10 Most Jealous Boyfriends In Korean Dramas

Jealous boyfriends really make a K-drama ten times more fun. Here, we present you the 10 Most Jealous Boyfriends In Korean Dramas.

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10 Most Jealous Boyfriends In Korean Dramas
10 Most Jealous Boyfriends In Korean Dramas

K-dramas are becoming increasingly popular as binge-watched programmes on streaming services. But, in addition to the gripping drama that keeps fans watching episode after episode, they have another distinguishing feature in their characters.

The main characters' fascinating and funny jealous moments are part of what keeps fans hooked on the show. When a man sees his love interest with another male suitor, many people might imagine the fumes shooting out of his ears. The female leads are in the same boat. With so many K-dramas on the market now, there are a few characters who stand out as the most envious.

10. Jung Jae-chan: While You Were Sleeping

Jung Jae-Chan

The legal drama-fantasy narrative of While You Were Sleeping piqued the interest of viewers. The lives of the three main protagonists - a field reporter, a prosecutor, and a police officer - captivated audiences. In their dreams, everyone has the power to look into the future. Intermixed is a romantic comedy with a lot of funny sequences involving jealousy.

Jung Jae-Chan has crowned the most envious character (Lee Jong-Suk). For Hong-Joo (Bae Suzy), the field reporter, he begins to develop. In one scenario, Jae-chan hides the sculpted body of a police officer from Hong-Joo.

In another, he queries the logic behind her attraction to the police. His resentment is so strong that the barista refers to him as a jealous crab.

9. Kim Tan: Heirs

Kim Tan 

Since its premiere in 2013, the K-drama Heirs has been a popular show. It could be because of the three major protagonists' tense love triangle. It could possibly be owing to the male lead, Kim Tan's, jealousy (Lee Min-ho). According to the plot, Kim Tan is a wealthy heir who, despite her lowly origins, falls in love with Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye).

His adoration for her fuels his enmity. Tan interrupts a meeting with two male students to discuss an event and makes the boys uncomfortable by revealing that she is married, in one scene. Tan begs her not to answer the phone when the second male love interest calls, but she must. He kisses her, enraged and jealous.

8. Lee Hwa-Shin: Jealousy Incarnate

Lee Hwa-Shin

Don't Dare to Dream is another name for Jealousy Incarnate, a storey that would pique the interest of every romance drama fan. For years, Hwa-Sin (Jo Jung-Suk) and Na-Ri (Gong Hyo-Jin) had been pals.

Na-Ri used to have a thing for Hwa-Sin until she met the right guy. Hwa-Sin, on the other hand, recognises he's had feelings for her all along.

When he sees Na-Ri with another suitor, he becomes enraged. He and the other man end up competing for her love and attention. Both of them engage in a nasty and hilarious mud fight about who she deserves to be with at one point, and she is absolutely clueless.

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7. Kim Shin: Goblin

Kim Shin 

The supernatural suspense The storey of 939-year-old Goblin, who must find his bride in order to pass on to the afterlife, has a devoted following. Eun-Tak is the bride in question (Kim Go-Eun). Goblin develops feelings for her, which results in a lot of jealousy.

He sulks on his bed about another man stroking her and her hair at one point. In another, he keeps an eye on her when she is out with another male character. It's difficult to keep track of how many such sequences there are, and the programme is littered with envious moments from all of the key characters.

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6. Ko Dong-man: Fight My Way

Ko Dong-Man 

When it comes to jealous characters, Park Seo-role Joon's as Dong-man in Fight My Way is one of his best. His apparent envy over his crush is hilarious, despite the cringe-worthy aegyo-cute motions and language. Dong-Man grows increasingly envious as he begins to regard his long-time female buddy as more than just a friend.

When she switches up her style and wears a dress, it's one of the nicest moments. Dong-Man is so taken with her that he pushes her to change because he is afraid that guys will ogle her.

He interrupts her with another potential suitor and pushes her to leave with him, giving the man the stink eye. When he tries to kiss her, he even throws a pebble at them. Aside from envy, there are some sensual kissing sequences in the episode.

5. Yoo Si-jin: Descendants Of The Sun

Yoo Si-Jun 

This K-drama was a hit amongst audiences and the scenes of jealousy from both main characters only made it better. Yoo Si-Jin (Song Joong-ki) is a South Korean army captain who gets feelings for Dr Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-Kyo). Their relationship starts off bumpy and isn't so easy.

The big boss was the manliest figure fans had ever seen, therefore his jealousy was not only cute but also sexy at the same time. His character was harsh and rough, but his jealousy turned him into a soft and tough sort of person.

4. Kang Ji Sung: Shopping King Louie

Kang Ji-Sung 

Louis was an extremely sweet character; he was literally a youngster trapped in an older body, and his jealousy was more adorable than anything else in the world.

His jealousy wasn't displayed frequently; instead, he became envious of his mother's ability to care for another child, so he became envious and tried to express it by expressing it or acting like a child.

3. Son Oh-gong: A Korean Odyssey

Son Oh-Gong 

Written by the Hong sisters, the drama is a modern spin-off of the Chinese classic 16th-century novel Journey to the West.

Son Oh-Gong was such a jelly bean; his character was macho and gruff, but when he is jealous, he acts like a child and does anything he wants.

He is someone who got jealous easily but the main point is that his reaction is what I called duality, he either acts like a child or he either acts like this person only belongs to me!!

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2. Seo Joon-hee: Something In The Rain

Seo Joon Hee 

His character was merry and happy, but he was easily jealous; his jealousy is more akin to arrogance or should we say, dissing.

He gets envious and starts hammering her with diss points in seconds, but he also gets soft in seconds for her or tries to make her jealous, according to fans.

1. Lee Young-Joon: What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Lee Young Joon 

When it comes to jealous characters, Lee Young-Joon reigns supreme, and Park Seo-Joon intensifies Young-fury Joon's jealousy throughout the programme. His scenes are considered to be among the best. He suffers a jealous fit after learning he has affections for his secretary after she announces her impending retirement.

He is enraged as he watches her grow close to her partner at the workplace games, and the crowd is enthralled by their interactions. There's a shiver in the air when having a pleasant talk with an employee.

The scene then cuts to Yeong-Joon, who is giving him the stink eye. It's the epitome of "if appearances could kill." He's even taken aback when she refers to another man as "Oppa."

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