MHA: Who Is Mina Ashido's Love Interest?

Mina Ashido is a student of class 1-A. She has a powerful quirk and has a cheerful personality, which will help her in being a popular pro hero.

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Mina Ashido Love Interest
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My Hero Academia is a very popular high school shonen anime. It is set in a fictional modern world where 80 percent of the population is born with supernatural abilities. The story revolves around the students of the world's top high school for hero course, where only the best are allowed to study. Class 1-A consists of the main protagonists of the series.

One of them is Mina Ashido. She is an aspiring hero with a very powerful quirk and unique appearance. Ashido's quirk 'Acid', allows her to create corrosive acid from her skin. The acid she creates can corrode even the toughest objects, including metals. She is also an experienced dancer, due to which, her body is extremely flexible and agile.

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Mina Ashido Love Interest
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This helps her in battle as her moves are unpredictable even in close combat. Ashido is the most sociable and outgoing person in the class and brightens up the atmosphere in a room. She loves to hang out with her class and can become friends with almost everyone. With such a popular character, there are bound to have a few love interests, especially if the story revolves around the students of a high school.

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Here are the possible love interests of Mina Ashido that might come true in the future.

1. Eijiro Kirishima

Mina Ashido Love Interest
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Although Kirishima doesn't interact with her as much as he does with his other classmates, the two get along pretty well. Kirishima and Ashido went to the same middle school. Although they weren't friends back then, they were at least acquainted. In a flashback, we saw Kirishima witnessing two students bullying one of their underclassmen.

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Even though he wanted to save the underclassman, he didn't find it in himself to have enough courage. Just when he was hesitating, Ashido came forward to settle the situation. She challenged the bullies to do breakdance with her, and somehow ended things in a cheerful way for everyone.

Kirishima and Mina
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There was another instance when a giant villain was asking his female classmates for direction and Ashido came to talk to the villain. Just as Kirishima was thinking she was amazing for being fearless, Ashido collapsed on the road due to fear. He later apologizes to Ashido and her classmates for being unable to save them.

The next time they met was the first day of school when Kirishima dyed his hair and wore spiky hair. Mina teases him but then promises that she will keep it a secret for him. She always shows her concern for him in a cheerful way whenever he seems down due to his past. Also, Ashido revealed that she developed her ultimate move "Acidman" after being inspired by Kirishima's ultimate move "Unbreakable". Kirishima feels flattered by her gesture.

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2. Yuga Aoyama

Mina Ashido Love Interest
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Yugo Aoyama is one eccentric character that doesn't share enough limelight like the rest of his classmates. He comes and goes in the episodes like a side character. But there are a few instances in the series which lead us to believe that Aoyama is a potential love interest of Mina Ashido.

Amongst all his classmates, he interacts with her the most. There are also some playful scenes between them when Mina teases him because of his stomach ache. She defeated him during the battle round of U.A. Sports Festival in a fun way. But later she felt guilty when he was dazed after receiving a punch from her.

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Ashido and Kaminari
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Although Denki Kaminari has the most interactions with Kyouka Jiro in his class, he also shares a lot of his scenes with Ashido. They are often seen together and liven up the mood of everyone together. At first, they weren't that close but since both are equally terrible in terms of grades, they found a common connection and quickly bonded.

They were teamed up together during the practical exams just before the summer training camp. Their match was pretty funny and they both tried their best to work together. Sadly, they couldn't outsmart principal Nezu and failed the exam. After that, Kaminari and Ashido had to attend extra classes during the summer camp along with three other classmates.

These are the three potential love interests of Mina Ashido. Although she is close to almost everyone in her class, we believe that these three have the highest chance amongst others. But if we have to pick a favorite, it'd be Eijiro Kirishima because they have a connection since middle school unlike anyone else in the class.