Moebius: The Veil | Why Did Chang Chun Woo Betray NIS?

Moebius: The Veil Why Did Chang Chun Woo Betray NIS? Why did Seo Soo Yeon help Chang Chun Woo? What was Do Jin Suk scheming?

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The Veil Kdrama successfully wrapped up with a positive conclusion. The story of Han Ji Hyuk is over. However, watching The Veil Kdrama raised a lot of questions and a confusing plot concerning a Black Agent Chang Chun Woo who was connected with the events. Moebius: The Veil is a spinoff, a short 2-episode Kdrama that was the origin story of Chang Chun Woo and all the actions that led to the present actions.  Seo Soo Yeon was involved with Chang Chun Woo, which explains their connection.

It was interesting to watch Moebius: The Veil Kdrama as it was exciting and thrilling. Till the end, no one knew what will happen and no one can make any logical predictions. Moebius presented Do Jin Suk’s behaviour and why Kang Pil Ho felt guilty towards Seo Soo Yeon.

Seo Soo Yeon’s Backstory

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The beginning of Moebius Kdrama was filled with heartbreak, emotional pain and revenge killing. Soo Yeon’s sister was preparing for her birthday. The day would have been a joyful occasion for the sisters if not for the gang member Lee Gun Ho.

Lee Gun Ho exacted revenge on Seo Soo Yeon by killing her sister. Soo Yeon worked as a reporter who was investigating Lee Gun Ho. After Lee Gun Ho killed Soo Yeon’ sister, she joined the NIS to track him down and get revenge.

Soo Yeon chased Lee Gun Ho to Shenyang where she was in charge of different mission. She was the handler of Chang Chun Woo, who was the black agent sent undercover to join Samhwa gang.

Do Jin Suk had no interest in calling him back and was mostly using him for her own interests. On the name of national security and doing good for the country, Do Jin Suk went to eliminate Chang Chun Woo when they launched a counter-attack on Lee Gun Ho.

Chang Chun Woo and Seo Soo Yeon

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Driven by revenge Seo Soo Yeon goes to the drug deal scene after finding Lee Gun Ho. before she could do anything, NIS sent their teams to eliminate everyone and catch Gun Ho. In a state of chaos and confusion, Chang Chun Woo shot Lee Gun Ho and helped indirectly Seo Soo Yeon to get her revenge. Chang Woo was shot and pursued by the NIS as a traitor, but surprise! Wi Gu Pyeong, Chang Chun Woo’s most trusted confidant came and save him.

Trap and Backstabbing

After months of being ghosted out,  Chang Chun Woo came back to Korea to make a drug deal. The so-called drug deal was conducted with the Wolung Gang. Even shocking someone from NIS was cooperating with Chang Chun Woo. He became a double agent who can betray anyone.

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Chung Woo didn’t have any allies left except for Soo Yeon. Kim Jae Hwan (NIS) was in contact with Chang Chun Woo and were going to make the Moebius trade. Moebius was actually a deadly bioweapon that Kim Jae Hwan was planning to sell to betray his country. Jae Hwan supplied fake information to Do Jin Suk to betray her and Chang Chun Woo as well.

Soo Yeon tried her best to do the right thing. Oh Kyung Seok was showing interest in Soo Yeon, probably part of his Sangmuheo tactics. However, Kyung Seok played an integral part in helping Soo Yeon and Chun Woo.

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The most emotional scene was Wi Gu Pyeong sacrificing himself to protect Chun Woo. Wang Oh (Wolun gang) was suspicious of Chun Woo. After hearing about a traitor he suspected Chun Woo, but WI Gu Pyeong offered himself as the traitor to protect him.

Chun Woo had intentions to betray his country but kept faith in Soo Yeon till the end. He did not want to betray her or the NIS, but Do Jin Suk had no intention of saving him in the first place.

Chun Woo helped kill the traitors and procured Moebius for Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon was conflicted about Chun Woo but knew the Do Jin Suk doesn’t have any qualms for Chun Woo’s safety. Chun Woo was not more than a pawn in her game and a means of convenience for Do Jin Suk.

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Chun Woo till the very end didn’t betray his country and upheld his duty. The ending of Moebius was clear when Soo Yeon Shot Chun Woo. It was a means of escape for Chun Woo to get out of the clutches of Do Jin Suk who was planning to betray him first. Chang Chun Woo betrayed Do Jin Suk but not Seo Soo Yeon. In a sense, he did betray the NIS, yet fulfilled his role as a double agent as well.