MHA: Who is Eijiro Kirishima's Love Interest?

Eijiro Kirishima is a popular MHA character with one of the best abilities in his class. The show put a lot of emphasis on his character development in the 4th season, earning him more popularity and even a popular fanshipping.

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My Hero Academia is a popular shonen anime set in the world where people have special abilities called quirks. With more than 80 percent of the population having unique quirks, conflicts happen almost every day where villains take to the streets and perform all kinds of illegal activities.

To stop the terror of the villains, heroes fight using their powers and save the people. However, becoming a hero is the most difficult and gruesome job. The aspiring young heroes have to undergo three years of harsh training in their high school years to get licensed to become a hero.

The story centers around the students of one such high school named U.A., which ranks on the top in Japan. One of the aspiring heroes in U.A. High School is Eijiro Kirishima. Eijiro Kirishima is one of the strongest students in his class. His quirk, Hardening allows him to harden his body like a rock that protects him from almost all kinds of physical attacks.

His quirk is strong enough to even let a bullet bounce off his skin. Aside from his defense, he has strong offensive powers as well. He can easily crush down strong villains with just a punch. With these amazing abilities, it is no wonder that Eijiro is one of the most popular characters in the series. Here, we will find out who his love interest is.

Mina Ashido

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Although fans love to pair Kirishima with Bakugo, the fact remains that what those two have is nothing more than a friendship. However, it may be a different case with Mina Ashido. Kirishima and Ashido knew each other since middle school. ALthough they became friends after joining high school, they still had a few interactions in middle school.

In Kirishima's flashback, we saw him witnessing two students bullying one of their underclassmen. At that time, Kirishima wasn't confident with his powers so he hesitated standing up for the one being bullied. As he was having an inner conflict, he saw Mina Ashido going up to the bullies and saying something.

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The three of them did breakdance together, which Mina did better and things ended on a good note. The bullies even waved her goodbye. Although the contents of their conversation weren't revealed, it was clear from their interaction that Mina challenged them to leave the underclassmen if they could defeat her in breakdancing, which they didn't. Kirishima was awestruck by her boldness and started admiring her.    

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Another incident was when Kirishima witness a giant villain scaring his classmates by asking for directions. Although the villain wasn't hurting them, the girls were still terrified. He saw Ashido coming in front of the girls and telling him the right direction.

The villain left soon after. Just as Kirishima was inwardly praising Ashido for being fearless, he saw her dropping to her knees from fear. Kirishima felt bad for not being able to help and apologized to her.

They two then met on their first day in high school. Ashido teased him for his red and spiky hair but promised to keep it a secret for him. The two are always shown to have concern for each other. Ashido has a way of lifting his spirits in the most cheerful way.

In the manga, Ashido reveals that she created her ultimate move "Acidman" after being inspired by Kirishima's ultimate move "Unbreakable". Being admired by the person he looks up to, Kirishima was flattered.  

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