MHA: Who is Himiko Toga's Love Interest?

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My Hero Academia is a popular shonen anime set in the world of superhumans possessing special abilities called quirks.

With more than 80 percent of the population having unique quirks, conflicts happen almost every day where villains take to the streets and perform all kinds of illegal activities.

To stop them, heroes fight using their powers and save the people.

These villains are the bad apple of society and their only purpose is to hurt others.

While some turn into villains due to their tragic pasts, some only do it for the sake of the thrill they get from it.

Nevertheless, it's those villains that keep the show going and make it addictive.

Himiko Toga is one such villain. She is portrayed as a psychotic teenage girl who loves to cut others.

Himiko left home and became a part of the League of Villains after the Hero Killer Arc.

She was first introduced in the series during the Summer Training Camp of the first-year hero course students in U.A.

Here, we will discuss who Himiko Toga's love interest is.


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Jin Bubaigawara, popularly known by his villain name Twice, was a villain in the League of Villains.

Twice and Himiko had a much better bonding with each other as compared to the other members of the league.

Among other members, Jin was much closer with Toga, and the same was the case for Toga as well.

It was later known in the series that Twice had feelings for Himiko but she didn't reciprocate.

The two always had a mutually understanding relationship and worked well as a team.

However, they became closer in the Shie Hassaikai Arc.

Even though the league was comprised of villains, they are all caring towards each other.

So the death of Magna hit them pretty hard, and all of them swore to avenge her by defeating Chisaki.

As a result, Tomura Shigaraki assigned Himiko and Jin to infiltrate Shie Hassakai and gain Chisaki's trust.

During the heroes' raid on the Shie Hassakai's base, Twice retreated from the battle after his mask being torn off.

Since Twice had a psychological condition, he felt at ease whenever he hid his face.

As Twice was having anxiety attacks due to his torn mask, Himiko wrapped a handkerchief around his face.

Her act of kindness resulted in Twice instantly falling in love with her.

He jokingly asked Toga to kiss him, which the latter instantly rejected.

During the start of the Meta Liberation Army Arc, Himiko was gravely injured after her battle with Curious and her minions.

Twice was deeply upset about this after he finds her covered in blood. He cried and told her how much she means to him.

Seeing Himiko in a near-death state, Twice breaks out of his trauma and creates an army of his doubles.

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He managed to protect both her and himself from the enemies.

After that, Twice created a double of Himiko and transfused blood to real Himiko, managing to save her life.

During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Jin sent a clone of himself to Himiko just before dying.

Even in that situation, he wanted to warn her about Hawks and managed to save her life from afar.

Himiko held Twice's clone in her arms till it disintegrated.

His death left a huge impact on Himiko. Devastated by Twice's death, she went on a killing rampage.

Fan Shipping

Fan ship the duo by the name "TogaWice".

Because the two had a significant age gap, their ship isn't much popular as a romantic ship.

Rather, fans often portray their relationship as close friends.

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