Mine 2021 Kdrama Review: Who killed Han Ji Young?

Is Mine Korean drama worth watching? Is Mine Kdrama avaialbale in Netflix? Who's the killer?

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Welcome back, drama bingers! South Korea has blessed us with another amazing Kdrama in 2021.  With the TvN network, nothing can go wrong and you can happily watch TvN produced dramas. Mine Kdrama is an amazing Korean drama that is highly recommended to watch in 2021.

With each episode, the rating of Mine drama is increasing significantly. Mine dramas revolve around 3 women who take control of their lives and fight against the prejudice of the world. Seems vague right, let me rephrase it.

Mine drama has all the elements needed for entertainment, and not sure if cheating, abuse, and toxic relationships are recurring themes in South Korea right now, other than Penthouse, Mine Kdrama is similar in few aspects. However, Mine Kdrama has its own charm and the plot is quite different from Penthouse Kdrama.

What is Mine Korean drama about?

Mine Kdrama revolves around 3 women - Seo Hi Soo played by Lee Bo Young, Jung Seo Hyung played by Kim  Seo Hyun and Kang Ja Kyeong played by Ok Ja Yeon.

Seo Hi Soo was a famous actress who left the entertainment industry and married Han Ji Young, a chaebol from the Hyowon group.  Han Ji Young had a fling with Kang Ja Kyeong and had a child.

He brings their child and raises him with Seo Hi Soo. Life starts to crumble when Han Ji Young brings back Kang Ja Kyeong as his son’s tutor and keeps deceiving his wife, Seo Hi soo. Meanwhile, Jung Seo Hyung is the daughter-in-law of the Hyowon group and married the first son.

She is the sister-in-law of Seo Hi Soo and is a strong and rational person who overseas the Hyowon group.  But, Jung Seo Hyun has her own problems and secrets. Her husband is an alcoholic who goes around creating troubles for her.

The starting of the series left viewers and fans hooked immediately. The scene opened with a murder scene, possibly someone is dying or is probably murdered. There were two bodies and a witness running off to report the crime.

As the series progress, fans get to see the double standards set by Han Ji Young and how he manipulates everyone including his wife Seo Hi Soo. Han Ji Young is the illegitimate son of the Hyowon group, and later it is revealed that he is not related to them and doesn’t share any blood bonds.

Throughout the series, it goes back and forth and flashbacks reveal certain information or scenes. Furthermore, the cast includes N or Cha Hak Yeon from VIXX (Kpop band) as the grandson of the Hyowon group, stepson of Jung Seo Hyun.

Who killed Han Ji Young?

Han Ji Young had a sad and troubled childhood which made him so deranged and inhuman. But that’s not a justified reason for him to go around a killing spree. It’s like Karma got served and what goes around comes back around.

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Someone killed Han Ji Young, however, it’s not revealed yet as to who is the real killer. There are many subtle hints dropped and theories going around, but the answer to this question will be provided in the last two episodes.

Fans are speculating if the entire family was involved in Han Ji Young’s death. Seo Hi Soo and Jung Seo Hyun are prime suspects, but other characters look way shadier and everyone had a motive to kill him. Fans are waiting for the suspense to be over soon!

Is Mine Korean drama worth watching?

  • Mine Kdrama is totally worth watching either as binge-watch series or on-air watching.
  • The Korean drama is currently ongoing and fans are desperately waiting to know about the cliffhangers in the last two episodes
  • The background score, OST, the stellar and decorated cast of Mine will instantly hook you up with their strong performance and want to wish for me.
  • As usual actresses, Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung have delivered the roles of strong, independent, and powerful women who took control of their lives, and if you like strong women this  Kdrama is highly recommended to watch!
  • Watching N in this drama is a treat for fans, although we wish his scenes were more.
  • The supporting cast was really amazing and convincing in the roles they were portraying. The cast will make you feel their emotions and a connection with them.
  • Ok Ja Kyeong delivered a fabulous performance as the ex-flame and tutor of his son. Her scenes were strong and left a deep impact.
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  • The best feature of the Mine Kdrama was ..SPOILER ALERT...how the three women teamed up against Han Ji Young and made their own plans to outwit him. It’s another story that Han Ji Young ended up dead.
  • Actor Lee Hyun Wook played Han Ji Young and brought this character to life. Han JI Young’s character is very complex and fans might find parallels with Penthouse’s Joo Dan Tae as both of them are very similar. Han Ji Young is a true psychopath who has no qualms about killing people for his purpose.  
  • Han Ji Young had no trouble lying through his teeth and deceiving his wife. He toyed with both women and has double standards throughout the show. The only person to receive his benevolence was probably his son, Han Ha Joon, but we don’t know the exact extent of Ji Young’s feelings.
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