MHA: Who Is Izuku Midoriya's Potential Love Interest?

It should come as no surprise that Deku is clumsy and hopeless when it comes to love too, tending to stutter and get flustered a lot when around women he likes and finds attractive.

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Izuku Midoriya Love Interest

Boku no Hero Academia is a very successful Shounen anime that even made its way to the New Big Three.

There is no argument that the story’s protagonist, Midoriya Izuku, plays a huge part in its success.

There are many things fans love about Deku, with him being a male character who openly shows his emotions and even weaknesses while being earnest and hard-working.

It should come as no surprise that Deku is clumsy and hopeless when it comes to love too, tending to stutter and get flustered a lot when around women he likes and finds attractive.

So who are Deku’s greatest love interests? In this listicle, we will be looking at the top five Straight ships for Deku!

1. Uraraka Ochaco

Izuku Midoriya Love Interest

To fans of the series, this should come as no surprise as this couple mutually harbors feelings for each other, while remaining unaware of the fact that the other likes them too.

From the moment the two first meet, Uchaco’s words and actions cause Deku to blush profusely.

It is shown throughout the series that Deku is attracted to her and even respects her.

Uchaco on the other hand progressively develops feelings for him and ultimately realizes she is indeed in love with him.

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While she struggles with these complex feelings and the pursuit of her goals, she never fails to support Deku.

While her feelings are canon, the question of whether what Deku feels for her is more than a mere crush remains.

In terms of probability, he very much does hold romantic feelings for her but is too bashful to act on them.

2. Tsuyu Asui

Izuku Midoriya Love Interest

Asui is another classmate of Deku’s whom he admires and respects.

Asui is extremely close to Deku and is extremely supportive of him.

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Their chemistry lies in how they both rely on clever tactics and strategy to come out on top.

It is shown that the two listen to each other even when no one else does and try to understand their feelings.

This couple is unlikely, but is still noteworthy and not completely out there.

3. Mei Hatsume

Izuku Midoriya Love Interest

Deku and Mei meet during the Sports Festival and she makes quite the debut too.

This couple is unlikely too, but Deku is shown to blush a lot when Mei is really close to him and it should come as no surprise that he greatly respects and admires her.

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Their dynamic is quite interesting and unique, as her inventions have been his saving grace so many times and she is an essential pillar on Deku’s path to become the greatest hero.

She is shown to be extremely supportive and creative when it comes to solving his dilemmas with her crazy inventions, albeit putting him at risk trying them out.

In the end, she always comes through for him and this pairing is as whacky as it is great.

4. Melissa Shield

Izuku Midoriya Love Interest

Melissa appeared in the first movie “Two Heroes” and showcased how she would be a great match for Deku too.

Her character is not canon to the manga and thus makes this pairing highly unlikely, but it exists with good reason.

In the movie, Deku and Melissa grow close within such a short time, clicking with each other so well.

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The two come to respect and admire each other a lot and by the end, it is almost obvious that Melissa had developed feelings for Deku.

Deku, aside from his usual blushing, does not show clear signs of feelings for her but he supports her immensely.

If Melissa becomes canon, she has a fighting chance at Deku’s heart as the two’s connection is already solid for a movie-only character.

5. Himiko Toga

Izuku Midoriya Love Interest

Probably the wildest straight pairing for Deku is with the psychotic Himiko.

It would be very interesting to see a Hero and a Villain come together in a romantic relationship in MHA.

This relationship isn’t really healthy, both literally and metaphorically, as it stands but would it be possible for Toga to change after coming together with Deku?

Himiko is crazy, persistent, bloodthirsty, sadistic, and homicidal right now but what makes this pairing so alluring is how the two opposites attract and work together.

She stalks Deku whenever she can and obsesses over him. She “loves” him the most when he is beaten up and covered in blood and Deku tends to get to that state more often than not.

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This concludes our top picks for Deku’s straight potential love interests.

There are many more candidates who might just snag the rug from beneath these ladies’ feet, male and female alike.

In the end, it is the Author’s choice and we fans can only watch in eager anticipation.

It's a joy to notice the subtle romantic hints thinly spread all over this Shounen series and try to connect all the pieces of the puzzle.

Love may not be a central focus of MHA but it certainly is an adorable aspect of it!

Thanks for reading!!