Military Prosecutor Doberman Kdrama | Why is Do Bae Man Suspicious of Cha Woo In?

Miltary Prosector Do Bae Man's term in the military was about to end just when he met a fellow officer Cha Woo In. Something about her feels off but why?

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TvN is back with another great drama and one such Korean drama is Military Prosecutor Doberman.  Ahn Bo Hyun (Yumi’s Cells) and Jo Bo Ah (The Tale of the Nine Tailed) are starring in Military Prosecutor Doberman Kdrama.

It’s the first time seeing them together in a drama and quite frankly their chemistry is off the charts. It’s interesting to see two opposite characters,  Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In battling it out for their own end game.

The question arises why is  Do Bae Man suspicious of Cha Woo In? Do Bae Man is soon going to get discharged from the military and he met Cha Woo In who rubs him off in a bizarre way.

What made Do Bae Man wary of Cha Woo In? Is there something more than just the looks? What is Cha Woo In hiding?

What/who is Doberman in Military Prosecutor Doberman Kdrama?

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Before we jump into Cha Woo In and Do Bae Man's angle, many viewers might be confused why the drama is named “Military Prosecutor Doberman”. The military prosecutor part makes sense, but who is Doberman? Are we talking about a special dog?

Think no further, because this might be a stab from the writers about two different things with literal meanings. Doberman is actually a dog (breed) and one possessed by one of the characters No Tae Nam, but no the drama doesn’t indicate him.

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Whether it was a pun or the creative team’s way of hinting or foreshadowing the plot, Do Bae Man as you might have suspected is the “hound/ hunting dog”  or “Doberman”.

The question is who is Do Bae Man going to be loyal towards? Will he choose money and the cronies cleaning their mess or will he choose justice? Time will tell.

Who is Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In?

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Do Bae Man has his own tragic backstory. When he was a kid, his parents passed away in a car accident. Do Bae Man’s parents served in the military which he hates with passion after he lost his parents.

He grew up with his aunt, Do Soo Kyung, who works in the Police force. Do Bae Man was quite bitter about his parent’s death and even schemed to get not drafted into the military.

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Do Bae Man became a high school dropout and cleared the bar exam to become an attorney.  As Do Bae Man didn’t finish high school, he is exempted from serving in the military.

After failing his interviews in the law firms, Young Moon Goo approached Do Bae Man. Somehow, the silver tongue Young Moon Goo convinced Do Bae Man to serve in the military and become the Military Prosecutor.  

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In simple words, Do Bae Man gave in to the power and money which made him become a legit sidekick of Young Moon Goo. Do Bae Man notifies his aunt that he would join the military, and his aunt thought it was a joke.

Captain Cha Woo In is a new Military Prosecutor who was transferred to Do Bae Man’s unit. Something from the first meeting felt off about Cha Woo In.

Cha Woo In remained calm in the face of danger and pretends like she was hiding something. Even when Cha Woo In was held hostage, she never panicked which made her get into Do Bae Man’s suspicion radar.

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Do Bae Man has an intuition that something is weird about Cha Woo In so he asks Yoon Sang Ki to retrieve Cha Woo In’s files. Cha Woo In, on the other hand, has different plans. She is fixated on Do Bae Man for some reason, and it seems like she isn’t trying to hide her actions.

What is Cha Woo In up to?

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Cha Woo In has her own agenda and motives. She visits the perpetrator Allen who was involved in Han Se Na (Club Cartel's case). She gets into a disguise and kidnaps Allen and his cronies after beating them up.

Cha Woo In’s main target was No Tae Nam, who is also involved in this case. No Tae Nam has ties with Young Moon Goo, however, the attorney actually reports to No Tae Nam’s mother, No Hwa Young.

Meanwhile, Do Bae Man reads Cha Wo In’s entire professional and personal history and tries to fill the gap of three years because nothing is accounted for that duration.

Do Bae Man is curious and questions Cha Wo In’s motive to become a military prosecutor. That’s an interesting question indeed. Upon further investigation, Do Bae Man learns about Cha Wo In’s heritage and about her father. Her dad Cha Ho Chul was involved in a corruption scandal and later passes away in an accident.

Meanwhile, Cha Woo In met the officer in charge of Han Se Na’s case, Do Bae Man’s aunt, Doo Soo Kyung. Meanwhile, No Tae Nam and Young Moo Go learn about Allen’s disappearance.  

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While chasing Allen’s case, Do Bae Man comes across the brunette suspicious lady. His guts tell him that Cha Woo In is not who she’s showing. On their way to the event, Cha Woo In and Do Bae Man get attacked by the Seolak Chunji group.

Cha Woo In gets the front row seats as his sunbae Do Bae Man gets his butt kicked by the thugs. As they try to overpower Do Bae Man, guess who rescues the cornered damsel in distress!

Guess Cha Woo In really needed Do Bae Man alive in whatever she’s plotting. She steps out of the car and surprises everyone (maybe not Do Bae Man) and does some dirty cleaning by beating the gang black and blue.

a military personnel finds the wig

Cha Woo In is intense and brutal as she deals with the gangsters. Her actions confirm Do Bae Man’s suspicion and he’s convinced that Cha Woo In is shady.

As they prepare to depart, Do Bae Man finds the wig in the car as if Cha Woo In wanted him to find out. With this, Do Bae Man’s suspicion is tuned into proof.

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