10 Most Gruesome Deaths In The Boys So Far

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a man using laser from his eyes

The Boys is a famous series due to its superheroes who are stripped of all their unfathomable willpower and selflessness to be boiled down to their realistically narcissistic and savage nature.

If you're a fan of the hit Amazon Prime series The Boys, then you know that the show isn't afraid to get gruesome.

From exploding heads to dismemberment, The Boys has shocked and horrified viewers with its graphic depiction of superhero violence.

In this article, we'll be counting down the top 10 most gruesome deaths in the show so far.

1. Road Rage

a man holding his enemy's neck

Within the series, many have had their faces blown off, and ripped off. Many have had their necks sliced, bitten, and punctured.

However, the death of Blue Hawk may stand out for its brutal nature.

With the speedster, A-Train, dragging him on the road at full speed, we as an audience witness Blue Hawk's body getting shredded by every touch he has with the road.

After A-Train is done with his act of murder, Blue Hawk can barely be recognized as his face, arms, torso, legs are all bloodied and shredded to a point beyond recognition.

2. Termite's sneeze

a severely injured man shouting

Everyone who has watched the series know that this list could not have been complete without the "sneeze".

As the hero known as Termite enters his partner's body with the aid of his shrinking ability, he accidentally sneezes which causes him to regrow to his original size.

Thus, splattering his partner's blood and body parts all over the walls in the process.

The scene was disturbing enough without the murder, the exploding corpse made the scene a thousand times more hard to watch.

3. The Whale

a man standing next to a dead whale on the shore

Never get a whale to do a supes job. Lucy, the whale, met a horrible death in Season 2 of The Boys.

In an attempt to stop Billy Butcher and the gang on water, The Deep decided to heroically bring a whale into the equation.

He attempted to use Lucy as a roadblock to stop the motorboat the gang was riding in.

However, Billy saw this as a chance to get bloody with the supes and rammed the boat right into the whale.

The set design and scenes were nothing short of amazing and gave a real sense of disgust, not only for seeing the inside of a whale but also to see such an innocent creature of the sea get butchered for no reason.

4. Getting nailed

a women with injuries on her face ready to fight

In the famous episode titled, Herogasm, Kimiko Miyashiro made one of her most gruesome murders which changed the way she looks at her powers and herself.

"At first I hated the V because I didn't choose it. But now it's my choice. I think that matters. I blamed my powers for my problems. But it's not true. The V isn't good or bad. It just depends on the person using it."

During this time, Kimiko had lost her ability to heal and no longer had super strength.

However, that did not stop her from literally killing a henchman by stabbing him repeatedly with a rusty nail she managed to grab onto while on the edge of death herself.

It was apparent that the man was down and dead by the third or fourth stab, but that didn't stop Kimiko from splurting out whatever blood remained in his chest as she continued to stab the corpse until she was drenched in his blood.

5. Face-off

a man and a women conversing with each other

Another murder that usually goes under the radar in the list of most gruesome deaths has got to the scene where Kimiko rips off a Russian face.

She grabs hold of his ear and makes him watch his friends as she rips his face off.

She starts by grabbing his ear and rips off the rest of his face.

It is by far one of the most intimidating murders the show has to offer in all of its three seasons so far.

6. Kenji Miyashiro

a man standing helplessly before the severely injured man

Kenji Miyashiro met an extremely unfortunate end at the hands of a racist superheroine. Kenji had the ability to telekinesis.

The only drawback was that he could only use his powers with the aid of his hands.

When facing Stormfront, the racist supe, she broke his hands after figuring out his powers. Instantly crippling him, both as a supe and as a person.

The sheer helplessness that Kenji had to face made the scene a tear-jerker.

7. Translucent

a man standing after killing civilians

Here we have yet another murder that deserves to be on every list of the most gruesome deaths of the series.

The murder of Translucent instantly set the tone of the series after seeing how mercilessly superheroes kill humans, this was the first death of a supe we witness.

With all of its gore and blood, one can see how The Boys is not a series that will hold back on its brutality.

8. Acidic vomit

a man vomiting acid

When a person says "there are worse ways to go", this is what they meant.

Many people die choking on their own blood, however, this supe died by vomiting on himself.

If that was not disgusting enough, the vomit this supe has is acidic in nature.

Meaning that he literally killed himself by melting his own face by vomiting on himself. A truly nasty piece of work by The Boys.

9. Blindspot

a super hero injuring a new recruit

Imagine losing one sense and greatly enhancing another. Daredevil could most probably relate to this one on the list.

Having an enhanced sense of hearing just for it to be completely destroyed by the one person who you thought of as your hero has got to be soul-crushing.

However, for the hero blindspot, it literally caused his death from as the injury was so brutal that he died of internal bleeding after having his ears get clapped by Homelander.

10. Mind-blown

an injured women

Victoria Neuman may be the last on this list, but she's certainly not the least. Her scene with her old friend, Tony, was literally mind-blowing.

She has blown a lot of heads in the past, but this one makes it on the list as she lets

Her old friend suffer for a few minutes after making his lower jaw explode, leaving his upper jaw and tongue exposed to the audience.

The pain and the gore Tony had to go through before being turned into a rain of blood definitely puts this murder on the list of the most gruesome deaths within The Boys.

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