Is Min Sang Un Responsible for Bulgasal's Curse and the Ill-fated Relationship?

There were so many characters who suffered due to the Bulgasal's curse and had an ill-fated relationship in every timeline. Who was truly responsible?

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Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is a 2021 TvN supernatural Korean drama starring Lee Jin Wook, Lee Joon, Kwon Na Ra, Kim Woo Seok, Jung Jin Young, Park Myung Shin, and others.

The mythical Kdrama Bulgasal tried to show the curse of immortality, vengeance, hatred, and the cycle of rebirth.

Some of the characters had cursed fates and no matter which timeline they get reincarnated into, all they ever had was an ill-fated relationship with Bulgasal’s curse and tragedy awaiting them.

After watching Bulgasal drama, there can be several interpretations, and one outlook honestly feels more acceptable.

We all need that one person we can pin the blame for the misfortune and the horrible pain leading to the terrible outcome, hence the Bulgasal’s curse.

Min Sang Un, the reincarnated Bulgasal, who was presumably responsible for killing Dan Hwal’s family is the root cause for everyone’s suffering.

In simple words, it’s more like a domino effect; one action leads to another and nothing good comes of it.

Min Sang Un/ Bulgasal 600 Years Ago

Min Sang Un and Bulgasal

Bulgasal Kdrama introduced the female Bulgasal (before she reincarnated as Min Sang Un) 600 years ago in the Goryeo period. Her encounter with the child (Dan Hwal) messed up his life in ways one can imagine.

Yes, indeed, she did save him from drowning when the villagers drove him to his death.

However, if you look at this from a different perspective, wasn’t it because Dan Hwal was born with the Bulgasal’s curse which made the entire world turn against him?

What if she never saved him from drowning? Both Dan Keuk and his daughter Dan Sol would have been spared from the horrible death.

The curse wouldn’t have followed after 600 years only if she didn’t interfere. Again, she was responsible for Dan Sol and her son Ah Chan’s death.

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Albeit, it was another Bulgasal who was truly responsible for the massacre, let’s just leave it at that. Her wrong presence at the wrong time surely killed Dan Hwal as well, and she also took his soul.

Had she not been there, she would have not died, and neither would have possessed Dan Hwal’s soul to reincarnate. There are other issues, but that’s for another discussion.

Min Sang Un in Present

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Let’s just start counting how much Min Sang Un’s presence created havoc and destruction in the present timeline.

Let’s start with her twin sister Min Sang Yeon and her mom, who were the innocent bystanders in this curse.

Min Sang Un’s ill-fated relationship with Bulgasal ended up killing her family, leaving her and Min Si Ho orphaned.

Min Sang Un escaped the tragedy unscathed because of her twin but later had to live in hiding her whole life.

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If that wasn’t enough, her life of trying to run away from Bulgasal traumatized and tormented Min Si Ho her entire life. Let’s not forget, innocent Nam Do Yoon becoming sandwiched between Dan Hwal and Ok Eul Tae because of Min Sang Un.

Due to Min Sang Un’s existence, Min Si Ho and Nam Do Yoon were kidnapped not once but twice and faced a near-death experience.

Imagine the trauma and wounds. Honestly, it seemed far-fetched, but wait till you discover other timelines to know what’s exactly happening.  

It’s understandable that it’s a plot hole, and it seems like an unjustified rant, but both Ok Eul Tae and Dan Hwal were just miserable because of her existence. Let’s not forget detective Kwon Ho Yeol who faced a similar fate and ended up dying to protect her.

It’s true that Ok Eul Tae was somehow responsible for this mess and the creation of Bulgasal’s curse and the ill-fated relationships, unfortunately, he was a victim as well.

Kim Hwa Yeon (Min Sang Un’s Previous Life) in 1971

Bulgasal reincarnated many times and one such life was in 1971 as Kim Hwa Yeon. Fate 600 years ago followed her in this life.

Kim Hwa Yeon didn’t set the fire, but it’s true that her soul attracted other monsters who were responsible for wiping out her entire family.

Not only that, the fire was responsible to kill  Lee Hye Seok’s entire family. She became an orphan but was saved by Dan Hwal.

In case you forgot, Lee Hye Seok is the aunt/ caretaker of Dan Hwal in the present timeline who runs a butcher shop.

Still can’t move on over her wrongful death, RIP Lee Hye Seok’s character.

Unfortunately, Kim Hwa Yeon ran away to save herself, only to be killed by Bulgasal (Ok Eul Tae) later.

Bulgasal (Min Sang Un)1000 Years ago

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The real tragedy started with the Bulgasal 1000 years ago. Had she not intervened and tried to side with humans, this entire ill fate could have been avoided.

She had good intentions and it’s true she wanted to help the children, but she should have listened to Bulgasal (Dan Hwal) to keep her distance from them.

Her good intentions caused harm to the village, the young siblings died, Bulgasal ended up dying with resentment, and Ok Eul Tae lost his soul, to be left in eternal pain until he fulfilled his promise to Bulgasal.

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Hard to admit, but the strife between the original Bulgasals created the monster Ok Eul Tae who finally lost it after a century.

Can you blame him? Had she (Min Sang Un) remained hidden or not left Bulgasal would the outcome have been a bit different?

What if she returned after five years when the kids grew up, this would have appeased Bulgasal and prevented the ill-fated relationship between everyone. No one would have died so unjustly.

She didn’t return even after 10 years and kept his partner (Bulgasal) waiting. It wasn’t his obsession but an act of betrayal towards him that further caused this mess.  

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The entire beginning of the Bulgasal’s curse began with her, Min Sang Un, and ended with her as well. Had she never crossed with the 1000 year timeline Ok Eul Tae, this ill-fated relationship would have not existed.

It was because of her actions, Dan Hwal was cursed (although it was his fault as well), Min Si Ho/Dan Sol was cursed, Ah Chan/Nam Do Yoon’s curse, and Dan Keuk/Detective Kwon Ho Yeol’s suffering.

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