6 Movies That Suffered From Being Overpolished

The snowflake generation has made some of the best concepts for movies and flipped them over their head in exchange for something that fits in the norm, here are a few examples.

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Remember when movies did not have to hold back whatsoever from what they wanted them to be?  No matter how offensive or insensitive the material itself could be.

Movies such as Rush Hour, Shanghai Knights, Superhero Movie, and Scary Movie among many others have started to dwindle in quantity as soon as the snowflake generation started canceling them for material that no one took offense to until they came along.

Here are some controversial picks that could be argued to have been a better film if they were not made to conform to the "woke" generation and follow a strict formula on how they can lay out their jokes and characters, including diversity.  

Pretty Woman

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An amazing film that is iconic to this day, however, it was not all fantasy and chivalry at its finest in its first initial drafts.

This was aimed to be a movie about a courtesan dealing with a cocaine addiction as she attempts to remove herself from the frowned upon profession and lifestyle with the aid of Edward Lewis.

Pretty Woman is a great film and by all means, this is not a dig at those who enjoy the film, but rather a mere glimpse at what an alternative version of this fantastical movie could have been and poses a question of whether it would have been better if it was left untouched as the more real and gritty reality the people in this profession have to deal with.


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Many refer to Titanic as one of the best romantic films to ever exist and to a certain degree, they would be right.

The film is based on a true story of a giant ship sinking in the middle of the ocean due to it colliding with an iceberg.

The historic event sounds as if it was supposed to be much more horrifying and tragic than what the movie made it out to be.

It is similar to having a tragedy such as 9/11 be made into a film about the passengers texting and calling their loved ones for the last time rather than focusing on the horror and destruction that should be the central core of the film.  

Awareness, caution, consequences, deaths of so many civilians, and failure to stick to protocols is what the message that Titanic could have sent rather than focusing on a loved one who decided to never marry after losing her partner in the tragedy and disregarding everything and everyone else on board.

Titanic is a great film, however, it would not be right to just be remembered due to Jack and Rose's love story but rather as the extremely saddening tragedy that it is.  

Kingsman: The Secret Service

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A great film that turns its head on the famous James Bond films by having every trope included yet keeping the formula fresh with action sequences that are to die for.

However, many may forget easily that the villain in this film, Valentine, had a genuine concern with the climate situation our planet goes through.

Rather than solving this issue in a more humanitarian method by the Kingsman after killing Valentine, they choose to do nothing about the real threat of the film which even scared the antagonist of the film.

Sticking to a formula works to a certain extent, with the world dying because the heroes did nothing about it as they were busy dealing with the only person taking up the challenge to eliminate the real threat can get on a person's nerves if they pay close attention to the plot of the film.

Death Note (Netflix version)

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This list would be incomplete without the mention of the infamous Netflix adaptation of Death Note.

It is not the whitewashing that causes many of the fans of the beloved series to riot against its creation.

It is how Netflix managed to make something that never needed to change into something that can only be recognized as an American rip-off of the Death Note series in Japan.

In attempts of staying "woke" with the snowflake generation, not only did they whitewash the cast, they made the entire plot into an American teenage high school drama rather than an intellectual battle of wits between L and Kira that the series was famous for.

Charlie's Angels

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A reboot film that brought back nothing from what made the previous films so successful.

Yes, Charlie's Angels had a lot of action and our main characters were set in a secret organization, but that is where the similarities end.

The previous films did a much better job of balancing the themes of feminism.

The 2019 version made every male into a villain of their own except for one, obviously, this would be the one that one of the angels would become romantically interested in.

They even made "Bosley", the classic character who always supports the angels with whatever they need into a villain which should be a crime considering how this movie treated the male gender in its plotline.

Call it a hunch, but an easy argument can be made that the failure of the film had nothing to do with its marketing campaigns but rather a lot more to do with the quality of writing within the film itself that made it barely watchable.  


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This film was one of the biggest letdowns when it came to how much potential it held when its teaser first came out.

Scoob! made itself start with the origin of how Mystery Incorporated came into existence and gave a proper story about how the bond between Shaggy and Scooby-Doo came to be.

However, it became apparent within its second half that this film had indulged itself in bringing in concepts that don't belong in a Scooby-Doo film.

Comedy, friends, horror, and mystery are what one would normally expect, yet we were treated to a Marvel rip-off superhero gang battling the supernatural which felt utterly alien to what we have to come to expect from the beloved series.

Yes, there have been many episodes where heroes and other characters would find themselves in a Scooby-Doo episode.

Batman, John Cena, and the Supernatural brothers, Sam and Dean, to name a few. Yet these episodes never felt too off-brand with the Scooby gang.