9 Must Watch Chinese Dramas With Best Sibling Moments

There's nothing like a brother-sister feud to keep things interesting and exciting. Here, we present you 9 must watch c-dramas with sibling love.

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Any fan will be enthralled by the hot romance between the two major characters in a Chinese drama. Audiences, on the other hand, can't help but recall the funny and often emotional sibling connections. A number of C-dramas use the cliche of long-lost siblings, or even a hostile rivalry, to tell their stories.

On other occasions, people are laughing out loud and relate to the siblings' close bond. There's nothing like a brother-sister feud to keep things interesting and exciting. While some of the relationships are more infantile in nature, others will have fans crying with joy at the depths of their love.

9. Fall In Love

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A mysterious young woman with shifting identities and a playful but kind man fall into a sweet and healing romance. It is adapted from the novel "The Story of Gossip Girl" by Shen Chang Mei.

8. Le Coup Dee Foudre

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Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo may have been classmates in high school, but the only thing they had in common was a desk. These two couldn't be more different, with one being a top student and the other failing badly, yet it doesn't take long for them to build a deep friendship. This unusual pair appears to have the world ahead of them, promising to study abroad together after high school. However, when Qiao Yi is forced to cancel their plans due to an unanticipated family issue, the two become estranged and eventually lose contact.

The long-lost pals are reunited four years later, and old flames are soon reignited. Qiao Yi goes to the city, intending to resume their romance where they left off all those years ago; but, with Yan Mo already in a relationship, Qiao Yi's love seemed destined to fail. Is it, however, true?

7. Find Yourself

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A love story about a successful career woman who falls in love with a younger man. Due to their age gap, He Fan Xing's firm is in danger of being acquired, and her relationship with Yuan Song confronts societal pressures. Consecutive setbacks in her professional and romantic lives throw her into an emotional quagmire, and it is at this point that Ye Lu Ming enters her life. He is mature, stable, and knowledgeable due to his advanced age. He becomes He Fan Xing's life coach and the couple's source of contention. It's not just about choosing the man she loves for He Fan Xing; she also has to examine the inconsistencies of adopting a typical marriage attitude.

6. Lucky's First Love

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A story about first love and romances from the perspective of three couples in the workplace. It follows an independent young woman brimming with potential who crosses paths with a black-bellied boss. Because of the prosperous meaning behind her name, Xing Yun is recruited by Xia Ke to work at his gaming company. He is determined and headstrong, a son who refused to take over the family business and chose to make it on his own. In her journey from a sketch artist to a gaming designer, she experiences many extremes and jumps many hurdles in dealing with her black-bellied boss. Their continuous bickering brings them closer and the girl who has never been in love before finds that the last hurdle is love.

5. Time Teaches Me To Love

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The juvenile Shi Liansen and the foolish cute Lin Lu enter a contractual relationship. Lin Lu enters into a contractual relationship with Shi Liansen, the youthful and dominant CEO of a corporation, in order to pay for her younger brother's insurmountable medical bills. Lin Lu continuously tries Liansen's limits, and a relationship develops unintentionally as a result of the contractual contract.

4. Be With You

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A young cartoonist approaches Ji Yan Xin, a frigid and arrogant professor, on purpose. Qi Nian, a girl with a direct personality, expects that connecting with Ji Yan Xin will provide her with creative resources and inspiration for her comic plot. Ji Yan Xin's younger brother, Ji Si Qi, happens to be Qi Nian's assistant, and their friendship progresses and blossoms as a result.

3. Girlfriend

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When an extra is hired to play a CEO's crush, the fictitious romance becomes all too real. Wen Xiao Nuan has been scraping by in order to keep the Huangmei Opera Troupe afloat. To make ends meet, she takes on an unusual job in which she must pretend to have a crush on the attractive CEO Ye Fei Mo. She then works as an actress in CEO Ye Fei Mo's company, Anning. She furthers her acting career and finds love there.

2. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

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Chai Xiao Qi, an alien from the "Cape Town Planet," lost her signal and was forced to remain on Earth. She met an overbearing employer named Fang Leng, who had "rainy weather heterosexual amnesia," which caused him to forget about the girls around him. Since then, a hilarious and passionate cross-star love tale has begun. Chai Xiao Qi was a true-handed witch as well as an alien. She would get into a "flowery state" after inhaling the hormone generated by guys on the planet, and she would meet a lot of hilarious people after that. Chai Xiao Qi used her different super skills to solve one accident after another in order to survive on the human earth.

1. Go Ahead

the family having dinner together

The plot centres around three damaged teenagers who find solace in their shared experiences in order to create the best family possible for each other. Three unconnected individuals who grew up in troubled houses treat each other like family as they search for the love they can't get at home. Ling Xiao, He Zi Qiu, and Li Jian Jian, the youngest sister, grow up together, sharing life's joys and sorrows while supporting each other's chosen paths.

Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu return to their own homes after graduating from high school. The three are reunited nine years later, but the heartaches from their complicated family past remain a constant shadow. Will they be able to overcome their personal problems and become better versions of themselves?

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