9 Most Jealous Girlfriends In Korean Dramas

When someone feels envious of minor details, we get butterflies, and in Kdrama, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of viewing romantic dramas.

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When a character is envious of the drama, we find it amusing. The leading man is usually the one who is envious of the second lead, but we'll focus on the female counterpart for now. Jealousy is a natural emotion to experience if you care about someone and are terrified of losing them.

When someone feels envious of minor details, we get butterflies, and in Kdrama, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of viewing romantic dramas.

Most jealous k-drama girlfriends

9. Kang Mo Yeon: Descendants of the Sun

Kang Mo Yeon, played by Song Hye Kyo, is a courageous, intelligent, professional, and self-reliant lady all rolled into one! She has the potential to be the woman of your dreams.

Her character was both hilarious and serious at the same time. Who could forget about her when it comes to a jealous girlfriend?

She is not simply envious, but she also knows how to exact vengeance! She gets irritated, but Kang Mo Yeon's jealousy was more akin to her being amorous and adorable.

8. Jung Tae Eul: The King Eternal Monarch

"The King Eternal Monarch" has a scene where Jung Tae Eul continuously asks Lee Gon (Lee Min-Ho) jealousy-inducing questions such as "Is this the very first time you experienced falling in love?" "Who's that lady who prepared the beefsteak rice for you?" and "Who's that lady who cooked the beefsteak rice for you?"

Lee Gon realized that his girl was highly envious after hearing these queries. "You're the one and only girl in my heart," he whispered, clutching Jung Tae Eul's hand. Do you think this scene isn't romantic?

7. Park Seon-Joo: My Girlfriend Is  A Gumiho

A fabled nine-tailed fox who was imprisoned for 500 years within a painting. She's wanted to be a human for generations but reports that she's a femme fatale who eats men's livers causing no human man to want to marry her.

She possesses superhuman strength, can run at breakneck speeds, leap to incredible heights, and can smell people and items from tremendous distances.

Her fox bear, however, is made of goblin fire, and she has a deathly fear of water. Dae-Woong survives an almost fatal fall from a cliff after she gives him her fox bead.

6. Ji Eun-Tak: Goblin

Kim Go-Eun, who plays Ji Eun-Tak in "Goblin," is a 19-year-old girl who is both amusing and optimistic, yet she encounters many challenges in her life.

Ji Eun Tak's jealousy over things was evident in several scenes; she's not the kind to keep her feelings to herself. But it's her way of being envious of things that are far more adorable than anything else.

5. Kim Yumi: Yumi's Cells

The drama depicts the life of a typical office worker through the eyes of the brain cells that govern her every thought, feeling, and action.

Yumi is a common woman. Following the shock of a failed romance, her love cell goes into a coma.

Her growth and metamorphosis will be depicted in the drama as her cells strive tirelessly to awaken the love cell.

Well! Kim Go Eun is the best when it comes to playing the jealous girlfriend role.

In the drama, she had the best beef with Goo Woong's best friend, Seo Sae-Yi. Both Yumi and Seo Sae-Yi didn't bat an eye when it came to Goo-Woong.  

4. Jo Yi Seo: Itaewon Class

Manager of DanBam, a bar-restaurant in Sae-Ro-Yi. Yi-Seo has a 162 IQ and is a multi-talented and clever young lady. She relocated from New York to South Korea to pursue her education.

She is also known as a power blogger and social media online celebrity on social media. She volunteers to become DanBam's manager since she has a crush on Sae-Ro-Yi.

Many people believe she is a sociopath because of her lack of empathy and cruel conduct, although she does care about her DanBam teammates.

But one thing that got the best of Yi-Seo was her jealousy. Who can forget the iconic scene when blocked the kiss between Park Sae-Royi and Oh Soo-Ah by pinching her cheeks?

3. Jang Man-Wol: Hotel Del Luna

Fans of Hotel Del Luna can't help but find Jang Man-Wol's (Lee Ji-Eun) envy endearing.

Especially when it concerns Chan-Sung, the new hotel manager (Yeo Jin-Goo). He's got it all: he's good-looking, Harvard-educated, and generous.

Fans rallied behind Man-Wol gaining her man, despite the show's supernatural elements. And the jealous moments in episode six were a genuine pleasure.

She is unable to contact him and learns that his American girlfriend has arrived. She's envious and wonders if she's attractive. When he tells her she'll be living with him in episode eight, she becomes even more envious.

2. Kim Bok Joo: "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo"

The primary female lead, Kim Bok-Joo, is the most jealous character in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung).

She and Jung Joon-Hyung (Nam Joo-hyuk) form a romance, and the best part of the K-drama is Bok-Joo's jealous streaks.

When she meets him at a cafe with his friend, he is talking to two other girls. This is one of the most well-known sequences from the program. The fire in her eyes is visible to the audience.

She writes him a message that reads, "You pass away. I'm going to murder you!" As he reads it, his face flushes and he looks terrified as he notices her.

She gives him a cold stare while doing the iconic finger across the throat.

1. Ko Moon-Young: It's Okay To Not Be Okay

It's Okay To Not Be Okay is one of Netflix's most popular Korean dramas, featuring a captivating tale that wowed viewers. Between the suspense and the romance, there were a few jealous scenes that made fans laugh out loud.

Ko Moon-Young (Seo Ye-Ji), the main female character, experienced a lot of envious moments.

At the pizza parlour, one of them, in particular, was present. She gets a message from a friend who took images of a bunch of girls who seem to be interested in her significant other. She races to the restaurant, disregarding all laws.

While stabbing his plate with a knife, she offers the girls a lethal glance. The male lead, on the other hand, isn't immune to jealousy.

10 Most Jealous Boyfriends In Korean Dramas
Jealous boyfriends really make a K-drama ten times more fun. Here, we present you the 10 Most Jealous Boyfriends In Korean Dramas.
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