Mikasa Ackerman Facts You didn't Know

Mikasa Ackerman is a tall woman with grey eyes and pale skin. She has a well-toned body. Her hair length is up to her chin with long bangs that fall on her face.

Mikasa Ackerman Facts You didn't Know

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the deuteragonists of the Attack on Titan series. She’s part of the Ackerman Clan and an officer of the Scout Regiment of the Survey Corps. She is the adopted sister and the love interest of Eren Yeager.

Mikasa Ackerman is a tall woman with grey eyes and pale skin. She has a well-toned body. Her hair length is up to her chin with long bangs that fall on her face. She wears the Scout Regiment uniform most of the time- a short brown fitted coat and a white shirt underneath with white pants. She wears long brown boots that reach her knees. She wears the 3D Manoeuvring Equipment which are suspended from her pants. She also wears a red scarf tied around her neck given by Eren. She always has a stoic stance and an indifferent look on her face.

Mikasa is a strong-willed, aloof woman who has but two goals- protect Eren Yeager and kill all the Titans. She is a fierce soldier- she attacks Titans without any fear. Mikasa is usually apathetic and seems indifferent to her surroundings unless it concerns Eren Yeager, her childhood friend.

Throughout the series, Mikasa has expressed her loyalty to Eren. She feels indebted to him for saving her life when she was a child. She is exceptionally talented- as a warrior and an officer. She is analytical, observant, and intuitive. While fighting Titans, she is quick on her feet and is an expert in using the Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment.

Mikasa is also the kind of person who always aids her friends. She is compassionate with Eren and Armin and she does not hesitate to annihilate anything that comes her way. As a young child, Mikasa has always been a quiet child, she is also grateful to Eren and his family for taking care of her and rescuing her from her kidnappers.

She can also be tactful- this can be seen when she is fighting with her squad. She prioritizes saving and helping Eren and Armin above all. She often gets jealous when Eren pays attention to other women- which means she is the love interest of Eren. She is also quite impulsive. She knows right from wrong and doesn’t hesitate to voice out her opinions. She stands by her words. Even though Mikasa is the best of her squad, she doesn’t boast about her brilliant skills.

History of Mikasa Ackerman

The Ackerman Family

Mikasa Ackerman was born to an Asian mother and her father is from the Ackerman Clan, which makes her half-Asian. She lived with her parents in the farmlands within Wall Maria. Her mother taught her a unique embroidery technique and carved her family’s symbol onto her skin when she was a young child. Due to them being the last of her family, they are often targeted by human traffickers.

One day, Mikasa and her family were attacked and her parents were killed. She was the only one who survived and they kidnapped her. That’s when Eren and his father decided to rescue her. Eren alone had killed 2 of the kidnappers and while fighting the third, Mikasa awakened the Ackerman Clan’s power and killed the last kidnapper.

Mikasa was adopted by the Yeager family and followed Eren on his adventures. They joined the military together and became part of the Scout Regiment together. She has been a loyal friend and supporter of Eren. Mikasa and Levi belong to the same clan as distant relatives.

Abilities of Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa is phenomenally skilled with Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment. She is the best of the 104 Squad of the Training Corps. The gear is attached to a harness on the pants. It has sword blades and a mechanical rope which helps in mobility while fighting the Titans.

Ackerman Clan Power

She possesses the Ackerman clan’s power, just like Levi Ackerman. This power enhances her physical abilities and occurs at a sudden point in their life. It makes them stronger during battle. The Ackerman people were experimented on using titan science due to which they “awakened” their power which was feared by many.