MHA: Who is Katsuki Bakugo's Love Interest?

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My Hero Academia's story is set in a fictional world where more than 80 percent of the population have unique supernatural powers called quirks.

In such a world, there are those who use their powers for the benefit of society while others do the exact opposite.

There are a few people with powerful quirks who go through training in their high school and get licensed to use their quirks and save the people.

These people are called heroes whose main job is to fight villains and protect the people from any potential threats.

Heroes are greatly admired by the public and it is the dream of every child to become one of them.

One such person is the hot-headed Katsuki Bakugo.

He is Deku's childhood friend and a wielder of an extremely powerful quirk called "Explosion".

He has natural talents in fighting, strategizing, and even academics.

The only drawback is that he has an explosive temper and always says mean words to others.

Regardless of his foul mouth, Bakugo cares for his peers and tries to help them whenever he can.

He has also mixed well in class 1-A and every single person in the class considers him a friend.

Here, we will discuss who is Katsuki Bakugo's love interest.

Kyoka Jiro

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In the beginning, the duo only had minimal interaction.

Bakugo is not the type of person who will become close to anyone within a short period of time.

Their first-ever interaction was when the two of them were sitting together in a bus when class 1-A was on its way to the USJ training facility.

Bakugo had several loud angry outbursts at his classmates when they were making fun of him.

At that time, Kyoka's only reaction was her getting annoyed by him.

It wasn't until the U.A. School Festival Arc when they both started developing a friendship.

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Kyoka was the one responsible for organizing class 1-A's performance.

She asked Bakugo to play the drums, but the latter rejected outright by saying he has no time for that.

After being made fun of by his classmates, Bakugo showed his superior drum skills and ended up deciding to perform either way.

Kyoka and Bakugo were both seen working together and preparing for their performance.

The unusual thing was that Bakugo was quietly listening to her instead of yelling like his usual self.

Their next meaningful encounter was during the Joint Training Arc when Bakugo and Kyoka ended up being in the same team to fight against class 1-B.

They both decided to put trust in each other without having the need to elaborately discuss their plan.

It was the first time we saw Bakugo as a team player who always prefer to work solo.

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He greatly relied on Kyoka during the entire match, more than any of his teammates.

Bakugo came to her aid as soon as she was in danger and appeared in front of her to protect her from being attacked.

Bakugo's team ultimately won the match, showing the best performance out of any teams in both classes.

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Fan Shipping

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Fans are eagerly awaiting to see more progress between Bakugo and Kyoka.

They are shipped by the name of "BakuJiro".

Due to the minimal interaction between the two at the beginning, their ship was not that popular.

However, ever since the U.A. School Festival Arc, it started gaining popularity drastically.

Their ship only became more popular following the Joint Training Arc.

Out of any of his classmates, Kyoka is shown to have more tolerance towards his personality.

There are short interactions between them that keep their ship from sinking.

During the Shie Hassaiakai Arc, Bakugo and Todoroki came to class with several injuries as a result of their remedial lessons for the provisional licenses.

Kyoka was seen worriedly gazing at Bakugo.

In the light novel and manga spin-offs, they are shown to have much more interactions, some of which, are quite amusing.

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