Top 5 Movies Similar To John Wick

From the high-octane action of Extraction to the stylish fight sequences of Blade, these movies will satisfy your craving for intense, thrilling entertainment.

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With its intense fight sequences, quick action, and captivating plot, the action-thriller John Wick has captured audiences' attention.

It tells the tale of John Wick, a former hitman who wants vengeance after a gangster's son kills his beloved dog.

Fans of action movies have dubbed this film a cult classic, and many are now searching for films that are similar to it. If you fall into that category, look no further.

Movies Just Like John Wick

In terms of their riveting narratives, intriguing characters, and exciting action scenes, the films on our list compare favorably to John Wick.

These movies are sure to sate your craving for adrenaline-fueled entertainment, whether you adore action movies in general or Keanu Reeves' portrayal of John Wick. Without further ado, let's explore the universe of action films and find some new favorites.

1. Nobody

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Nobody - Official Poster

Nobody is a film that, in many respects, is remarkably similar to John Wick.

For starters, it has a lead who appears to be an everyday person but is forced to the verge of violence by events beyond their control.

Hutch Mansell, a mild-mannered family man who has grown weary of the monotony of his suburban existence, is portrayed by Bob Odenkirk.

He believed he had left his violent past behind, but after his home is robbed, he is forced to return.

The plot of the film is strikingly similar to that of John Wick, which also centers on a former hitman wanting retribution for a personal loss.

The intense action scenes in Nobody are another resemblance to John Wick. Action movie aficionados will enjoy the heart-pounding fights, chases, and shootouts in Nobody.

With Odenkirk pulling off many of his own stunts, the combat choreography in the movie is especially impressive.

Nobody is similar to John Wick in this respect, a film renowned for its graphic and highly stylized fight scenes.

Both films have a visceral quality that pulls viewers into the action and holds their interest all the way to the very conclusion.

Overall, Nobody's thrilling plot and exciting action will appeal to John Wick fans.

2. Taken

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Taken - Official Poster

John Wick and Taken are two movies with many parallels. In both films, the main character possesses a unique set of abilities that they employ to inflict justice on those who have wronged them or their loved ones.

In the movie Taken, Liam Neeson portrays Bryan Mills, a former CIA agent who sets out on a mission to save his daughter from human traffickers.

The film's intense action scenes and emphasis on a lone hero facing off against a squad of heavily armed adversaries are reminiscent of John Wick.

The focus on emotional stakes in both Taken and John Wick is another commonality. In both movies, a catastrophe or personal loss serves as the protagonist's impetus for taking action.

Bryan Mills will do all it takes to save his daughter, while John Wick seeks retribution for the killing of his dog.

Because they care about the protagonist and want to see them succeed, the audience is invested at the end of the story.

Both Taken and John Wick appeal to our deep-seated need for retribution and justice, making them two of the most rewarding action films ever made.

3. Extraction

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Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

Extraction is a film that, in a number of respects, is strikingly similar to John Wick.

Like John Wick, it has a violent protagonist who, after being paid to save a kidnapped child, gets drawn back into a life of violence.

Tyler Rake, a mercenary with a terrible background recruited to save the son of a global criminal lord, is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth.

The film's violent action sequences and emphasis on a lone hero facing off against a squad of heavily armed adversaries are reminiscent of John Wick.

The emphasis on visceral and brutal action in both Extraction and John Wick is another similarity. Action movie enthusiasts will like the violent battle scenes and pursuit scenes in Extraction.

Hemsworth performed many of his own stunts for the movie's outstanding battle choreography.

Extraction is similar to John Wick in this sense, which is renowned for its highly stylized and gut-wrenching fight scenes.

Both films have a visceral intensity that pulls viewers into the action and holds their interest all the way to the very end.

Overall, Extraction's spectacular action and compelling storyline will appeal to John Wick fans.

4. Blade

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Blade - Official Poster

John Wick and Blade are two movies with many parallels. A protagonist with amazing fighting skills and a troubled history appears in both films.

Blade, a half-human, half-vampire hybrid who utilizes his special skills to track down and kill rogue vampires, is portrayed by Wesley Snipes.

The film's gripping action scenes and emphasis on a lone hero facing off against a formidable foe are reminiscent of John Wick's style.

The movie's focus on style and atmosphere is another connection between Blade and John Wick.

The usage of lighting and camera angles in Blade is extremely distinctive and stylized. Similar to this, John Wick stands apart from other action movies thanks to its distinctive look and use of color.

Both films also include a potent musical composition that contributes to the development of the mood and atmosphere of the picture.

Ultimately, Blade's gripping plot and mesmerizing visuals are sure to appeal to fans of John Wick's distinct blend of style and action.

5. The Transporter

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The Transporter - Official Poster

In a number of aspects, the movie The Transporter is comparable to John Wick. In both films, the main character is a fierce and seasoned fighter with a complicated set of morals.

Frank Martin, portrayed by Jason Statham, is a former special operations soldier who now works as a self-employed "transporter" transporting items for unidentified customers.

Like John Wick, Frank Martin gets sucked into a violent confrontation when he defies his own rules to assist a customer in need, which results in a number of exciting action scenes and a struggle with a formidable foe.

The movie's emphasis on intense action and battle scenes is another resemblance between The Transporter and John Wick.

The Transporter boasts a lot of amazing car chases and exciting action scenes, and Statham pulls out a lot of the feats himself.

John Wick's distinctive fighting style, which combines martial arts with gunplay and other types of conflict, is indicative of the movie's emphasis on slick and inventive battle choreography.

Overall, The Transporter's gripping plot and spectacular fight scenes will appeal to fans of John Wick's fierce and elegant action.

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How many John Wick movies are there?

As of 2023, there are four John Wick movies: "John Wick" (2014), "John Wick: Chapter 2" (2017), "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum" (2019), and "John Wick: Chapter 4" (2023).

What is John Wick's real name?

John Wick's real name is Jardani Jovonovich.

What is the "Continental" in the John Wick movies?

The Continental is a hotel chain that serves as a neutral territory for assassins in the John Wick universe.

Will there be a fifth John Wick movie?

There's no official confirmation about John Wick 5.