiss

Despite the fact that Suga is missing from this episode since he is still recovering from shoulder surgery, we couldn't stop laughing.

There were three games: the first was to determine the liar, the second was to guess the harmonica tune, and the third was a sort of stop-go relay race.

This episode was dedicated to the Korean New Year, so everything – including the punishments – was lighter and more enjoyable.

Why don't you say the entire 41 minutes? J-Hope blatantly takes V's (right) response in the harmonica game, Jungkook laughs when J-Hope caught up to him in the stop-go game, and, of course, V skillfully plants a swift kiss on Jin's cheek as he went too close.

Throughout the entire program, you could hear the staff members laughing so loudly.

Episode 132

the boys in a pool for the competition

They had to debate over a random topic after being divided into two teams of three; there were seven rounds of 11 minutes each, with each member taking turns as the debate moderator.

What's the catch? Every time they said the "forbidden word" or "forbidden deed," they would be bombarded with either a fountain of water over their heads or water jets right in their face.

Needless to say, both this episode and the first half preceding it were a never-ending water onslaught.

They would sometimes purposefully activate the water jets for fun, and other times because they couldn't figure out what they were supposed to do.

Furthermore, their argument rebuttals became increasingly ludicrous. By the fourth round, nothing made sense anymore, with RM contending that rice grains have "grain rights" and Suga delving into the linguistic origins of kelp.

Episode 134

the boys dancing for the competition

This is the second episode of a three-part series, and it's the one where the two dance challenges were presented.

They had to first guess which of their songs was being performed in the video by a non-dancer; then they had to keep guessing, but the choreography directions were just written down – they had to make sense of it first.

You'd think that as a dance leader, J-Hope would be prepared for these obstacles. The fact that he kept getting his responses wrong, on top of Jin's taunting, further added to the amusement of his gaffes.

The pleasure, though, was watching them completely misread the written instructions for their dances! To be honest, I'm not sure what V was going for in this photo.

Episode 137

the two boys discussing the answers to the questions

Unfortunately, Suga is still absent from this episode, so the three teams are evenly split with two members each: Jimin and Jungkook, RM and V, and Jin and J-Hope.

Their goal is to earn points through a variety of games, which they may use to win food prizes and utilize as wagers to double their points. If you gamble on a snack and get the answer wrong, you will lose the snack. A set of prime Hanwoo beef is awarded to the winning team.

Definitely when Jungkook, V, and Jin all leap to their feet at the same time to respond to the question, with Jungkook yelling their team name at the top of his lungs.

The show's editors overlaid a pterodactyl on top of his face, and it's a very good analogy.

When Jimin and Jungkook receive another perfect response when he uses a "chance" lifeline to consult his mother for the correct answer, it deserves a special note (and again, he just yells into the phone to thank her).

Episodes 140-141

the boys sitting on the floor and laughing

BTS collaborated with the popular variety show The Game Caterers for Run BTS Ep 140, which was released this week, as PD Na Young Seok joined the boys during their spring 'MT' adventure. In the en-route mode of the fan-favourite game Figure Quiz (The members had to identify the faces of well-known public figures).

How can we forget V not being able to guess our BTS's all-favourite "Iron Man" aka Rober Downey Junior? Not just that, his soulmate Jimin made BTS sacrifice all of their precious food away.

Episodes 145-147

the boys wearing traditional hanboks

The members of the variety program were charged with finding the ARMY headstone in the 145th episode of the variety show, which included them dressed in traditional hanboks. They were also requested to identify the spy among them who had broken it in the first place during their search.

While the members did an excellent job of blending in with the theme and doing the work at hand, BTS vocalist V went things a step further by bringing back the legendary 'Taechwita' for the episode, which was first seen during the Daechwita performance at the BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo.

Episodes 152-153

the boys sitting in front of a pink wall

BTS compete against each other in a quiz game of "Throwback Music" in episode 152 of Run BTS!, starting with songs from their childhood.

This episode marked that Jungkook is effortlessly funny when he just made the sperm joke.

OH JK!!!

Not going to lie. It was difficult to cut this down because each episode has its share of hilarious moments. On any given day, the members of BTS are amusing, but when they are placed in a playful, often competitive setting, madness ensues. They're apparently not just natural vocalists, but also natural comedians.

That's why you should go to VLive right now and watch every single episode of Run BTS from beginning to end.

Sadly it has been six months since RUN BTS went on hiatus. Let's hope it is back as soon as possible.

Thanks For Reading!!