18 Must-Read Ongoing Romance Webtoon Recommendations

Which Romance Webtoon are you reading? Anything common from this list?

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Do you like reading romantic series? Want a break from cliche plots yet craving for romantic stories? If you’re one of those people who love reading the romantic genre, welcome to the club.

Line Webtoon has plenty of series stacked up, but searching for the right series can be a tedious job. Let’s explore some of the ongoing Romance Webtoons available because why not?

We love miseries and the agony of waiting every week to catch up with our favorite series and guess what every day you can read a new series!

Fascinating and exciting isn’t it romance lovers!

Ahoy, let’s onboard on this sweet yet sufferable journey to read some of the amazing romance series! PS the list is unranked and sorted based on days so pick your favorites now!


1. There Must Be Happy Endings

There Must Be Happy Endings

What can you do if you get a second chance in life to turn things around to prevent a tragic accident? Yeonu, decided to divorce her husband, who later got into an accident and passed on the way the same day they separated.

Traveling back to 100 days earlier, what can Yeonu do to save her soon-to-be ex-husband? Can she save him and their marriage?

2. My Irresistible Ex

My Irresistible Ex

My Irresistible Ex follows the story of Eunseol, the famous celebrity living her perfect life. What happens when her ex-husband is back trying to win her back?

Will Eunseol give in to the seduction and will she devote herself to her career? My Irresistible Ex is a new webtoon series.

3. Perfect Marriage Revenge

Perfect Marriage Revenge

Another time skip/time travel webtoon series. Perfect Marriage Revenge shows the story of Han Iju, trapped in her toxic marriage, and betrayal from her husband.

She gets into an accident and wakes up a year before the incident. What will happen when Iju receives a second chance in life to get revenge?


4. Marry Me

Marry Me

Marry Me webtoon shows the married life of Sinn, a civil servant who became the test subject of experimental law to marry someone who he never met.

Sinn’s partner Mari has no guardian after her grandmother passes away. Will they be able to navigate married life and improve their relationship?

5. Nice to Meet You

Nice to Meet You
Nice To Meet You Season 1 Review
Who are Mew and Daze? What is Mickey plotting? Will Wyn’s ship sail?

What happens when Mew pulled a prank on another student Daze and ends up getting involved in his life. Will the prank becomes a mistake or will she become friends with Daze and Wyn.

Wyn, Daze’s friend and the captain of the ship hopes for them to be together, but what happens when the ship starts to sail? Nice to meet You Season 2 is ongoing, let’s hope to find out!

6. Subzero


The last princess of the Dragon clan has only one option left to save her people. Clove enters into a marriage plan with her sworn enemy to bring peace to her people. What does this relationship entail for her?

What will her future be with Kyro whom she hated for all the bloodshed? Find out in Subzero webtoon Season 2 which is currently ongoing.

7. Your Smile is a Trap

Your Smile is a Trap
Your Smile is a Trap Webtoon Season 1 Review
Ahn Kiyu, ex-idol trainee, Lily Cha, the rumored bully, what happens when they become friends?

Do first impressions really matter? Kiyu, an ex-idol trainee leaves the showbiz world behind and dreams of ordinary life. He hides his face and hopes to enjoy high school life.

His life almost gets wrecked when a rumour goes in the school that Kiyu became the errand boy of the most infamous bully Lily Cha. Is it the truth or just a misunderstanding?

Will Kiyu and Lily become friends, who also happen to be neighbours? Does Lily fall in the trap of Kiyu, find out in Your Smile is Trap, season 2 is ongoing!

8. To Love Your Enemy

To Love Your Enemy

Lies can be dangerous and can catch up most when you least expect them. Meet Bae Yeonhee trying to have a fresh start only to meet someone who knows her past and her secret.

Will she be able to protect her secret and reputation? Read To Love Your Enemy, currently, season 2 is ongoing.


9. Seasons of Blossom

Seasons of Blossom

Seasons of Blossom webtoon gets updated every Tuesday and Saturday. Love blooms in every season.

Two different arcs, summer and spring arcs show the story of different characters. Season 1 revolves around Bomi Yun and Jinyeong Choi.

Season 2 revolves around Hamin Lee, Jaimeen Lee and Somang Han. Hope season 3 is out soon!

10. My Younger Brother’s Friend

My Younger Brother's Friend

Ga Eun lives with her younger brother after their parents passed away. Now a college student, Ga Eun meets three friends of her brother and one of them is her potential future husband.

Who will Ga Eun Choose? Dowan, the childhood friend, Sangu, the kind class president or Jun, intimidating and quiet?

My Younger Brother’s Friend reminds me of the famous Reply series Kdrama where we have to guess who the FL ends up with. It’s quite entertaining on its own!


11. Phase


Min gets an opportunity to earn $50 million through a tempting offer by Shuu, a billionaire who can change her life.

Will this opportunity change or wreck her life, can her secrets run her? Read Phase to follow Min’s journey, her involvement with her friend Leon and Shuu.


12. Act Like You Love Me

Act Like You Love Me

Ji Eon is a 25-year-old woman who accidentally gets a job mixed up with a famous actor Doyun Nam. The day became a disaster and she curses her out to a doll she receives from someone at her part-time job.

Little does she know that the magical doll can let her control Doyun Nam. Act Like You Love Me starts the weird relationship between Ji Eon and Doyun Nam as they enter into a work control. What will happen to both of them and is love on the card?

13. Threads of Love

Threads of Love

Threads of Love is a new webtoon series. Meet our protagonist Park Sarang whose only mission in life is to save her cousin sister, Pyeonggang.

Due to the evil deeds from her previous life, Sarang can see the threads of people and now is in charge of her cousin’s sister to find “Ondal”, someone who she couldn’t be in her previous life.

Join Sarang in her journey trying to fix everything while also meeting two potential candidates who have shown interest in Sarang.

14. See You In My 19th Life

See You In My 19th Life

Ban Jieum can remember the memories of her previous life. She starts remembering her past lives after she’s 12 and is currently in her 18th life.

After her 18th life unexpectedly ends in a tragic accident, she starts to reconnect with the people in her 19th life. How will her memories of previous lives affect her in her 19th life? Read See You in My 19th Life to find more.


15. Secret Playlist

Secret Playlist

What will happen when Levi, a popular idol wants to collaborate with Metube cover artist PLII, who happens to be non-other than Hanju. Hanju and Levi study at the same university, and she tries to hide the fact that she is PLII.

Through a series of coincidences, Hanju and Levi grew closer, and Levi accidentally discovers that she is PLII. Can their relationship survive or will they break up? Read The Secret Playlist webtoon and enjoy!

16. The Makeup Remover

The Makeup Remover
The Makeup Remover Webtoon Review
The Makeup Remover is a Korean Webtoon following the story of “The Face of Cinderella” with Yeseul/Toseul & Yuseon.

What is makeup that can change your life forever? Meet Kim Yesul dedicated to studies and ignored makeup that was gonna ruin her social life in the university.

A chance encounter with Yuseong, a famous makeup artist changes her life forever. Can Yeseul and Cheon Yuseon compete to win the Face of Cinderall contest to emerge victoriously only on The Makeup Remover webtoon?

17. Devilish Romance

Devilish Romance

The middle-tier devil Sitri becomes a human and loses his powers. Sitri needs to gain his power by meeting a serial killer who can help him regain his power in the devil dom.

Damo Ma (Sitri) ends up working for the prosecution and ends up meeting Narcissa Gye. Will Sitri fall in love or torment her using his evil schemes? Find out in the Devilish Romance Webtoon!


18. Sixth Sense Kiss

Sixth Sense Kiss

What if you can see someone’s future if you kiss them? Meet Yesul Hong, whose secret is to see the flashes of the future when she kisses someone. She doesn’t like using her abilities because her previous relationship ruined her.

When Yesul accidentally kisses her evil boss Minhu Cha, everything changes. On top of that, her evil ex-boyfriend is back working in the same company. What does Yesul’s future have in store for her in the Sixth Sense Kiss?