8 Must watch Kdrama Without Love Story!

What is the Best Korean drama Without Love Story?!

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Kdrama means romance at some point. The Kdrama community and netizens surely love the heartwarming, typical and cliche romance plots that make them go awe. A sheer number of Kdramas are produced every year and the majority of them are romance genres.

While the wider population of fans enjoy romantic Kdramas, there is a handful of them who prefer no romance. If you’re one of those who are tired of repetitive romance Korean dramas, hope on as this is just the list for you. Welcome to the list of must-watch Kdrama without a love story as a central plot; in short no romance, no cliches!

8. Hidden Identity

Released in 2015, Hidden Identity is a TvN drama that will definitely intrigue you. The story revolves are people who are undercover fighting against corruption and violent crimes. A 5-member investigation team is a police unit formed and the opening scene will hook you instantly.

The main casts include Kim Beom, Park Sung Woon, Yoon so Yi, Kim Tae Hoon, and Lee Won Jung. Kim Beom will definitely make you scream. The action scenes were totally lit and this drama is best for a binge-watch marathon.  

7. Mrs Cop 2

Mrs Cop 2 is a 20 episode drama released on the SBS network.  Kim Beom is in this drama as well. Mrs Cop 2 is the second season of Mrs Cop and somehow they are not related.

If you haven’t seen the first season, you can still watch and enjoy season 2. Season 2 of Mrs Cop is highly recommended as it’s a Kdrama without a love story! Some new characters are introduced in season 2 and it will surely get your attention.

Mrs Cop 2 revolves around a hot-headed chief of the detective squad who has returned after getting trained with the FBI.

Kim Beom plays the character of the antagonist who seems so perfect and totally different from any other roles he played.   The main casts include Kim Beom, Kim Seong Ryoung, Im Seul Ong and Son Dam Bi.

6. Circle: Two Worlds Connected

Another masterpiece Korean drama from TvN, Circle: Two Worlds Connected is a sci-fi suspense thriller 2017 Kdrama. The story keeps going back and forth between 2037 and the present day.

The story might seem a bit confusing at first, but the plot will instantly grab your attention. It’s a story about two brothers and an alien and somehow they get separated.

Will the brothers be united; watch now to find the answers. Yeo Jin Goo is phenomenal in this role as he plays the role of Kim Woo Jin in 2037 and 2017.

The entire cast was amazing and the 12 episode drama did full justice to the storyline. Other main casts include Kim Kang-Woo, Lee Gi-Kwang,Gong Seung-Yeon,Seo Hyun-Chul and Oh Eui-Sik.  

5. Prison Playbook

Prison Playbook is an all-time favourite and it’s from the same creators of the Reply series. The 2017 TvN drama revolves around the prison life of prisoners and prison staff.  The Kdrama has no romance and many comedic elements.

The Kdrama highlights prison life and shows the story of Jye Heok, the best pitcher in Korea who ends up in jail for assault and trying to protect his sister. Prison Playbook is highly recommended if you want to watch a Kdrama without a love story plot. Park Hae-Soo, Jung Kyoung-Ho, Krystal, Krystal,  and Lee Kyu-Hyung are in the main roles in Prison Playbook Kdrama.

4. The Fiery priest

This Kdrama is a hidden underrated gem that people need to definitely watch. The Fiery Priest drama is breath of fresh air. Added bonus, no love story, amazing characters, great storyline, good Osts and music, great casting and good humour. The fiery priest has them all.

Kim Nam Gil plays the role of a gangster-turned catholic priest who fights against corruption and evil people and works together with a smart and beautiful prosecutor played by Lee Ha Nee. The 20 episode SBS Kdrama is totally recommended!

3. Law School

The 2021 Kdrama released by JTBC is one of the most famous Kdramas of 2021. Law School is a must-watch Kdrama without a love story! The story is centred around a law school professor and a student who gets entangled in the sudden death of another professor.  

The show had many parallels with the US drama How to get away with murder, but it’s totally different from that drama. No one gets away with murder in this drama! Yes, another Kim Beom drama! Kim Beom is practically the king on Kdramas without a love story!

2. Stranger Season 1 & 2

The TvN Kdrama Stranger (Secret Forest) is a 2017 legal drama revolving around conspiracies and unjust death and murder. The main protagonist Hwang Si Mok played by Cho Seung-Woo lacks emotion due to a childhood brain surgery he had.

Hwang Si Mok is an antisocial but righteous prosecutor who is cold and rational. He meets Han Yeo Jin, a Police Lieutenant and together they solve cases. Despite hostility between the police and prosecution service, Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin team.

Bae Do Na plays Han Yeo Jin. Season 2 was released in 2020 and it’s a direct sequel with a new case. This drama is one of the best legal dramas and as an added bonus, there’s no romance plot! Enjoy this romance-free Kdrama, available on Netflix!

1. Suits

The 2018 Kdrama is a remake of the US TV drama Suits. The KBS drama Suits is a 16 episode drama about two guys - a prodigy with a photographic memory who is a conman and the best lawyer at a prestigious law firm.

Their paths meet and how they change and deal with cases is the central element of the drama. The drama had no romance but some bromance so gear up for Suits Kdrama and enjoy binging it! Jang Dong-Gun and Park Hyung-Sik are the main casts of Suits and this drama is highly recommended.

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