MHA: What Was Inko Midoriya's Reaction on Dark Deku?

Inko Midoriya is Deku's mother in the series. She raised her son alone due to her husband working abroad for years. Inko is always afraid of Deku getting hurt. However, she still genuinely supports his dream of becoming a hero and never forces her ideas upon him.

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My Hero Academia is a popular shounen anime that is set in a fictional world where 80 percent of the population possess special abilities called quirk. The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya, who belongs to the minority of the population that doesn't have a quirk. Yet, he still dreams of becoming a hero, just like his idol, the world's greatest hero, All Might.

In this world where supernatural abilities are everything, some people use them to create chaos while some fight to stop that. This led to the superhuman society being divided into two parts: Heroes and Villains. Heroes risk their lives every day to stop the villains from terrorizing the public and save their lives.

Due to the nature of their jobs, they are well-respected in society and every child dreams to become one. Izuku, a middle-schooler, is no different. By the stroke of luck, he chanced upon All Might and the latter gave him his unique quirk when he saw the potential in the teenager. Izuku soon joined the world's best high school for hero course, U.A., and strived to become the world's number one hero.

This Article Contains Spoilers from My Hero Academia Manga.  

Why Did Izuku Leave U.A?

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The manga is currently publishing its final arc and it is more intense than ever. After the Paranormal Liberation War Arc ended on a tragic note with severe consequences, Deku realizes the threat he carries due to his unique abilities. As a successor of the legendary power, One For All, Deku carries the baggage of that power and the will of all his predecessors.

Deku possesses a unique ability that allows him to harness the original quirk of all his predecessors, which no one was able to do. After the battle, Deku was recuperating in the hospital when he talked to all the wielders of One For All in his dream.

He finds out that he is the last wielder of One For All because now that he can manifest the quirks of the predecessors, One For All can only be transferred to a quirkless person.

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But this generation no longer has anyone without powers. Nana Shimura and the others tested Deku's resolve by asking him to kill Tomura Shigaraki. However, Deku says that he wants to save the latter and passes the test and everyone promised him that they will support him.

After waking up, Deku left one letter for each of his classmates and told them the truth about his powers and that All For One is after his quirk. Soon after that, he left the academy and charged towards his goal.

Inko Midoriya's Reaction on Dark Deku

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Soon after leaving the academy, Deku begins to save people from the villains who escaped prison during the chaos. He was dressed in rags, hid his face, and was covered in blood and scars. People soon found out about his movements and that he possessed multiple quirks.

The already panicked public began associating him with All For One and the League of Villains. All this time, Deku was never shown contacting his mother and telling her his whereabouts. As we have seen in the previous episodes, Inko Midoriya is a timid woman who is easily terrified whenever it is something concerning to Deku.

In the second season, when Tomura threatened Deku in the mall, Inko was scared for him and told him that her heart cannot handle another scare. Even though she was extremely supportive of his decision to become a hero and genuinely encouraged him, she always got scared whenever he was in danger.

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Inko's husband was never around for his family as he was working abroad. So, Inko raised Deku all on her own. This justifies her terror whenever something unfortunate happens to her son. Class 1-A managed to convince Deku to return to U.A., which is now being used as an evacuation center. However, upon his return, he was blocked by the public who demanded him to leave U.A.

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Tomura Shigaraki is a major antagonist of the series. In season 5, we saw glimpses of his power boost due to experiments. He has now become one of the strongest people on the series, almost on the same level as All For One.

Uraraka took it upon herself and told them about the burdens Deku has to carry due to his quirk. Inko was shown watching this whole ordeal from her television and was crying non-stop. This reaction was more or less expected from the audience since she always cries buckets whenever it is something concerning Deku.

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Although not much of her reaction was shown in the manga, we can assume she will be heartbroken after seeing the current state of her son. However, she will also support him just like always. Despite being timid, Inko is inwardly a strong woman who never forced her son to quit his dreams just because she is afraid of him getting hurt.

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