MHA: The Truth Behind Tomura Shigaraki's New Powers

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The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is the most intense and tragic arc in the My Hero Academia series.

It was a full-out war against heroes and villains with numerous casualties on both sides.

Tomura Shigaraki displayed enormous powers during the battle and was responsible for various horrible deeds.

As the heroes work together to take him down, they learn that he has an army of remodeled Nomus.

If that wasn't enough, they find out about his massive power boost.

Here, we will discuss the truth behind Tomura Shigaraki's new powers and what they are.

This article contains spoilers from the manga.

What Was Aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc?

The Paranormal Liberation Front is a large-scale villain organization formed by the union of the two most powerful villain groups in the series.

The war between heroes and villains brought about a global panic and fear.

Things only got worse with the revelation of the secrets of the Todoroki family and Hawks' back story.

With the top two heroes having criminal members in the family, the public lost all faith in heroes.

Not just public, the war broke the resolve of several heroes as well, as now many heroes will choose to retire and live a simple life instead of risking their lives every day.

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Also, the secret of One for All is going to be revealed to the public.

Overall, the world of heroes as we know it is definitely going to change.

Let's just hope that the change is for the better.

The arc ends with the complete defeat of the soldiers of the Paranormal Liberation Front. U.A. is now turned into an evacuation center to deal with the aftermath of the war.

Izuku leaves U.A. and works with Endeavor, Hawks, and Jeanist, who now know the secret behind the former's powers.

And the worst of all, all the villains including All for One have escaped the prison and are now on the loose.

The remaining heroes, including Deku and his team, are on their heels to throw them back into the prison.

How Did Tomura Shigaraki Gain New Powers?

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Tomura was experimented on by the villain Daruma Ujiko, who was later revealed to be Kyudai Garaki.

Daruma is the one responsible for creating Nomus and after the Shie Hassaikai arc, he started experimenting on Tomura with the order of All for One.

Tomura was exceptionally strong, to begin with, but after the huge power-up, he was created into something inhumane.

The extreme physical strength and multiple quirks came at a price of vanquishing the remaining humanity he had left.

All for One started his charade to gain control of Tomura's body.

He was able to control the latter's body for a short while but was defeated by the brave fight put up by the heroes.

What are the New Powers of Tomura Shigaraki?


This is Tomura's original quirk, but after the power-up, he was able to decay almost a third of Jaju City.

Also, his quirk was enhanced to such an extent that even if a person was to be hit with a stray piece of decaying rubble, he/she would die.

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All For One

The most dreadful powerful in the series is now in the hands of this villain.

He can now steal other people's quirks and use them as his own.

Hyper Regeneration

Just like the Nomus, Shigaraki can now heal himself almost instantly.

He was even able to withstand the most powerful attack of Endeavor, Hellflame, due to his regenerative ability.

During the villain's attack on the summer camp of U.A. hero course students, pro hero Ragdoll was kidnapped by them and had her quirk stolen by All for One.

Her power is now being used by Tomura for the sake of evil.

Tomura can now identify his opponent's weaknesses and use them to his advantage.

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Air Cannon

This power was first used by All for One during the Camino incident in season 3.

He used it to create a huge shockwave from his arms, destroying a part of the city, blowing away Gran Torino with the impact.

It is one of the strongest abilities of All for One and is now being shared by Tomura.

Radio Waves

It is also one of All for One's abilities.

It allows the user to disrupt radiowaves and cause malfunction in the communicators.

This quirk can also be used to awaken and control the Nomus from a distance.

River Stab

This quirk was also used by All for One during the Camino incident.

It allows the users to generate black tendrils from their fingers that can pierce the bodies of others.

Tomura used this power on Endeavor.

He was also trying to attack Deku with this quirk, but Bakugo pushed the latter and got severely hurt instead.

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