MHA: Who is Nejire Hado's Love Interest?

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My Hero Academia is a popular shonen anime that revolves around high school students.

Since the story includes so many young and talented individuals, MHA fans love to pair up characters together. One of those characters is Nejire Hado.

She wasn't introduced until the finale of season 3 and doesn't have lots of screen time.

But despite that, she is one of the most popular characters in the series.

Being a member of the Big Three plays a huge role in this.

Also, she is the prettiest girl in school with a cheerful personality.

This makes her all the more lovable.

So, there are bound to have shippers who will pair Nejiro up with their favorite characters in the series.

Nejiro doesn't have much interaction with male characters, except Mirio and Tamaki.

So, we are willing to bet that her love interest will be one of them. Let us take a look at who is Nejire Hado's love interest.

Mirio Togata

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Mirio is a member of Big Three alongside Nejiro. They both have the same cheerful personality.

Their liveliness definitely complements each other and that makes them compatible.

They have been good friends ever since the start of school. Both show concern for each other.

Nejire holds a deep admiration for Mirio after seeing his struggles to become this strong.

She once told him that she is happy that the whole school acknowledges his efforts. Still, they both get along in a comical way.

Being extremely talkative, they will cut off each other's speech from time to time.

After Mirio's fight with class 1-A, Nejire wanted to explain his quirk to the class.

However, Mirio stopped her mid-way, making her irritated.

He apologized to her later. During the fourth season, when Mirio was drowning in guilt after letting Eri go back to Chisaki, Nejire tried to cheer him up.

The night before the raid on Shie Hassaikai, Nejire, Mirio, and Tamaki met outside their dorms.

Nejire smiles and encouraged him to do his best in the mission.

Tamaki Amajiki

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From the interaction between the Big Three, you can tell that Nejire is a lot closer to Tamaki than Mirio.

This definitely gives Tamaki an edge. Though their personalities are different, it can be a positive influence on both of them.

Besides, it is a well-known fact that opposites attract. They both have known each other since their first year in U.A.

Tamaki is an extremely introverted person, who only ever talks freely with Mirio and Nejire.

Nejire's cheerful personality can be a bit too much for him to handle, but he still treats her casually without any awkwardness.

For Tamaki, Nejire is one of the few people he doesn't have to imagine as a 'potato'.

Nejire finds his personality adorable and often calls him 'kitten-hearted'.

Tamaki helped her prepare for her beauty pageant and watched her with the crowd, despite hating crowded places.

Watching her perform, Tamaki compared her to a fairy.

It was one of the rare moments when we saw a peaceful smile on his face rather than an awkward or fearful one.

He appreciates and admires her as a person, a hero, and a friend.

Who Has Better Chances of Ending Up with Nejire Hado?

If if we have to take a logical guess, it'd be Tamaki Amajiki.

Their relationship looks more balanced and stable. Nejire and Tamaki shippers are also waiting for more of their scenes.

Tamaki shows more affection towards her than Mirio. After Nejire wins the beauty pageant, he smiles and congratulates her.

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Kouhei Horikoshi mentioned in Tamaki's character profile that butterflies are one of his favorite things.

So, seeing Nejire up in the air, he is reminded of them and compares her to a fairy.

This scene was exceptionally beautiful with lots of focus on his emotions.

Meanwhile, Mirio was watching the same competition but didn't show much emotion towards her.

Their ship quickly gained popularity after season 4.

Mirio and Tamaki are childhood friends and Nejire joined their group only in high school.

They both met her at the same time, but Nejire was more interested in getting to know Tamaki.

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