MHA: Who is Mei Hatsume's Love Interest?

Mei Hatsume is a supporting character in the My Hero Academia series. She made her debut in the U.A. Sports Festival Arc Hatsume is a genius when it comes to creating hero costumes and support items.

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My Hero Academia is a popular shonen series set in the world where 80 percent of the population possess some kind of unique ability called quirk. In a superhuman society like that, the world is divided into two kinds of people; those who use their powers for good and those who use them for evil.

Society dubs the latter as villains and the ones fighting to stop them are called heroes. Heroes are individuals with incredibly strong quirks and great fighting skills. They protect the lives of the citizens from villains, accidents, and even natural disasters such as earthquakes.

However, behind those heroes are groups of experts who support them in every way possible. These experts customize, create, and maintain costumes and support gears for the heroes. All those items help the heroes use their abilities to the fullest and make the best use of their quirks.

One of those people is a first-year student at the support department of the U.A. High School, Mei Hatsume. She is an eccentric character who doesn't hesitate to say what's on her mind. For such an interesting character, there are potential love interests that fans love to ship. Here, we will discuss who is Mei Hatsume's love interest.

1. Izuku Midoriya

izuku and mei

Mei met him for the first time during the sports festival. She became curious about him when he placed first in the obstacle race. During the cavalry battle, people were afraid of joining Deku's team as he had the ten million point headband. Mei, however, was more than eager to join him.

She also offered Izuku and his other teammates support items that she created on her own. After the tournament, the two didn't meet until Deku began his training to develop an ultimate move for the provisional hero license exam. He needed help from Power Loader but mei ended up creating the support item for him.

both the characters staring each other

Mei had lots of fun messing with him using her weird inventions. She even fell on top of him, making Uraraka uneasy. Since their second encounter, Izuku and Mei often meet each other and are considered quite close friends.

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2. Tenya Iida

character screaming

Tenya and Mei didn't really have a friendly encounter, at least from Tenya's perspective. They both first met at the sports festival. During the final round of the tournament, Mei and Tenya were put against each other for combat. However, before the match started, Mei approached Tenya and offered him support equipment.

Being the naive person Tenya is, he happily accepted the equipment and used it during their battle. Nonetheless, Tenya soon realized that he was only being used by Mei to help endorse her products.

tenya and mei

Mei apologized soon after the incident and Tenya reluctantly accepted. However, he happens to hold a grudge against her. Since then, the two get along comically and Tenya always jokingly mentions the part where he was embarrassed by her.

They both met again for costume upgrades before the Provisional License Arc. While Mei was busy messing with Izuku, Tenya tried to sneakily tell Power Loader about the improvisations he needed for his costume. However, Mei overheard and volunteered to do that for him. After a few rounds of disasters in the lab, Mei finally made a really useful support item for Tenya.

Who is More Likely to End Up With Mei Hatsume?

As the situation stands, it is unclear who will Mei Hatsume finally end up with. But with so many hints on Izuku and Uraraka's relationship, the chances of Mei ending up with Tenya is much higher.

Despite the fact that Izuku is the main protagonist, Mei and Tenya shippers are way more than Mei and Izuku shippers. In fact, their ship is as popular as Izuku and Uraraka. Tenya and Mei's clashing personalities always give the fans something to laugh about. Not to mention that even though they both don't have many interactions, they are still an interesting pair.

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