12 Must Watch Kdrama without villains to enjoy!

Do You enjoy feel-good Kdramas without any villains? What is the best drama without any villains?

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Villains in Kdrama are quintessential and bring out the best of the male leads. Some dramas don’t have villains and those dramas have their own charm. Kdram without villains isn’t something new or strange but they are surely unique. Kdramas have their genres and without any antagonists, you can enjoy the drama worry-free. Without further ado, let’s explore the best Kdramas without villains!

#12 About Time

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This Korean drama has one of the most intriguing storylines.  The main female character has the ability to see clocks on humans that shows the life span of people and how much time they have time left. She can see how much time is left for her, but then she meets someone who stops her time. The 2018 TvN drama is highly recommended to watch.  

#11 Age of Youth

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Age of Youth or Hello, My Twenties! Is a JTBC drama about five different people sharing a house. Each of them has its own share of problems and the drama shows how they resolve the problems. Age of Youth has two seasons and both of them are highly recommended to watch.

#10 Love With Flaws

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Love with Flaws is one of the dramas with a simple storyline without any conflicts, maybe a lot of misunderstandings. The story revolves around two people who have their own misconceptions and prejudice against each other. This Kdrama has no villains and you can enjoy the light-hearted drama with an eye-candy cast.    

#9 Was it Love?

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The 2020 JTBC drama Was it Love is about a single mother raising her child who aspires to become a  drama producer. She meets 3 different suitors and the ex-flame shows up to turn her life upside down. Son Ho Jun is back with another drama with his flawless acting. The main casts include Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Song Jong Ho, Koo Ja Sung and Kim Min Jung.  

#8 Imaginary Cat

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If you love cats and webtoons this is the perfect drama for you. Imaginary Cat starring Yoo Seung Ho and the beautiful cat Bokgil. Yoo Seung Ho is an aspiring webtoon writer who is a cat enthusiast and has a cat named Bokgil.

Yoo Seung Ho plays the role of Hyun Jong Hyun who has a difficult personality and trust issues due to his past experiences. This is a Kdrama without villains or any negative characters and is a very pleasant drama to watch.  

#7 Welcome to Waikiki

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The famous comedy series Welcome to Waikiki Season 1 is a 2018 JTBC which is highly recommended. This list will be incomplete without the mention of  Welcome to Waikiki. The Kdrama revolves around 3 men running the Waiki guesthouse and somehow end up with problems all the time. The three men have their dreams to chase and love to pursue. Kim Jung Hyun and Lee Yi Kyung are the main highlights of the series. Lee Yi Kyung is back with Season 2 as well with a new cast.  

#6 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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The 2016 MBC Kdrama focuses on the college life of athletes.  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo revolves around weightlifter Kim Bok Joo who falls in love with a doctor and tries to pursue him.

She lies and even going as far as to lose weight to get the attention his attention. She gets interrupted by another athlete, a swimmer who has issues of false-start disqualification. They somehow get entangled and resolve the knots in their hearts. This is one of the recommended Kdrama without any villain and is highly entertaining.  

#5 Be Melodramatic

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Melo is my Name or Be Melodramatic is a 2019 JTBC. This is a feel-good Kdrama without villains or antagonists and you can chill with this drama. It’s a must-watch binge-worthy drama and it revolves around three people who co-share and coexist together. The women are in their 30s and hope that things will be ok after they turn thirty.    

#4 One More Happy Ending

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This is one of the most hilarious and entertaining Korean dramas ever made. This drama portrays reality very honestly and shows not everything has a happy ending in real life. This is another masterpiece from Jang Nara and she never disappoints. The 2016 MBS drama revolves around four friends who were previously Kpop idols in a band called ANGELS.  This is a worth watching  Kdrama without a villain and you can enjoy it to the max!    

#3 Go Back Couple

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The 2017 KBS2 Korean drama Go Back Couple is one of the best dramas that has a feel-good vibe. It’s comedic, emotional, good storyline and has a good cast. Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun are the main cast in the Kdrama. They will make you laugh, cry, scream and scream your heart out.  

#2 A Gentleman’s Dignity

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The 2012 SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity is one of the most highest-rated dramas of the year with a viewership of over 30%. The popular drama has a multi-starrer cast and the actors won several awards for this drama.

The Kdrama revolves around the story of 4 people who have been friends since they were teenagers. The central them of the drama is love, friendship and pure comedy. This drama is very soothing and highly entertaining and as a bonus; it’s a Kdrama without villains so you can chill and enjoy the drama!  

#1 Reply series

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Reply series by TvN is one of the best Kdramas without villains. Reply 1997 is the first instalment in the franchise. Followed by the huge success of Reply 1994 and Reply 1988. The Reply series are not directly connected and can be watched in any order, but its’ highly recommended to watch in descending order: 1997, 1994 and then 1988.

The common theme in the Reply series is friendship, love, family and the infamous flashback technique that will keep you guessing...who ended up with the female lead! The Reply series is highly recommended!

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