Midnight Death Explained in My Hero Academia

Midnight was an R-rated Pro Hero and a faculty member in U.A. High School. Her death was extremely devastating as she is the most important character in the series to die so far.

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Midnight Death Explained in My Hero Academia
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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series of the decade. The manga recently concluded the Paranormal Liberation War Arc and headed towards the Final Act Saga. However, although the story is currently entering its final stages, there are still a lot more action fans can expect from the series.

As for the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, it was the most brutal and heart-wrenching arc the series has ever since. A tragedy is nothing uncommon in an action series such as My Hero Academia. However, the consequences of the war were too dire.

The world of the heroes is changing rapidly with the deaths and forfeit of several heroes. Among the countless deaths, one of them is Midnight, an R-rated pro hero and an excellent instructor in U.A High School. Here, we will discuss how Midnight died in the series. This article contains spoilers from the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

Who is Midnight?

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Nemuri Kayama, popularly known as Midnight, is one of the many characters who has been around since the first season. She was a popular pro hero and a faculty member at U.A. She had a playful and a bit sadistic side to her, but she was also a responsible teacher and a good hero.

She dressed sexually and justified her actions by saying this helped her in using her quirk without bounds. Her quirk, somnambulist, allowed her to put nearby people to sleep by exuding some sort of fragrance from her body.

Her quirk had better effects on males than females. Apart from using her quirk in battle, she also had a few powerful attacks at her disposal that gave her an edge in combating multiple opponents.  

how did midnight die
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How Did Midnight Die?

Midnight died an honorable death during the Paranormal Liberation War alongside many heroes. Before the league's ace villain, Gigantomachia entered the warzone, heroes were trying their best to stop that from happening. However, they failed to do so, since Gigantomachia proved to be extremely powerful.

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The heroes didn't give up on their attempts to stop that monster and came with techniques to outsmart him. Midnight charged ahead with the help of Kamui Woods to try to put him to sleep since Best Jeanist wasn't there to contain the villain using his threads. Unfortunately, before she could reach Gigantomachia, she discovered several villains traveling on the latter's back.

The plan quickly backfired, leaving the heroes in the area vulnerable. Mir. Compress used his quirk and threw large debris on Midnight, severely injuring her. Although it wasn't able to completely defeat her, she was more or less left incapable of fighting at even half her strength.

how did midnight die
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Midnight quickly formed a plan with Creati (Momo Yaoyorozu) and told the latter to use her power to create a sleeping drug for Gigantomachia. She praised Momo for her rational thinking and leadership skills. However, the plan still failed as Momo got surrounded and attacked by the villains.

After that, she wasn't shown in the next few chapters as the war continued. Then, in chapter 296, titled "Extremely Hell", we saw the aftermath of the war, where Midnight's mask was crushed on the ground and her hand was being held by someone. Then, there was a panel mentioning the heroes who died in the war and Midnight was on top of that.

how did midnight die
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This was the final blow to the fans. Up till almost 20 chapters, her status was unknown, so there were chances of her being alive. But the fans' hopes were quickly shattered after chapter 296 confirmed her death. She died due to the injuries she suffered from the debris and the ambush of the villains.

What Was the Reaction of Midnight's Students After Her Death?

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The students at her side during her death were Mina Ashido, Momo Yaoyorozu, Eijiro Kirishima, and Rikido Sato. All of them were extremely heartbroken to see her die and kept holding her hand and crying hysterically. The chapter was agonizing but that was the worst part.

There wasn't any mention of her after that as the series proceeded to focus more on the Deku's injuries and the public's reaction to Dabi being Endeavor's son. Regardless of the reaction, Midnight is currently the most important pro hero to die so far in the series.