Top 10 Movies With The Worst Plot Holes

Movies with plot holes can be frustrating and confusing for viewers. In this article, we will explore the top 10 movies with the worst plot holes.

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Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world, with countless viewers tuning in every day to escape reality for a few hours.

However, not all movies are created equal, and some suffer from glaring plot holes that can leave viewers scratching their heads.

Movies With The Worst Plot Holes

In this article, we will explore the top 10 movies with the worst plot holes, analyzing their flaws and discussing how they could have been improved.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

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The 2016 film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice received a variety of reviews. While many criticized the film's complex plot and uneven character development, several enjoyed the action scenes and performances.

The reasons why the main characters fight are one of the major storyline gaps in the movie. Although the film spends the majority of its time establishing the conflict between Batman and Superman, it is unable to explain why these two characters are at odds.

The movie also has several additional story holes, such as Lex Luthor's complicated scheme to throw the two heroes against one another and the sudden introduction of the monstrous adversary Doomsday in the last act without any justification.

Prometheus (2012)

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Although Prometheus, a prequel to the well-known Alien franchise, received positive reviews upon its release, it is not without its flaws.

The behaviors of the protagonists, who repeatedly choose absurd actions throughout the movie, are one of the largest plot holes in the movie.

The characters' actions frequently defy logic and conventional sense, from taking off their helmets in an unknown location to touching enigmatic extraterrestrial artifacts without any protective gear.

The movie also leaves many questions unexplained and plot holes unaddressed by failing to explain the reasons for the alien species the crew encounters.

The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

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The third and final film in the well-known Matrix trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions, was eagerly anticipated by fans but ultimately fell short of providing a satisfying end to the series.

The destiny of the character Neo, who gives his life to save humanity, is one of the major plot holes in the movie.

While the movie portrays this as a brave deed, it leaves viewers wondering why Neo had to die because it doesn't show how his sacrifice genuinely helps the humans.

The movie also has several additional story holes, such as the abrupt introduction of new characters without adequate development and a confusing conclusion that leaves open-ended questions.

The Room (2003)

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Cult classic The Room is known for being among the worst films ever made, and with good reason. The plot holes in the film are numerous, ranging from the dialogue's absurdity to the characters' strange motivations.

The relationship between Johnny and Lisa, the movie's two main protagonists, is one of the largest plot gaps. Despite being engaged, Lisa defrauds Johnny by sleeping with his closest buddy Mark, ostensibly only out of boredom.

The movie also has several additional story holes, like a drug dealing subplot that is established but suddenly dropped, and characters that mysteriously vanish without warning.

Independence Day (1996)

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A classic sci-fi action film with a stellar cast and eye-catching spectacular effects is Independence Day. It has a few story gaps that detract from the entire experience, among other shortcomings.

The intention of the aliens to exterminate humanity is one of the greatest story holes in the movie.

The aliens mysteriously fail to understand that their ships are susceptible to computer viruses while having the technology to travel across the galaxy and carry out a coordinated attack on Earth.

Other plot holes in the movie include characters who seem to be able to converse with the aliens even though they speak a whole other language, and a subplot involving a drunk pilot who saves the day despite his apparent lack of skills.

The Da Vinci Code (2006)

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The Da Vinci Code, a thriller that was adapted from the well-known Dan Brown book, has its share of problems despite being a box office hit.

The reasons the protagonists, who are ready to kill and sacrifice their lives to keep a secret that is ultimately revealed to be quite unimportant, are one of the major plot holes in the movie.

Additionally, the movie fails to offer a convincing justification for the historical errors and conspiracy theories that serve as the plot's foundation.

The Happening (2008)

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M. Night Shyamalan's horror film The Happening was eagerly anticipated by aficionados of the genre, but it ultimately fell short of meeting expectations.

The cause of the strange epidemic that drives the plot is one of the major plot holes in the movie.

Although the majority of the movie is devoted to creating suspense and anxiety, viewers are left in the dark about what is truly happening because the movie doesn't give a clear explanation for the events that are taking place.

The movie also has several additional plot holes, such as a side story about a couple who mysteriously decide to kill themselves together, and people who make actions that defy logic and common sense.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

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The second entry in the successful Transformers trilogy, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is not without its problems despite being a box office hit.

The reasons for the evil Decepticons, who are prepared to destroy Earth even though they depend on it for survival, are one of the major plot holes in the movie.

Other plot flaws in the movie include individuals that make senseless decisions that defy logic and common sense, a subplot regarding ancient symbols that are presented and then soon dropped, and more.

The Village (2004)

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M. Night Shyamalan's thriller The Village has earned a reputation as one of the director's worst works despite receiving mixed reviews upon release.

The twist conclusion of the movie, which reveals that the people are residing in a contemporary community that has purposefully cut itself off from the rest of civilization, is one of the major plot flaws in the movie.

The story's twist may have succeeded in creating suspense and tension, but it ultimately falls short of offering a satisfying resolution, leaving viewers to question why the protagonists went to such great efforts to establish their isolated community.

Additionally, the film features several other plot holes, including a subplot about a mysterious creature that is introduced and then quickly abandoned, and characters who make nonsensical decisions that defy logic and common sense.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

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Despite being a film office hit, the historical drama Pearl Harbour has certain problems.

It chronicles the tale of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour during World War II. The love triangle between the major characters appears forced and manufactured, and it is one of the largest plot holes in the movie.

Aside from these plot holes, the movie also has characters who make senseless decisions that defy logic and common sense, historical inaccuracies, and inconsistencies.

Wrapping Up!

Although films are a form of entertainment designed to take audiences to other worlds and offer an escape from reality, they do have drawbacks.

Plot holes can ruin a movie's overall experience by confusing and frustrating the audience.

The top 10 films with the worst plot gaps have been examined in this article, along with their shortcomings and suggestions for improvement.

Filmmakers can produce more rewarding and lasting cinematic experiences for their audiences by avoiding these errors and spending the time to establish fully realized characters and compelling storylines.

In the end, even if these films may have had huge plot gaps, it's vital to keep in mind that making films is a difficult art form that needs a lot of talent and ingenuity.

There will inevitably be errors, and not every movie will be a masterpiece. However, filmmakers can continue to push the limits of cinema and enthrall audiences all around the world by learning from these errors and working to produce more engaging and comprehensible stories.

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What exactly is a plot hole in a movie?

A plot hole is a gap or inconsistency in the storyline of a movie that cannot be explained or justified by the narrative. It is a flaw that disrupts the continuity of the story and may leave the audience confused or frustrated.

Why do movies have plot holes?

Movies have plot holes for a variety of reasons, including poor writing, rushed production schedules, and lack of attention to detail. Additionally, sometimes filmmakers prioritize spectacle and visual effects over the coherence of the story, which can lead to plot holes.

How do plot holes affect the overall quality of a movie?

Plot holes can significantly detract from the overall quality of a movie, as they can leave viewers feeling confused, frustrated, and disconnected from the story. They can also undermine the credibility of the characters and the world-building, and make it difficult for the audience to suspend their disbelief.

Can plot holes be fixed after a movie has been released?

In some cases, plot holes can be fixed or explained through sequels, prequels, or expanded universes. However, in most cases, once a movie has been released, the plot holes are there to stay. Filmmakers may acknowledge the plot holes and try to offer explanations or justifications, but the damage to the story has already been done.

Is it possible to enjoy a movie with plot holes?

Yes, it is possible to enjoy a movie with plot holes. While plot holes can detract from the overall quality of a movie, they do not necessarily make it unwatchable. Ultimately, the enjoyment of a movie depends on a variety of factors, including the performances, the visuals, and the emotional resonance of the story.