Moxie: How To Be A Teenage Feminist 101

“Our voices are so loud. So big. So much. So beautiful.” ― Jennifer Mathieu, Moxie

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The road is tricky and treacherous but you too can become a feminist at an early age.

As the 2021 Netflix film, Moxie teaches us that neither age nor gender can come in the path of a true feminist.

Of course, being a feminist requires a few certain steps and guidelines as a true representation of feminism will always avoid any and all roads that lead to unfairness.

The film does a great job of showing how a teenager may become a feminist and it is highly recommended as a learning curve for those who want to become an activist for equality.

However, if time is an element that is not a luxury to you, here are the introductory cliff notes of what the film attempts to teach its audience on how to be a teenage feminist:

Be rebellious for the right reasons

a women sitting in class while wearing a leather jacket

There have been multiple activists who have made many statements on various topics.

What matters here is that one should be careful and wise about what they take a stand on as not every topic may be as black and white as you may make it out to be.

Moxie gives a perfect example of a student noticing all the wrong-doings going on within her institution and deciding to spread awareness through the power of mass media.

Vivian used her skill of poster making, she used her patience to plant the seed of equality, Lucy used her power of communication and took the Moxie movement to the next level through social media, and Seth uses his open mind to propagate the idea to the men in the community,  Claudia uses her power of intellect and observation of minute details helped them register as a school group.

Make sure that anyone can feel included

a women high-fiving her class mate

One of Vivian’s batchmates was asked to leave school because her body was showing a lot of curves due to her tank top.

As a matter of fact, the lady principal did that in front of all her batchmates, and the lesson learned was used, everyone wore a tank top the next day.

A war that started secretly with the students became a matter of court as soon as we learn that a girl was violated by her fellow classmate who she was dating.

Harassment comes in all forms and shapes, they could use words, they could use actions, they could do those actions, they could humiliate you, use their power, and what not but if you open the book of life you would see at every step a lady is being shamed for just existing.

Create an impact your way

a women holding the first copy of her Moxie magazine

Vivian and Lisa both of them have different ways to deal with life and but it becomes very evident later on that both of them are pro-feminist, Lisa, the mother of Vivian is so sure that she could raise a child by herself and does not require a man to give her a license of do-ability.

A competent mother and a competent individual back in her school days was a kick-ass rebel for good reasons.

“One time, someone told her friend Sarah that she smelled and none of her friends showered for two weeks” this approach was done mutely and therefore proves that making a statement does not necessarily need a microphone to get the job done.

Vivian learned that one does not require to raise his or her voice for the right, one needs to concentrate on people.

You could use the power of your Speech: You could use your voice to propagate your fresh ideas You could use the power of the pen: I’m using the power of my words to promote this movie as a movie filled with hope and life.

You could use your silence because sometimes silence is the most powerful answer You could use the powers of your creativity, art, dance, music, videography, writing, speech, and whatnot, you are just a step away from being the change we all need.

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