Military Prosecutor Doberman Ending Explained! Is No Tae Nam Dead?

Is Cha Woo In Dead? Will Do Bae Man survive? What happened to dear Bolt? What happened to No Hwa Young?

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After an exciting run of 8 weeks, the TvN Kdrama, Military Prosecutor Doberman finally came to a conclusion.

The Korean drama ended on a positive and very satisfying note. No Hwa Young seemed invincible and Young Moon Goo was getting ambitious.

Will Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In complete their revenge now that Kang Ha Joon has betrayed them? What happened to No Tae Nam who was suffering from PTSD due to the shooting incident?

Is No Tae Nam Dead? Is Cha Woo In Dead? Will Do Bae Man survive? Will romance bloom for someone? Lastly, what will happen to dear Bolt? Curious, aren’t we?!

Young Moon Goo’s Fall

Things weren’t looking so peachy after Kang Ha Joon’s betrayal. There’s a plot twist that no one saw it coming.

Kang Ha Joon never betrayed Cha Woo In. He remained dedicated to getting back IM Defence from Young Moon Goo and so he did.

With an elaborate plan of Kang Ha Joon with Do Bae Man, the duo dethrone Young Moon Goo and win back the company.  

Young Moon Goo became a fugitive and later got captured. Someone else will soon join Young Moon Goo so he won’t be lonely.

The shenanigans are over, and soon Lee Jae Sik was captured by the military police as well.

Everyone was desperately looking for the secret file which was in No Tae Nam’s possession. Luckily, No Tae Nam gave the file to Do Bae Man.

Cha Woo In’s Fate

No Tae Nam’s testimony created chaos and havoc. The person to take the direct hit was No Hwa Young. Desperate to keep her position, she decided to get a medical discharge for No Tae Nam on the grounds of PTSD.

Not so fast, dear schemer, because Cha Woo In and Do Bae Min still have a large amount of evidence to bury No Hwa Young. Infuriated and wanting to take Cha Woo In down, No Hwa Young ordered aide Yang Jong Sook to kill Cha Woo In.

Yang Jong Sook is the sole witness for several crimes committed by No Hwa Young. Cha Woo In was trying to pursue her to testify, but she is loyal to her commander.

Only time will tell. Yang Jong Sook lured Cha Woo In but did not kill her surprisingly. She missed on purpose due to hesitation or gut feeling. Lucky Cha Woo In.

What happened to No Tae Nam? Why did he commit suicide?

No Tae Nam has always been a very complex character. The reason his life is so twisted is all thanks to her ambitious and power-hungry mom, No Hwa Young.  

No Hwa Young has never once treated his son, No Tae Nam with love or the dignity he deserved.

Maybe, this is one of the reasons why he was so twisted and pretentious. No Tae Nam only considered Bolt as his family. He handed over the secret files along with letters addressed to the prosecutors.

Do Bae Man read the letter and was worried because No Tae Nam was going to commit suicide.

Did No Tae Nam intend to take his mom with him, is dubious, but his actions said otherwise. He was tired of his mother controlling him like a puppet and putting him on a pedestal.

No Tae Nam wanted freedom and that’s just it. He called No Hwa Young where his misfortunes began and soon, Do Bae Man followed shortly. No Tae Nam intended to kill himself but Do Bae Man saved him.

Unfortunately, No Tae Nam became comatose, yet no remorse from No Hwa Young. She didn’t even make an effort to stop his son.

That was absolutely ridiculous and she stayed silent watching as the horror unfolded. Only Do Bae Man tried to save him and jumped in to save him.

What happened to No Hwa Young?

There’s only so much in life you can enjoy, but karma has a way of punishing you. No Hwa Young’s crimes were proved in court.

Both Young Moon Goo and Yang Jong Sook testified against her disclosing her long list of crimes. No Hwa Young was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Military Prosecutor Doberman Ending

Shortly after Cha Woo In resigned from the position of a military prosecutor as her goal was over.

She disclosed her crimes committed as a red hair woman. Kang Ha Joon served prison time for the dual contract but was released from jail sooner for moral behavior.

Kang Ha Joon decided to back to States as things were over here. As a good surprise, Do Bae Man’s aunt Do Soo Kyung and Seo Joo Hyuk (Do Bae Man’s superior) started dating and later got married.

They have a beautiful baby after a time skip of 1 year. No Tae Nam woke up from the coma. He let Bolt be adopted by Do Bae Man.

He transferred all his shared back to Cha Woo In. Cha Woo In is now the new owner of IM Defense.

No Tae Nam went rags from riches but he was free. He started working as a volunteer taking care of dogs. Do Bae Man is still working in the military and later gets a visit from Cha Woo In.

They never showed any romantic ending, but the ending was good. Military Prosecutor Doberman Kdrama ended with both of them visiting each other. The end. Happy binging the drama.

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