MHA: Mei Hatsume's Quirk Explained

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My Hero Academia is a popular shonen manga and anime series that revolve around the world where heroes fight villains who use their powers for evil.

Like any shonen genre, villains are feared by all whereas everyone admires the heroes.

The story is set in a world where more than 80 percent of the population possess some kind of uncanny ability called quirks.

The world has come to accept those powers and use their powers to make the lives of themselves and those around them easier.

However, there are some people who always use their powers to hurt others and cause chaos in society.

Heroes risk their lives every day to save others from villain attacks, accidents, and natural disasters.

However, behind those heroes are several genius equipment developers who do their best to support the heroes in any way they can.

They develop the costume and support items for heroes and hero trainees to help them use their quirks to their full advantage.

One of those geniuses is Mei Hatsume, a first-year student in the most prestigious school in Japan, U.A. High School.

Here, we will learn about her quirk in detail and find out how her powers help her in building her career.

Who is Mei Hatsume?

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Mei Hatsume is a first-year student at the support course department of U.A. High School.

She studies in class 1-H and is considered a genius by the pro hero and her mentor Power Loader.

She constantly keeps creating new items and most of them keep getting blown inside her lab.

However, she is extremely useful when it really matters. She created a few useful items for Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Denki Kaminari.

Hatsume was introduced in the U.A. Sports Festival Arc.

She was trying her best to stand out in the crowd despite the support department being at a disadvantage in an event where strong quirks are everything.

Hatsume was able to go pretty far in the sports festival with her manipulative skills and intelligence.

She also made sure to make full use of Tenya Iida to promote her inventions at the event.  

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What is Mei Hatsume's Quirk?

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Hatsume's quirk is Zoom which doesn't have any offensive or defensive powers to speak of.

However, for an opportunistic support course student like Hatsume, it is an extremely advantageous quirk.

Zoom allows her to see distant people and objects from far away.

It is a mutant-type quirk. Hatsume can see up to 5 kilometers clearly.

As support course students stand out less, it is extremely difficult for them to become popular in the industry.

Mei uses her ability to search for people who might be of interest to her, like potential investors who are slightly impressed by her.

With her quirk combined with her manipulative skill, she can convince the people she spotted into investing in her.

Hatsume's eyes feature unique crosshair-shaped irises, which is a physical feature of her quirk.

What are her other Abilities?

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Apart from her quirk, Mei Hatsume is skilled in many other things.

Inventing Gadgets

As mentioned earlier, Hatsume is a genius when it comes to creating hero costumes and support items.

She created the Iron Soles for Deku.

He was able to create his ultimate move with the help of the support item created by  Hatsume.

The same was the case with Denki Kaminari. He was having a hard time coming up with his ultimate move since his quirk is difficult to use in a target.

However, Hatsume created Sharpshooting Gear for him which allows him to use his electricity more efficiently without the risk of hurting his friends.  

Manipulative and Business Savvy

Mei is extremely talented in manipulating people without letting them doubt.

During the final round of the sports festival, she tricked Tenya Iida into publicizing her inventions.

She also has a good eye for spotting people she can use or get help from.

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